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25 Things You Should Know When You Want to Become a Reliable Muscle Tester

To this day there are not even a handful of reliable muscle testers out there. And the few of them who reach a significant LOC to be good testers often lose interest in the matter. There are those, who state

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What we already know about Muscle Testing – PART II

Study group guidelines on calibrations directed to students of D. Hawkins’ teachings Groups may also dedicate specific meetings to practicing consciousness calibration testing together, however due to vested interest and privacy issues, it is not advisable to calibrate the level

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What we already know about Muscle Testing – PART I

The following is a summary of already available information from applied kinesiology and muscle testing in the field of consciousness research. It is derived from various lectures and quotes collected by the german website www.spiritualwiki.org. Accuracy depending on one’s level

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Practical Applications – A Brainstorming

The following list is an ongoing brainstorming which will be updated once in a while. The possibilities are practically only limited by one’s creativity and will expand over time. Business Analyzing structures and inefficiencies, integrity of employees, influence and leadership

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What is Integrity ?

Explaining an invisible quality of consciousness precisely is a difficult task. Yet when its expression in the world is circumscribed and the facets are laid out it becomes simple to grasp. Integrity is an energetic aspect of consciousness and not

Posted in The Basics
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