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What is the purpose of CCRT Blog?

1. To facilitate truth and serve the highest good.

2. Attract potential members for the worlds first CCRT Research Team and utilize the technique in cooperation with research institutes and leading organizations for the benefit of all.

3. Share critical spiritual information that serve individuals on their journey towards love and enlightenment –  in a uniquely precise and linear way.

Why this site?

Today more and more people begin to take interest in spiritual matters  as the consequence of their own development and the overall process of evolution itself. When these people hit this level they are confronted with new difficulties. A few of these are finding the right teachers to learn from in real life, taking critical point steps for advancing, discerning the degree of truth of various sayings, actions and circumstances in life. Many feel that they do not really comprehend certain teachings.

The work of Dr. Hawkins and other valid spiritual teachers can one guide all the way to happiness and enlightenment and is in itself sufficient. However there  has not been any guided support community for sharing and the possibilities of the CCRT research technique have not tapped their full potential. CCRT Blog is dedicated to close this gap and assist people making the leap into love consciousness.

For whom is CCRT Blog?

This website is dedicated to spiritual aspirants and people with an interest in spiritual matters and who love Dr. Hawkins work. But also to scientists, psychologists and doctors who are interested in research.

Is this website affiliated with any religion?

No. Spiritual teachings are the conveyance of truth of the essence of various religious teachings and are free of cultural influences and demands of specific habitual practices. Truth is the straight an narrow path, which can be found in and throughout all of the worlds great religions.

I have problems making the technique work, what can I do?

In theory everybody who has integrity an thus calibrates above the critical threshold of 200 is able to use the technique. Though many people struggle with it. Some sources of error are that they hold unconscious positionalities about test subjects, are not enough in tune with their body and thoughts to recognize subtler cues, and are simply fustrated when they test statements with their own intention being below 200. Many do also not put in the amount of practice that is needed. Calibrating can go hand in hand with ones meditation and awareness practices. If you can’t make it work after a serious amount of practice, it is advisable to focus on raising one’s consciousness first, which facilitates the process.

What is happiness?

True happiness is a state of being in the world and reveals itself when enough negativity and positionalities are surrendered. This state is independent of worldly circumstances and cannot be compared with the small pleasures people get by achieving a promotion or winning a soccer game. Its is concordant with having evolved to the consciousness level of unconditional love.

Can you calibrate me?

No, CCRT Blog does currently not offer any kind of personal service. Moreover experience has shown that calibrations of ones personal LOC are rarely  granted.

I can’t believe all of this. I’m out.

Going with integrity also means certain things might not appeal to someone at certain times. Stick only to what you find useful.