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Full Calibration List

GodGod, the Father, the Creator, the AlmightyInfinity
ArchangelsArchangels go up to 500.00050.000
JesusThe Christ, son of God, avatar1.000
LevelThe Absolute, Brahman, Christ consciousness, level of avatars1.000
BuddhaSiddhartha Gautama Buddha, indian avatar1.000
Ahura MazdaName for god in Zoroastrianism1.000
StatementLife cannot be destroyed, it can only change form1.000
KrishnaIndian god and avatar1.000
StatementCreation and Evolution are one and the same reality1.000
StatementConsciousness is the irreducible stratum of all that exists1.000
I, Reality and SubjectivityThird book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.999
StatementNothing causes anything999
StatementJudgement day is every day999
KarmaConcept of a spiritual Ego999
StatementThe circumstances of birth and life are karmically perfect998
DhyanaAlso Jhana, buddhist phrasing for meditation from vedas philosophy985
The Eye of The ISecond book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.980
OmAs a name of God975
VedasHindu philosophical teaching970
UpanishadsHindu philosophical teaching970
Transcending the Levels of ConsciousnessFourth book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.965
Buddha`s Law of Dependent Origination or965
Mahayana buddhismWorld Religion960
Huang Po(770-850 A.D.) chinese zen buddhist master960
Sermon on the MountSermon in the New Testament955
TrinityChristian theological concept945
StatementNo one comes to the Father, but by me940
Truth vs. FalsehoodFifth book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.935
Raja YogaIndian-hindu yogic philosophy930
Saint John the Baptist(6 B.C.-36 A.D.) holy man, sermonizer, enunciator of Jesus930
Karma YogaYoga of selfless service from indian yogic philosophy915
Bhagavad-GitaHoly scripture of hindu religion910
Relics of PetrusFirst apostle of Jesus, under floor of the Basilica in Rome910
MosesEgyptian drafter of the five books of Mose910
Apostle JohnChristian apostle of Jesus910
The Twelve ApostleConsciousness of the apostle of Jesus Christ, going from 905-990905
ZoharMystic scripture based on the book Kabbala905
Relics of the BuddhaCarried through the world by the Maitreya Project905
Avowal of NicaeaAcknowledgement to Jesus Christ 325 A.D.895
Zen BuddhismWorld Religion890
Hinayana buddhismWorld Religion890
Lamsa bibleTranslation of the bible by George Lamsa from the aramaic880
LevelThe void, state of nothingness, reality as awareness, full enlightenment, attributes of: omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence850
Map of consciousnessConceived by David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D840
ChristianityBefore council of Nicaea 325 A.D.840
DhammapadaAnthology of sayings from the Buddha840
SamadhiAsamprajnata Nirvikalpa Nirbija Samadhi800
BodhidharmaIndian Prince, buddhist zen monch from China795
New TestamentHoly scripture, book, without revelation, King James translation790
Westminster AbbeyChristian cathedral in London790
Notre DameCathedral, France790
ChartresCathedral, France790
Lotus SutraHoly scripture, book780
Heart SutraHoly scripture, book780
Great Buddha of KyotoGiant buddha statue in Japan, building780
Mahatma Gandhi1869-1948 indian hindu sage760
Relics of Christian SaintsSpread worldwide750
LevelSelf as Allness, Turiya750
New TestamentLamsa Translation750
Saint Paulus of TarsusChristian Apostle of Jesus745
YogasutraHoly scripture, book, from Pantanjali740
Omhindu buddhist mantra740
Master Dogen(1200-1253), japanese zen buddhist740
Adi Shankaracharya(788-820) indian hindu teacher of advaita740
PlotinGreek philosopher, as a realized spiritual being730
Rabbi Moses de LeonJewish rabbi720
KoranHoly scripture of Islam, book720
Sri Ramana MaharshiEnlightened indian-hindu sage720
Sri Nisargadatta MaharajEnlightened hindu sage720
AlhambraCastle in Spain720
Pantanjali150-200 B.C., indian hindu sage715
Teresa of Avila(1515-1582) spanish, catholic sage715
ConstitutionOf the United States of America710
Basilica of Saint PeterIn Rome, building710
Sri Adi SankaracharyaHindu philosopher and mystic, sage710
Mother Teresa(1910-1997) indian catholic missionary710
Cloud of UnknowingMystic scripture, book705
Declaration of independenceJuly fourth, 1776, Thomas Jefferson705
RigvedaHindu holy scripture, book705
Master Eckhart(1260-1328) german sage and mystic705
SufismWorld Religion700
Alleluja and KyrieMusic by Robert Gass700
The Big BlueOriginal: Le Grand Bleu, Movie 1988700
Universal RightsHuman dignity, right for freedom700
Diamond SutraHoly scripture, book700
RembrandtDutch painter, the work of700
Om mani padme humBuddhist mantra700
Statement' I am myself, heaven and hell'700
Gospel of LukasNew Testament, holy scripture, book699
Kashyapa(9.000 B.C.) buddha, indian monk695
LevelSelf as Existence680
ChristmasChristian festivity, idea of Peace for Humanity675
MidrashReligious scripture of Judaism, book665
MishnaReligious scripture of Judaism, book665
Gospel of ThomasNew Testament, holy scripture, book660
GenesisLamsa Translation, book of Moses660
Swami Muktananda(1908-1982) indian hindu sage655
Abhinavagupta(~950-1020 A.D.) indian mystic and sage655
PsalmsOld Testament, Lamsa Translation650
LevelI am, absolutism650
Om Shanti Shanti ShantiHindu mantra650
Lord's PrayerChristian prayer650
Canon in DMusic by Johann Pachelbel645
HaggadahHebrew text from the Talmund645
New TestamentWith revelation, King James translation640
StupaTibetan-buddhist building640
Bill of RightsBy James Madison, from the U.S. constitution640
Johannes Tauler(1300-1361) german mystic and sage640
Mechthild von Magdeburg(1207-1282) german mystic and sage640
Vijnana BhairavaHindu scripture, book635
Om Namah ShivayaMantra630
Rangjung Rigpe Dorje(1924-1981) 16. Karmapa630
Shangri-LaFictional place, as concept in the film Lost Horizon625
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa(1836-1886) indian-hindu sage620
Lao Tzu(604-531 B.C.) chinese sage610
Swami Vivekananda(1863-1902) indian-hindu sage610
San Juan de la Cruzwork605
KabbalaScripture, book605
E Pluribus Unum'Out of many, one', Great Seal of the United States605
Kinesiologic muscle testNon-physiological response to the field of consciousness itself605
HasidismJewish movement605
Sri Swami Satchidananda(1914-2002) indian-hindu sage605
San Juan de la Cruz(1542-1591) spanish sage605
A Course in MiraclesWorkbook600
Master EckhartWork600
LevelPeace, Oneness, Illumination, Enlightenment, Experience as the witness600
StonehengeWilthire, Great Britain599
Dannion BrinkleyNear death experiencer, speaker595
Gregorian ChantsMusic595
Padmasambhava(800-900 A.D.) Sage595
Chuang Tzu(365-290 B.C.) chinese philosopher595
Michelangelo BuanarrotiWork590
PietaSculpture from Michelangelo590
Saint PatrickIrish missionary590
Confucious(551-479 B.C.) chinese sage and philosopher590
Louis Armstrong(1901-1971) U.S. american singer590
Father Pio(1887-1968) italian catholic monk585
PrayerFrom Saint Francis of Assisi580
Joseph Carey Merrick(1862-1890) 'Elephant Man'580
Jean Cauvin(1509-1564) french theologist580
Martin Luther(1483-1546) german reformer580
LevelSurrender, process on surrendering to God575
Amazing GraceMusic by John Newton575
Ave MariaMusic575
Silent Night, holy nightMusic575
Joy to the WorldMusic575
Tibetan Book of the DeadBy Padmasambhava, book575
The Practice of the Presence of GodBy Brother Lawrence, book575
Brother Lawrence of the ResurrectionBrother in a carmelite monastery, sage575
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche(1910-1991) tibetan sage575
The Book of KellsHoly scripture from Scottland, book570
Pope Joseph RatzingerHead of church from 2005-2013570
LevelBeauty, Perfection, Level of healing, siddhis and miracles570
Tenzin Gyatso14. Dalai Lama, nobel prize winner570
Pope John Paul II(1920-2005) head of church from 1978-2005570
Samartha Ramdas(1608-1681) indian-hindu sage570
Thomas Aquinas(1225-1274) italian priest570
Leonardo da VinciWork565
Roshi Shunryu Suzuki(1905-1971) japanese zen monk565
Abraham Lincoln(1809-1865) 16. U.S. american president565
Collective UnconsciousTerm by C.G.Jung560
White BrotherhoodSpiritual community560
Glamour: A World ProblemBy Alice Bailey, book560
Sweat Lodge ceremonyAs practice by the aborigines in America560
Jakob Boehme(1575-1624) german mystic558
JudaismWorld Religion555
Swami PrabhavanandaWork550
A Course in MiraclesText book version550
Angkor WatTemple in Cambodia550
Dschalal ad-Din RumiPersian poet550
Brother Sun, Sister MoonMovie about Francis of Assisi550
ToraHoly scripture of Judaism, book550
Social EqualityAs in the U.S. constitution550
Saint Augustinus von Hippo(354-430) algerian bishop550
Giacomo Puccini(1858-1924) italian musician550
Orthodox JudaismReligion545
Gopi Krishna(1903-1984) indian yogi545
Charles DickensWork, books540
Alcoholics AnonymousRecovering addicts foundation, short AA540
12 step self-help groupsMovement worldwide for recovering addicts540
Bill WilsonFounder of Alcoholics Anonymous540
Socrates(469-399 B.C.) greek philosopher540
George Harrison(1943-2001), work of, music540
Paramahansa Yogananda(1893-1952) indian-hindu sage540
Carl Gustav Jung(1875-1961) swiss psychotherapist540
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756-1791), work of, classical music540
LevelFaith, liturgy and valor535
ChristmasEnergy of giving535
Swami Shri Yukteswar Giri(1855-1936) indian-hindu yogi and sage, teacher of Paramahansa Yogananda535
Johann Sebastian BachClassical music, work of530
Martin Buber(1878-1965) religious researcher530
Annie Besant(1847-1933) theosophist530
Jesus PrayerPrayer525
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-PowellFounder of international scout movement525
Henri Matisse(1869-1954) french painter, work of525
Bathing in the GangesAs a spiritual practice, river in India520
LevelNear death experiences520
PatriotismLove for ones country520
PyramidsIn Egypt520
Sri Poonja-Ji HWI(1910-1997) indian-hindu sage520
Helen Keller(1880-1968), societal influence of520
Carl Gustav Jung(1875-1961) swiss psychotherapist520
Founding fathersSignatories of U.S. constitution515
Gnostic ChristianityReligion515
Tantric buddhismReligion515
Rosary PrayerPrayer515
ThanksgivingNational holiday (U.S.)515
SantanaMusic by Carlos Santana515
Jonathan Livingston SeagullMovie, 1976515
HanukkahJewish fest515
Thomas Feverel Merton(1915-1968) monk, poet, writer515
Charles Fillmore(1854-1948) co-founder of Unity Church of Christianity movement515
Origenes(185-253 A.D.) greek theologist515
Unity VillageVillage, place510
Sacrificing one's life for anothersVerb510
Oprah Winfrey ShowTV-Show510
Dzogchen RinpocheTradition of tibetan buddhism, religion510
Kundalini yogaSpiritual practice510
National anthemOf the United States of America510
The Stars and StripesNational flag of the United States of America510
Bee GeesMusic band510
FreemansonryFraternal organisation510
Macchu PiccuBuilding, place in Peru510
LourdesBuilding in France510
Book of MormonBook510
Pledge of AllegianceAllegiance to the country and flag (U.S.)510
Jean Klein(1916-1998) teacher, healer510
Winston Churchill(1874-1965) british Prime Minister of the United Kingdom510
Joseph Smith(1805-1844) founder of mormonism510
Ludwig van Beethoven(1770-1827), music of510
Georg Friedrich Haendel(1685-1759) german musician510
Peter Paul Rubens(1577-1640), work of510
David Bohm(1917-1992) quantum physicist507
David BohmWork505
LevelValor, courage to be oneself505
Barry ManilowU.S. singer505
Nelson MandelaSocietal influence505
Johnny Cash(1932-2003) music of505
Eric Hoffer(1902-1983) philosopher writer505
Madam Marie Curie(1867-1934) french chemist, Nobel Prize winner in Physics and Chemistry505
James Allen(1864-1912) philosophic writer505
William Jennings Bryan(1860-1925) foreign minister505
Dante Alighierl(1265-1321) italian writer505
Bob DylanU.S. singer, music of504
Johnny CashU.S. singer504
PlotinWork, as an author503
GnosisGroup of religious teachings503
ChatresCathedral, France503
Saint Augustine of Hippo Regius(354-430 A.D.) algerian bishop503
Ronald Reagan(1911-2004) 40. president of the United States, societal iinfluence of502
TaoismWorld Religion500
Aborigines of AmericaTeachings of500
AngelsSupernatural being or spirit, 500 upwards500
Vincente Fox QuesadaPresident of Mexico from 2000-2006, highest LOC for president till date500
Templeton FoundationPhilantrophic foundation for religious research and discoveries500
Michail GorbatchowNobel Peace Prize winner, 1990500
Louis ArmstrongMusic, 500 upwards500
LevelLove, revelation, forgiveness, reverence, life as synchronicity500
RiverdanceIrish music band500
Doctors Without BordersInternational doctors help organisation500
Statue of LibertyBuilding, Liberty Island, New York500
Library of the VaticanBuilding located in Rome, Italy500
Christian sacramentsBaptism, confirmation, unction500
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin(1881-1955) french philosopher, theologist500
Arthur Neville Chamberlain(1849-1940) Intention Second World War500
Frederic Chopin(1810-1849) french musician500
William Shakespeare(1564-1616) english writer, books of500
Cat's purr500
ChristianityAfter council of Nicaea 325 A.D.485
Positive thinkingDualistic method of thought499
LevelMastery of the intellect, end of linear thinking and that reality is measurable and provable, famous scientists499
Sigmund Freud(1856-1939) founder of psychoanalytics499
Albert Einstein(1879-1955) physicist, Nobel Prize winner499
Isaac Newton(1643-1727) english physicist499
Stephen HawkingBritish mathematician and astrophysicist499
The Universe in a NutshellBook from Stephen Hawking499
Franklin D. Roosevelt(1882-1945) 32. american president499
Black Elk(1863-1950) medicine man499
Mona LisaPainting from Leonardo da Vinci499
Aristoteles(384-422 B.C.) greek philosopher498
Eric Butterworth(1961-2003) priest498
Differential CalculusField in mathematics498
RamadanIslamic period of fasting495
PassahJewish fest495
MosquePlace of Prayer495
Johannes BrahmsMusic of495
Harry S. Truman33. US american president495
Janis ChoplinUS american singer495
Tibetan buddhismWorld Religion490
Sir William Wallace of Elderslie(1270-1305) freedom fighter490
Rene Descartes(1596-1650) french philosopher490
Franz Liszt(1811-1886) hungarian musician and composer490
William James(1842-1910) US american doctor and philosopher490
Ernst Mach(1838-1916) physicist and philosopher490
Ken WilberPhilosopher490
Sedona methodMethod of stress reduction490
World CupLevel of mastery in sports490
AttitudeTo call a spade a spade490
Platon(427-347 B.C.) greek philosopher485
Francis Bacon(1561-1626) british writer and philosopher485
Sai Baba (Shridi)(1838-1918) indian fakir485
C. W. Leadbeater(1854-1934) british theosophist485
Theology480 - 485. The study of God, or a god, or gods, and the truthfulness of religion in general480
Baruch de Spinoza(1632-1677) dutch philosopher480
Emanuel Swedenborg(1688-1772) swedish scientist, scholar, inventor, philosopher, theologian, writer480
Vincent Willem van Gogh(1853-1890) paintings of, dutch painter, father of modern painting480
Paul Tillich(1886-1965) US American protestant theologian (dogmatist) of german origin480
Joel S. Goldsmith(1892-1964) US American Christian mystic, New Thought Author, Teacher, spiritual healer, founder of the Infinite Way movement480
Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz(1906-1975) King of Saudi Arabia480
Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.(*1930) US-American Professor economics, Cornell University, Brandeis University, UCLA, social critic, political commentator, Fellow of the Hoover Institution, since 1980, Author480
Condoleezza Rice(*1954) afro-american US-Secretary of State, first black in second highest political office of the US480
Intelligent Design TheoryTheory of creation und critic of evolutionary theory, see also creationism LOC 200480
I am, therefore I think(Descartes paraphrased) reversed cartesian thought form480
Might (Power) is the driving forcescientific theory of the engineer with greek origin Efthimios Harokopos (2005)480
Durga PujaHindu festival. Durga Puja festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus, Durga Puja festival epitomises the victory of Good over Evil.480
Supreme Court of the United StatesHighest court in the US480
Street artistsGroups of artists who perform on the streets480
Rabindranath Tagore(1861-1941) indian-Bengali philosopher, painter, musician, poet, writer, Nobel Price winner in literature 1913475
Rudolf Steiner(1861-1925) crotian-Austrian benefactor of Anthroposophy, mystic, cultural philosopher, architect, literary critic, social reformer475
Thomas Hobbes(1588-1679) english mathematician, political philosopher (theory of absolutism) [also calibrated at LOC 465]475
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck(1858-1947) german theoretical physicist, founder of phys. quantum theory, Nobel Price Winner physics 1918475
Gangaji(*1942) US-American spiritual Advaita teacher, author475
M. Scott Peck(1936-2005) US-American psychiatrist, psychotherapist, author475
SubudReligious community470
RationalismPhilosophical world view470
Euripides(480 or 485/484-406 BC) greek philosopher, writer470
John Locke(1632-1704) english philosopher470
John Milton(1608-1674) british writer470
Johannes Kepler(1571-1630) german astronomer470
Thomas Alva Edison(1847-1931) US-American inventor of electricity, light bulb, scientist, business man470
Emmett Fox(1886-1951) irish new thought teacher, author470
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegelwork of, german philosopher (idealism)470
Nat King Cole(1919-1965) US-American singer, pianist and jazz musician470
SethThe books, channeled work from Jane Roberts, (1929-1984) US-American psychic of the spiritual being Seth470
Great Books of the Wester WorldBook collection from Mortimer J. Adler excluding the work of Karl Marx. Including the work of Karl Marx, the collection calibrates at 450.468
LevelScientific methodology, reasoning465
Heisenberg uncertainty principleAlso called Heisenberg indeterminacy principle465
Sophokles(496-406/405 BC) classic greek poet465
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe(1749-1832) german author, playwrighter, polymath465
Blaise Pascal(1623-1662) frensh mathematician, physicist, philosopher, writer465
Jean Jacques Rousseau(1712-1778) swiss/french enlightenment philosopher, pioneer of the french revolution, philosopher, scientist465
William Shakespeare(1564-1616) english playwrighter, poet465
Bertrand Russell(1872-1970) english scientist, philosopher, Nobel Price winner in literature, 1950465
Hans Holbein the ElderPaintings of, (about 1465-1524) german painter465
Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski(1821-1881) russian writer465
Encyclopedia BritannicaEncyclopedia465
Ella FitzgeraldMusic of, (1917-1996) US-American jazz singer (Blues & Jazz)465
LevelIntellectual excellence460
GodAs intellectual concept, philosophy460
JahvehAs term, Yahveh, Yahweh, Yewah460
Attractor fields, nonlinear dynamicsScientific theory460
Biofield, auraScientific theory460
Morphogenetic fieldsPerson and scientific theory of, by Rupert Sheldrake460
CausalityScientific theory, based on the Newtonian Paradigm, also calibrated at 426460
LevelRequired level for the presidential office of the USA (calibrated 2004)460
HeartMath InstituteUS-American research institution for the intelligence of the heart460
Catholic ChurchAs institution, 1900 A.D.460
International Society for Krishna ConsciHindu community460
Lamchen Rinpoche GyalpoRepresentative of a lineage of masters from Tibetan buddhism460
Plutarch(45/46-120/125 AD) greek author; priest460
Edmond Halley(1656-1742) english astronomer460
Immanuel Kant(1724-1804) german philosopher of the historical age of enlightenment460
George Boole(1815-1864) english autodidact, mathematician, philosopher460
Gregor Mendel(1822-1884) german biologist, discovered the laws of inheritance460
Nikola Tesla(1856-1943) US-American physicist, inventor460
Evelyn Underhill(1875-1941) catholic theoligical author460
Sir Arthur Eddington(1882-1944) british astronomer460
Thich Nhat Hanh(*1926) Vietnamese buddhist monk, living in France460
Colin Powell(*1937) 65. US-American statesman, 4-Star general, state secretary (2001-2005)460
Lily Tomlin(*1939) US-American actor, comedian, author460
George W. BushHis attitude in the presidential office (calibrated 2002/2003), (*1943) 43. US-American president460
BeatlesBritish music band460
BeatlesMusic of, (1917-1996) US-American jazz singer (Blues & Jazz)460
Charles Darwin(1809-1882) founder of the evolutionary theory, british biologist455
Homer(*towards the end of 8th Century BC) roman author455
Archimedes(287-212 BC) greek mathematician, scientist455
Adam Smith(1723-1790) a Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy455
George Washington(1732-1799) first US president455
Dwight D. EisenhowerInfluence of, (1890-1969) 34. US president (1953-1961), Five-Star-General of the US Army455
Nicolaus Copernicus(1473-1543) a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe which placed the Sun, rather than the Earth, at the center455
Enrico Fermi(1901-1954) an italian theoretical and experimental physicist, best known for his work on the development of the first nuclear reactor,455
Galileo Galilei(1564-1642) an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher455
Kurt Goedel(1906-1978) an austrian american logician, mathematician, and philosopher455
Jonas Salk(1914-1995) an american medical researcher and virologist, best known for his discovery and development of the first successful polio vaccine455
Charles Proteus Steinmetz(1865-1923) american electrical engineer455
Arjuna Ardagh(calibrated 2003), British/American spiritual teacher455
Tetsugen Bernard Glassman(*1939) US-American zen master455
Trinity CollegeUniversity, Dublin, Ireland455
E=mc^2Scientific theory, equation of the theory of relativity from Albert Einstein455
Black holes theoryScientific theory, from Stephen Hawking 2004455
Chaos theoryScientific theory, part of physics and mathematics455
Collective unconsciousScientific theory, from C. G. Jung, swiss psychiatrist455
Global warmingScientific theory, caused by cyclic magnetic fields emanating from the surface of the sun455
Eagle ScoutsHighest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America455
Spiritual GuideFrom the celestial realms, 450 and upwards450
LevelScience 450-460450
LevelNewtonian Paradigm world view that is based on the principle of causality (cause and effect), 450-499450
AttitudeAttitude of forgiving and forgetting450
OligarchyForm of government, also calibrateed at 420450
National Geographic ChannelAmerican subscription channel, that airs non-fiction television programs450
Galen of Pergamon(129/131-199/216 AD) roman doctor, also calibrated at 475450
Napoleon Bonaparte(1769-1821) before crowning himself emperor in 1804, then dropped to 175 and 75450
Niels Bohr(1885-1962) danish nuclear physicist, nobel price winner physics 1922450
Duke EllingtonMusic of, (1899-1974) American Jazz musician450
Linus Pauling(1901-1994) american chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, and educator450
Joe the plumberAmerican conservative activist and commentator450
Adolf HitlerHis ability to influence the history of Europe in the 20th century450
LevelAverage level of the presidential office (US) (calibrated 2004)450
Scout MovementInternational youth organisation450
SoccerSport (brit. football)450
TennisPlayoffs in Wimbledon450
LevelLearning foreign languages450
MathematicsScientific theory, field of study450
Druidmember of the priestly class in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul (France), and possibly other parts of Celtic Europe450
Top hospitals in the US450
Aristophanes(About 446-386 B.C.) a comic playwright of ancient Athens445
Publius Vergilius Maro(70-19 BC) significant roman poet445
Marcus AureliusLiterature of, (121-180 A.D.) roman emperor, philosopher445
Alice A. Bailey(1880-1949) a writer and theosophist in what she termed 'Ageless Wisdom'445
R. Buckminster Fuller(1895-1983) american architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist.445
Bernadette Roberts(*1931) a former carmelite nun and a contemplative in the catholic tradition445
Ruprecht-Karls-UniversityHeidelberg, Germany, oldest university of Germany445
Harvard Medical SchoolMedical faculty of the university of Harvard, Boston, USA445
Complementary medicineField of study, combination of conventional medical practice with alternative medicine440
Internal medicineField of study440
SurgerySurgical intervention440
PsychiatryBranch of medicine that subjectively diagnoses, treats, and studies mental illness and behavioural conditions440
Colleges (USA)An institution of higher education teaching undergraduates. (2008, dropped down)440
Euclid(~365-~300 BC) greek mathematician440
Herodotus(~484-~424 BC) greek historian, geographer440
Niccolo MachiavelliLiterature of, (1469-1527 AD) diplomat from Florence, political philosopher440
Oscar WildeLiterature of, (1854-1900 AD) irish poet440
James JoyceLiterature of, (1882-1941 AD) influential irish poet440
Stauffenberg(1907-1944 AD) a german army officer and aristocrat who was one of the leading members of the failed 20 July plot of 1944 to assassinate Adolf Hitler440
DNA double helix modelScientific Theory, discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson in 1953440
JesuitsChristian male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church440
US governmentcalibrated 2004440
AltruismPrinciple and practice of selflessness435
LevelLearning to write with the other hand435
Fran?ois Rabelais(1494-1553) french doctor, mon, poet435
The Wall Street JournalInternational newspaper from New York435
Ptolemy(~100-~175 AD) greek mathematician, philosopher, astronomer435
Oxford UniversityElite university in London435
I ChingAlso 'Book of Changes', Philosophy of ancient China430
Epictetus(about 50-138 AD) greek stoik philosopher430
Miguel de Cervantes(1547-1616) spanish author, national poet of spain430
John F. Kennedy(1917-1963) 35th US President, murdered430
StatesmanLevel (with good will)430
Elvis Presley(1935-1977) US singer and actor430
Christian Science MonitorUS newspaper, published by Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston425
AeschylusLiterature, work of, (525-456 BC) greek playwright425
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel(1770-1831) German philosopher of german Idealism (his work calibrates at 470)425
Douglas McArthur(1880-1964) US Army general in World War 2 and Korean War425
Position of manIn the USA425
US population420
William 'Bill' McGuire Bryson(*1951) US humorist, journalist, author420
Psychiatric officeDoctor's office of psychoanalysts in the US, calibrations vary from 420 to 506 depending on office420
Apollonius of Rhodos(295-215 BC) greek poet420
Publius Cornelius Tacitus[Gaius] (58-~120 AD) important roman historian, senator of the Roman Empire420
Arthur Wellesley, 1. Duke of Wellington(1769-1852) british field marshall, winner in the battle of Waterloo, british Prime Minister420
Leo Tolstoi(1828-1910) russian author, his work calibrates at 455420
Nathaniel BrandenUS psychotherapist, 'Psychology and Self Esteem'420
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandIs an 1865 novel. Written by english author Lewis Carrol420
Michael FaradayScientific work of, (1791-1867) english physicist, Faraday himself calibrates at 440415
BethlehemAt the time of birth of Jesus Christ, since then fallen to 175415
Sorbonneelite university in Paris, France415
DemocracyForm of government410
Christian ScienceReligious direction of the new thought movement, founded 1866 by Mary Baker Eddy410
Joseph CampbellPh. D. (1904-1987) US mythologist, author, religious scholar410
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi[Maharishi] (1918-2008) Indian Hindu Guru, vedic author, created transcendental meditation410
Kung FuChinese Martial Art410
Feldenkrais MethodBodily workout to optimize movements and action patterns410
BridgeCard game410
AppleThe TV commercials of Aplle Computer (USA)410
EbayThe TV commercials of Ebay (USA)410
RationalityMethod of thought405
Joseph FourierWork of, (1768-1830) french mathematician and physicist, personal LOC is 410405
Rosicrucian Order(Order of the Rose Cross) secret society founded by christian Rosencreutz in the 17th century405
Book of MormonSacred text of the Latter Day Saint movement, channeled through the founder Joseph Smith. Book also calibrated at 510405
MormonsAlso 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints', christian community405
Salvation ArmyChristian help organization405
New Thought Movement405
AccuptunctureHealing method from Traditional Chinese Medicine405
Golden RuleMaxim, ethical code or morality that essentially states 'One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself'405
Public Broadcasting Service(PBS) US non commercial TV network (calibrated in 2004)405
The History ChannelTV Channel that broadcasts documentaries about history, calibrated in 2004405
ScienceUS TV channel (Discovery Communications) that broadcasts documentaries about space, technology, history and animals, ?405
The Biography Channel(BIO) Pay TV channel, biographical documentaries (calibrated in 2004)405
The Weather ChannelUS TV channel that broadcasts 24/7 the weather report (calibrated in 2004)405
AlexTrained African Grey Parrot, animal401
LevelIntellect, understanding, abstraction, ratio, scientific orientatin, humanism, medicine400+
ComposerOf classical music400+
Not precluding fallacies/errorsAttitude400
LevelIntellect with a dualistic logic under the assumption of a personal, seperate self400
I think, therefor I amClassic cartesian thought form after Rene Descartes400
ObjectivismDirection of epistemology400
Supreme courtsOf international jurisdiction400
Ernest Miller HemingwayLiterature of, (1899-1961) US writer400
ESTErhard Seminary Training [Landmark Forum], Training in taking responsibility for creating your own world by Werner Erhard400
Thomas Woodrow Wilson(1856-1924), 28th US Presidentat the time of World War 1 (1913-1921)400
Richard Nixon(1913-1994) 37th US President400
George H.W. Bush(*1924) 41st US President at the time of the Gulf War400
Ayn Rand[Alissy Sinovjevna Rosenbaum] (1905-1982) US/russian writer, philosopher400
Wernher von braun(1912-1977) US (german origin) space scientist, rocket engineer400
Milton FriedmanHis contribution to economics, (1912-2006) US Professor for economics400
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation400
Street cafeLocated in Paris, cafes in general at 250400
Educational levelIn public US schools around 1900400
Knights TemplarOrder of the Temple, emerged during the crusades400
ApocryphaCertain writings which are received by some Christians as an authentic part of the Holy Scriptures, but are rejected by others.400
Gnostic Gospels400
Julio Iglesias(*1943) spanish singer400
BeachboysUS music band400
RelaxationTo take a rest, to outspan, to kick back, recreational activities395
I love LucyUS TV-Show with Lucille Ball as the main figure395
HajjPilgrimmage to Mekka, Islamic spiritual practice390
TriageSelecting the smaller 'evil' over the bigger 'evil' to prevent catastrophe for example in the context of dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan in World War 2390
NewsweekWeekly published US news magazine390
Santa ClausTradition and concept390
EsotericTeaching of the secret/hidden390
EnneagramSystem to classify personality types into nine types390
Kamikaze pilot[Shimpu Tokkotai]?in World War 2390
Constantine the Great57th Roman Emperor of greek origin. Converted to Christianity. Held the First Council of Nicaa in 325 AD. Dropped from 410 to 385385
SurrealismBranch of art385
justiceas a concept380
European Statesas a whole (calibrated in 2004)380
Italycalibrated in 2004, Sicily at 175380
Sam Walton(1918-1992) founder of Wal-Mart380
Red Crossin the United States. Help Organization380
family businesssuch as a farm380
justiceas in the concept of justice in the Old Testament375
Salvation Armyinternational Christian organization375
Time MagazineAmerican new magazine (fell to 235, calibrated in Nov. 2010)375
Subwaythe russions transport system in Moscow375
imprimaturIn the Catholic Church an imprimatur is an official declaration by a Church authority that a book or other printed work may be published; it is usually only applied for and granted to books on religious topics from a Catholic perspective. (description from Wikipedia)370
BroccoliAfrican Grey Parrot (risen from 365 since being adopt by Doctor Hawkins)370
fidelity, justice365
theosophyTheosophy refers to systems of esoteric philosophy concerning, or investigation seeking direct knowledge of, presumed mysteries of being and nature, particularly concerning the nature of divinity.365
Wal-Martone of the biggest companies in the world, supermarket365
Pablo Picassopaintings of, (1881-1973) spanish painter, sculptor365
television broadcasfor kids in the US (calibrated 2004)355
UNESCOinternational help organization for children (UNESCO comes from the United nations)355
liberalismin the US, traditional liberals355
Europecontinent as a whole without E.U. states, (calibrated 2004)355
Central Americacalibrated 2004355
Indiacalibrated 2004355
Japancalibrated 2004355
forgiveness, insight, dignity, serenity350
long term goalsorientation to long term goals350
forgivenessas in surrendering vindictiveness through compassion350
high(350 -600) the high state induced by drogs, alcohol350
Recovery from addictionrequired consciousness level for recovery from addiction350
understanding triagerequired level to understand triage 'the mind doesn't understand triage until level 350'350
free thinkerway of looking at the world and god, people without religious bond350
Book of ProverbsProverbs of Salomo350
reborn Christians350
Shintoalso called Shintoism, japanese religion350
fortune c ookiesmessages in fortune cookies350
ethical conduct and culture350
casual friendly acts350
Wikipediaonline encyclopedia, open source project350
Chicago TimesUS newspaper350
running, joggingsport350
Egyptcalibrated in 2004350
Scandinaviaaverage level from Denmark, Norway, Sweden (calibrated in 2004)350
MicrosoftUS computer company345
Wal-Martsupermarket, one of the biggest companies in the world345
parliament of the European Union345
German LuftwaffeGerman Airforce in World War Two345
sense of humor345
prominent athletes340 to 400340
Voltaireliterature of, [Fran?ois-Marie Arouet] (1694-1778) french author of the European Enlightenment (philosophy)340
Olympic Games340
Fed ExU.S. parcel service340
Rolling Stonesmusic band340
free thinkeralso calibrated at 350335
Cultural Creativescultural movement335
American Footballsports330
Bill Cosby Show(1984-1992) TV show325
sportscastin U.S. TV broadcast (also calibrated at 375325
U.S. Media(old calibration)320
Work Outworking out in the fitness studio320
Tibetan Buddhist Hornssound of320
Hu JintaoChinese President (calibrated 2004)320
Unitarian Univeralist Church320
Big Brother Big SisterAmerican charity320
LhasaCapital of Tibet320
German AutobahnGerman highway, the first of the world, built since 1913315
U.S. Militaryduring World War Two315
optimismsympathy, intention, goal, purpose310
people of good will310
Francecalibrated 2004310
Playboyinternational men's magazine310
nights of prayer305
Catholic Churchas institution (calibrated in 2004)305
Tai Chiinner martial art305
socialismpolitical system305
The Home DepotU.S. Do It Yourself chain305
international airports305
first respondermedic service305
Great Wall of Chinaancient building in china305
respectful, ethical attitude305
Mother Meeraindian hindu darshana giver, living in Germany300
Mata Amritanandamayialso Mother Amm (Hugging Saint), femail indian guru.300
Green Tea300
Cubacalibrated in 2004300
Republic of Chinacalibrated in 2004300
Greececalibrated in 2004300
Boliviacalibrated in 2004300
Brasilcalibrated in 2004300
Mexicocalibrated in 2004, Mexico City at 305300
Transcendental MeditationTM295
Larry King LiveTalkshow295
idealistic attitude295
Haute Couture295
ancient Atlantishistoric civilisation, highest level of a fallen political system290
window cleanercleaning car windows in the traffic290
Calisthenicsgymnastics, sports290
tobacco companiesthe big tobacco companies of the U.S.285
Humane SocietyAmerican charity285
Wikipediaonline encyclopedia, open source project, also calibrated at 280280
Higher Mind275
Hip Hopmusic band270
free speech265
police stationU.S.265
Hollywoodin 1955265
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys to Enochbook by Prof. Dr. J. J. Hurtak265
Aikido(260+) japanese martial art260
Dead Sea Scrollsalso stated at 650260
Hatha Yoga(Asana)260
Huna practiceHawaiian shamanism260
humane mentality/attitude260
CNNU.S. TV channel260
Peter Principlesociologic principle260
Irelandcalibrated in 2004255
Icelandcalibrated in 2004255
ancient greecehistoric civilisation255
Boston Tea Partymovement255
Country Westernmusic band, also stated at 520255
trustconfidence, letting go, release250
feeling ok250
discussions about ethic, moralityconsideration of true vs. False250
Sexualitypracticed with integrity250
decision against abortionin the first three month of pregnancy250
Black Crow250
Rebirthingtherapeutic breathing method250
Kirtanyogic mantra singing250
Treatment of war prisoners by the U.S.after World War Two250
IBMinternational computer company250
family catwith a name245
stem cell researchto the benefit of medical applications245
Turkeycalibrated 2004245
supportive attitude245
Avatarthe course system, developed by Harry Palmer245
social science240
Qi Gongpart of traditional chinese medicine, bodily and breathing exercise to activate chi energy240
Soul Retrievalsoul midwifery240
catalley cat, without a name240
African grey parrotmost teachable bird living in nature240
discodance and music style235
free speech235
decision for abortionin the first three month of pregnancy235
Time MagazineU.S. newspaper, droppped from 375 [level of November 2010]235
automobile industryin the of the U.S.230
eckankarnew religious movement, initialized by Paul Twitchell, USA 1965.230
London subwaybiggest subway line in the world225
Fort KnoxU.S. Army base in Kentucky, depot for the federal gold reserves since 1862225
political science220
EchnatonEgypt Pharao of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. Is said to having introduced monotheism.220
automobile companiesin the U.Ss215
Metrosubway line in Paris215
average level of consciousnessof all living beings since 23 million years212
Coca Colainternational beverage company from the U.S.211
astrology210 to 405210
Mahmud Abbas210+, Palestinian President since January 2005 (calibrated in January 2005), successor of Arafat, has intention of peace210
Aumchanged Mantra, original is Om which calibrates at 740210
constructive criticismcriticism of the productive, benevolent, supportive and challenging kind210
European Unionlevel of 2004210
Legal immigration210
commercial businessfarm, agriculture210
KGBsecret service of the Soviet Union during World War Two210
MI-6Britisch secret service during World War Two210
PentagonU.S. Ministry of Defense210
BBCnew sof the British TV broadcast British Broadcasting Corporation210
Prairie Indiansancient Indian civilisation210
crystalssemi-precious stone210
google.comonline search engine209
self-made foodwhich is blessed additionally208
banking industryin the U.S.208
LOC of humanityin the time of Oct. 2003 to Feb. 2006207
Martial Artsfrom 205 to 440205
LOC of humanityfrom 1987 to 2003205
Pop Rockmusic205
human body205
bodyworkbody psychotherapy205
Rolfinga type of massage therapy, also called structural integration205
contraceptionbirth control205
internetlevel of 2010, risen from the level of 200 in 2008205
weather at 0? Fahrenheit205
German Militaryin World War Two205
generating a triage205
Fordautomobile company205
General Motorsautomobile company205
Nepallevel of 2004205
ancient Egyptancient historic civilisation205
Nofretetealso Nefertiti , wife of Egypt Pharao Echnaton in ancient Egypt205
Ramses I.Pharao of the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt205
Leo Trotzki(1879-1940) russian revolutionist, communist politician, founder of the Red Army205
Mickey Mousecomic figure by Walt Disney205
domestic pig205
LOC of humanityfrom the end of 2007 to Juli 2009204
self-made foodwithout blessing204
Thomas Robert Malthus(1766-1834)204
LOC of humanityfrom October 2006 to 2007203
white magic203
ancient Romehistoric civilisation202
Holotropic Breathworkby Stanislav Grof202
gas stationpetrol station202
fastfood outlet202
New Guinealevel of 2004202
abortion pillRU 486201
Integrity200+, healthy, truth, being responsible, supportive of life, constructive200
Homo Spiritus200+, the spiritual human200
awakening of kundalini200+, the spiritual energy is present from this level on200
start of the formation of an etheric bra200+, the formation of the etheric brain starts at this level200
self-responsibilitystart of, 200+200
welfare emotions200+200
positive feelings200+, release of endorphins, greater immunity200
beginning of learning love200+200
lovein different learning stages, 200-499200
Waren Buffet200+, (born 1930) billionaire,200
Jean Paul Sartre(1905-1980) french philosopher200
Susan Sontagliterature of, (1933-2004) American200
Andy Warholwork of, (1928-1987) American artist, designer, pop art pioneer200
Carl Sagan(1934-1996) American astronomer, astrophysicist, his work calibrates at 420200
agnosticismis the view that the truth values of certain claims?especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, as well as other religious and metaphysical claims?are unknown.200
animal body200
earthplanet earth200
social justicein the U.s:, also calibrated at 190 and 180200
economyof the U.S., level of Nov. 2010200
walking through fireas a cultic ceremony200
homepathyalternative healing method, developed by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)200
monarchypolitical system200
airport policein the U.S.200
Tut Ank AmunPharao of the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt200
Friedrich Engels(1820-1895) german politician, living in London, philosopher200
Harry Potterfictional character by Joanne K. Rowlings200
New York Timeslevel of Nov. 2010, U.S. daily newspaper, dropped from 250 in year 2000, in year 2004 risen a little bit from 185200
Tibetlevel of 2004200
Russialevel of 2004200
Mandchurialevel of 2004200
car racingmotorsportsq200
internetlevel of 2008, risen to 205 in 2010200
disregarding the rights of otheroverlooking and or not percieving the rights of other, 199 and less, <200, below the level of 200<200
lower astralsdifferent levels of hell, 199 and less, <200, below the level of 200<200
acts of sinacts which are commonly called sin, 199 and less, <200, below the level of 200<200
Emergeny Emotions<200
fuguefeigning death, fighting refelex, adrenalin release, low immunity<200
peacelessnessunder humans<200
demonizationall expressions of demonization and defamation<200
ad industryin the U.S.<200
killing on orderof the military, institutions, etc.<200
carnivorespredatory animals<200
Heavy Metalmusic, negative impact on accpuncture meridian system<200
50% of the information on the internetmany of these are blog entries<200
50% of current esotheric literature<200
78-85% of humanitydepending on the overall LOC of humanity, 2005<200
49-55% of Americansin the U.S., depending on the national LOC, 2005<200
Homo sapiensDr. Hawkins calls humans above 200 Homo spiritus<200
culmination of forceculmination of the negativity under force199
CEOs and board membersaverage LOC of the fortune 500 companies CEOs and board members(level of 2002)198
school bus driverswho are often in involved in bus accidents (in the U.S)198
United Nations195
Environmental activists195
subway in Mexico City195
Scientologyfounded by L. Ron Hubbard195
Jevoah's Witnesses195
Falun Gongreligious movement from china. Based on on Qi Gong, founder Li Hongzhi presented it in 1992, forbidden in China since 1999195
LOC of mankindabout 1930 to August 1987190
lucifericthe luciferic (ego) which denies the sovereignty of God190
venial sin190
white lieemergency lie190
saying nonegation, non-answer, refusal, denial190
do gooderismmentality of the do gooder190
skeptical scientism190
political correctness190
antagonimsattitude of superiority190
Social Justice190
channelingaverage of level of channelled messages, 20% are above 200, 80% below190
Pranayamacontrolled breathing practices190
goddess movementideology190
Jesus married to Maria Magdalenaconcept of Jesus being married to Maria Magdalena and having kids (in the novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, 2004)190
fasting periodordered by the church190
Old Testamentoverall level, Genesis at 660, Psalms at 650, Proverbs at 300+190
attack on Pearl HarborWorld War Two190
United Nationslevel of 2008, also calibrated at 195 and 180190
CIAsecret service of the U.S. in early Iraq War190
public schoolsLOC of public schools in the U.S.190
HarvardHarvard University, Harvard law schooldropped in November 2010 to 180190
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Aalso called 'Health Financing Care Bill'190
editorialof the ten biggest newspapers in the U.S., level of 2004190
Rolling Stone Magazine190
Wall Streetworlds biggest stock exchange190
oil industryin the U.S.190
Pythagoras(~570 BC - 510 BC) greek philosopher and mathematician190
Peter the Great(1672 - 1725 AD) russian czar190
Francisco Franco(1892-1975) spanish general and dictator190
George Soros(*1930) american-hungarian invester, philanthropist190
Richard Dawkins(*1941) british professor for biology, Oxvord University190
Vladimir Putin(*1952) russian president, ex KGB agent190
critics of Einstein's theory of relativi190
British Empireuntil early 20th century, colonial power190
Israellevel of 2004, Bethlehem also at 190, Bethlehem at the time of Jesus Christ LOC 415190
South Africalevel of 2004190
Hollywoodlevel of 2004, fell from 265 (1955) to 180 (2007)190
100 most influential people in the wolrdaccording to Time Magazine, level of 2004, without George W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger189
collegesand universities, level of 2007, level of 1955 was 440185
Feng ShuiLOC 185 - 210185
Iranlevel of 2004, 185 - 190185
Palestinelevel of 2004185
the Balkanslevel of 2004185
LOC of mankindfrom 1400 to 1930185
fortunetelling, divinationforetelling the future is non-integrous185
New Agemovement, New Ageism, Hawkins: 'Naivety is the downside of the spiritual aspirant'185
feministic politcsemphasizing sexism185
Mao Tse-tung(1903-1976) chinese politician, dictator, communist, chairman of the Communist Party in China185
Karl Raimund Popper(1902-1944) austrian british philosopher and epistemologist185
Noam ChomskyLOC from 135-185, (*1928) american professor for linguistics, scientiest in the field of cognition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)185
Arthur Neville Chamberlain(1869-1940) british Prime Minister, predecessor of Winston Churchill185
U.S. Mediain the time of the Vietnam War185
extreme left-liberal partiesin the U.S.185
telemarketingin the U.S.185
Mardi Grascarnival in New Orleans, U.S.185
fixation on body buildingand extreme sports185
Fidel Castroregime of, the regime of the cuban president Fidel Castro (dropped from LOC 445 to 180), born 1926, communist185
moral sins180
colleges, universitiescolleges, universities, Level of 2008. Peak LOC 440 in 1955. Fallen due to moral relativism180
United Nationslevel of 2008, LOC 195 in 2005180
hospitalsalso calibrated at 250180
group narcissism180
recriminationaccusation, finger-pointing, allocation of blame180
conflicwillingness, readiness for conflict180
politicians(statesman at 430)180
post modernism180
social justicein the US180
Illegal Immigrationin the US180
conspiracy theoriesalso calibrated at 165180
blog websiteswordwide180
Fidel Castro(*1926) spanish cuban dictatorial president (1976-2008). Fallen from LOC 445 to 180)180
political correctness180
ismsall isms, forms of expression180
UN Security Councillevel of 2004180
sports betting180
cloningof humans180
Harvard UniversityHarvard Law School, fallen from 190 in Nov. 2010180
glass pyramidein fron of the Louvre, Paris, France180
Middle Eastlevel of 2005. Risen from 170180
Hollywoodlevel of 2007, fall from 190 in 2004 and 265 in 1955180
Action Movieswith dangerous stunts, explosions, pursuits, gunfights, ?level of 2004180
Prideas Level of Consciousness, 175-199, includes scorn, grandiosity, bragging, the survival of others becomes a motivation in ones actions175
Saudi-Arabialevel of 2004175
Sicilylevel of 2004175
Polandlevel of 2004175
Republic of Chinaduring Mao's reign175
North Korealevel of 2004175
theocracypolitical system175
Marine Corpsmarine infantry of the US.175
Angeras Level of Consciousness, 150-174, rage, emotion of hate, aggression, threat, intimidation170
vanityalso calibrated at 180170
Health maintenance OrganizationsHMOs, level of 2004170
Invictuspoem of William Ernest Henly (1849-1903), the last lines 'I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.' expresses the idea of the sovereignty of the ego.170
moral equalityconcept170
UFO kidnappingastral trance state170
Middle Eastlevel of 2004170
popular sociologytrivial sociology, 165-210165
victim mentality165
stanceof the Catholic Church regarding pedophilia and catholic pedophile priests165
conspiracy theories165
Enronenergy company, was once one of the biggest companies of the US. Level of 2001165
oil pollutionin the Gulf of Mexico, Nov 2010165
Wilhelm I.(1797-1888) German Emperor and King of Prussia165
Capital Punishmentfor adults160
street beggar160
Ali Hasan al-Madschid(1941-2010) Iraqui politician, General who commanded the use of toxic gas160
Kim Jong-il(1941-2011) dictator of North Korea, calibrated in 2004160
Napoleon Bonaparte(1769-1821) France, after crowning himself emperor, fallen from 450; calibrated at 75 at the Battle of Waterloo160
critics of applied kinesiologyas in the 'The Skeptic's Dictionary'. See also skepticism160
radical extremistsstate of 2010160
ank crosssymbol of ancient egypt160
Kirlian Photography160
polar bearice bear, ursus maritimus160
resentment, acidness160
street begging160
lower mindego-mind155
anti -Semitismsee also racism at 110155
Mutual UFO NetworkUS non profit organisation, scientific exploration of the UFO phenomenon155
wiccaheathen religion155
Capital Punishment155
angerlevel of consciousness, rage, emotion of hate, hostility, intimidation, aggression150
anti-drug progamin the US150
WikiLeaks whistleblowers150
Hermann G?ring(1893-1946) german nazi politician and war criminal, commander-in-chief of the german air force (Luftwaffe) during World War Two, fallen from LOC 350150
White Supremacy150
obvious bigotry150
punishment, revenge150
Critical Theoryphilosophical, after herbert Marcuse150
Borderline personality disorderBPD150
Unification Churchfounded by Sun Myung Moon150
DesireLevel of Consciousness, addiction, greed, lust, hunger, enslavement (LOC 125-149)125
feudalismLOC 145-200145
possessive sexual desire145
pacifistsduring World War Two145
L. Ron Hubbardfounder of Scientology movement145
theoryof 'conscioussness originates from the neuronal activity in the brain'. First advocated by Francis Crick140
YouTubeinternet video portal140
Arthur Neville Chamberlain's capacityduring World War Two, (British Premier)140
Vietnamlevel of 2005140
extreme conservative partiesin the US, extreme right135
dialectic materialismphilosophy by Karl Marx135
Victim-Perpetrator model135
Big Bang Theorytheory about the emergence of the universe135
Francis Crick135
defamationslander, also calibrated at 75135
New York Cityinner city135
Capital Punishment for adolescents130
Reality ShowsTv Shows leve of 2004130
MTVUS TV Network, music videos130
Karl Marx(1818-1883) german philosopher130
literature of Karl MarxOriginal german titles: 'Das Kapital' and 'Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei'130
Global Warming Theory130
militant islamic fundamentalismand religious fundamentalism in general130
Raelismalso under the name Rael-Movement, UFO-Religion by Claude Vorilhon130
DesireLevel of Consciousness, addiction, greed, lust, hunger, enslavement (LOC 125-149)125
Fearlevel of consciousness, from 100-124, concern, anxiety, withdrawal124
Iraqlevel of 2005120
criticismas addiction120
cults, sects120
paranoid attitude120
The end justifies the meansattitude120
wolf in sheeps clothingconcept120
limbic systemof the human body120
amygdalapart of the human brain120
extreme sports110
Elohimname for god100
concept of godin the old testament100
Roman pagan Gods100
IRAIrish Republic Army100
anarchismworld view100
Fearlevel of consciousness, from 100-124, concern, anxiety, withdrawal100
Grieflevel of consciousness, from 75-99, failure, misery, despondency99
Gangster Rapmusic, 35-9595
Punk Rockmusic, 35-9595
Gothicmusic, 35-9595
Heavy Metalmusic, 35-9595
drug addiction95
homeless people95
Tantrain new age tantra seminars95
LOC of mankindat the time of the Buddha, about 600 BC90
alcohol dependency90
denial of faith90
denial of the non-linear90
Islamic honor killing90
German Gods90
Greek Gods90
Scandinavian Gods90
Gods of War90
Adolf HitlerSocial influence, intention before World War Two90
Joseph Stalin(1878-1953) Sowjet politician, dictator during World War Two (1941-1953), see also LOC 7090
Saddam Hussein(1937-2006) President and dictator of Iraq (during Gulf War and on)90
Hugo Chavez(*1954) Dictator of Venezuala since 199990
Box jellyfishAnimal, also known as sea wasp90
AnasaziIndian, ancient pueblo people culture in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona85
QuetzalcoatlMesoamerican deity (Aztecs, Maya, ?)85
Hisbollah(God's party) an islamistic lebanese organisation under the governance of Hassan Nasrallah and clerical scholars85
Homo floresiensisRecently discovered pygmy race85
Homo erectus80
Cro Magnon(Early Homo sapiens sapiens) , from the last ice age in europe 12000 to 40000 years ago80
Militant islamic triumphalism80
North KoreaDuring the Korean War (later risen to 175)80
GriefLevel, 75-99, failure, misery, despondency75
DefamationSlander, also calibrated at 13575
Neanderthal Man[Homo neanderthalensis] extinc 'relative' of today's man (Homo Sapiens) in europe75
HamasIslamic resistance in Israel, Westbank Gaza (also calibrated at 40 and 105)75
IMUIslamic resistance in Uzebkistan75
Napoleon BonaparteDuring the battle of Waterloo (fallen from 440 to 160 to 75)75
Sayyid Qutb(1906-1966) Journalist, Islamic theorist and the leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s75
ApathyLevel, 50-74, despair, being resigned, malevolence, hatred, grudge70
BlasphemyHatred of God, 40-7070
Apocalyptic VisionsIn general70
Book of RevelationLast book of the new testament70
Abduction by aliens'Aliens exist' tests as not true on this three dimensional realm70
Third ReichTime of National Socialism, Germany, 1933-14570
PumaCougar (am.), mountain lion70
Osama Bin Laden(1957-2011) Saudi-Arabian founder of Al-Quaida70
TalibanTerror group in Afghanistan70
MoaisColossal stone sculptures on Easter Island70
Islamic terrorists35-7070
Dilapidated quarters of big cities65-8065
PedophiliaPsychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children65
Beating upAction, of partners, as physical chastisement65
IncaHistoric civilisation, South America65
AztecsHistoric civilisation, South America65
Al-QaidaGlobal militant Islamist and Takfiri organization founded by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam, and several other militants, responsible for numerous terror attacks65
Saddam Hussein(1937-2006) President and dictator of Iraq (during Gulf War and on), fallen from 90 to 65 to 60 in the period of 2002-200465
Criminals60-65 in U.S.60
PsychopathMentally ill person60
Joseph Goebbels(1897-1945) most influential german Nazi politician, minister for propaganda in the Third Reich (1933-1945)60
Islamic Apocalyptic Triumphalismcalibrated in November 200760
Bearing false witnessAction60
Drunk driving in the U.S.Action55
KGB(1954-1991) sowject intelligence55
PLOPalestine Liberation Organization55
Benito Mussolini(1883-1945) Duce, leader of fascism, Italian dictator (1922-1943)50
SlumsAs a location of living50
Mad cow disease(bovine spongiform encephalopathy)50
National SocialismPolitical system50
JihadIdea of the islamic 'holy war'50
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion50
SatanismIdolizing satan as God, 'do what you will'45
Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) dictator, chairman of the NSDAP, Reich Chancellor of the Third Reich, fallen from 440 (405) to 80 to 4545
Quality of the content of the InternetWebsites in the world wide web, 45-445, regarding the quality of the content45
SnakesRange from 35 to 4545
SupremacistsRange from 40 to 8540
Central AfricaCountry, 200440
Islamist TerrorismRanges from 40 to 4540
Komodo dragonAnimal40
Illegal methylamphetamine labs40
Organized criminality40
HamasIslamic resistance in Israel, Westbank Gaza (also calibrated at 75 and 105)40
Heinrich Himmler(1900-1945) german Reichsf?hrer-SS (SS national leader), primarily responsible for the holocaust40
VietcongPolitical Organisation and army in Vietnam War40
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev(1894-1971) russian politician and head of government during the Cold War40
Humans with the attitude of dragonlike e40
Al Capone(1899-1947) italian notoriuos criminal in the U.S.35
Sexual Sadism35
InquisitionMedieval persecution of witches and heretics35
Bull fightingAlso calibrated at 45, dogfighting, cockfighting35
9/11 Terror AttacksTerror attacks on the World Trade Center, New York City, Sept. 11th. 200135
DestructionRemorse, recrimination, accusation, masochism, hate30
Malignant messianic narcissism30
Concentration campKZ, Konzentrationslager, especially labor and extermination camps of the Nazi-Regime30
Hitler's lightning attack on LondonDuring World War Two30
Al Qaida30
Hunting wild animals with deer-hounds in30
Militant atheism25
Devil worship25
Fran?ois Duvalier('Papa Doc') (1907-1971) haitian politician, dictator of Haiti (1957-1971)25
Muhammad ibn ?Abd al-Wahh?b(1703-1792) islamic scholar, leading figure of the cultic teachings of Wahabism and Salafism20
JihadAfter definition of Osama Bin Laden20
Death RowDeath row, in English-speaking countries that have capital punishment, is the place, often a section of a prison, that houses prisoners awaiting execution.20
Black magic20
ShameLevel, Ranges from 20 to 29, disgrace, humiliation, oppression, suppression20
Serial killerIn general range from 6 to 1515
Condemning fellow man to hellAction15
Josef Mengele(1911-1979) member of the SS and concentration camp doctor during World War Two (cruel human experimentsin Auschwitz)15
PimpOwns and sells women14
Possessed psychotic murdererRanges from 5 to 1111
TerrorismRanges from 10 to 3510
ArsonIgniting fire10
Jack the RipperSerial killer6
Famous serial killers5
Producers of sadistic child porn5
Virginia Tech shooting spreeApril 16th 2008, Cho Seung-Hui shot 32 people on the university campus5
DeathNo physical presence, missing consciousness0
VirusHas no consciousness0
TorontoCity, 2005425
United StatesCountry, 2005, 431 in 2003 -> 426 -> 421 in 2005 -> 420 in Nov. 18th 2006. Hawai 405, middle West 440, East Coast 360, West Coas 290, Wyoming 440, Florida 425, Ohio 410, Iowa 405, Alabama 350, California 280, Hollywood 180 in 2007 (dropped from 190 in 2005). Chicago 445, Phoenix 440, New York City 385 (Upper East Side 430, West Side 245, Inner City 135); Empire State Building 465, Central Park 425, Time Square 270.421
EnglandCountry, 2005420
CanadaCountry, 2005415
Great BritanCountry, 2005410
AustraliaCountry, 2005410
HawaiiCountry, 2005405
NetherlandsCountry, 2005405
SingaporeCountry, 2005405
GermanyCountry, 2005400
Hong KongCountry, 2005400
South KoreaCountry, 2005400
FinlandCountry, 2005400
NorwayCountry, 2005400
SwitzerlandCountry, 2005400
MexicoCountry, 2005400
ChinaCountry, 2007385
SwedenCountry, 2005385
ItalyCountry, 2005380
EuropeCountry, 2005355
IndiaCountry, 2005355
JapanCountry, 2005355
ScandinaviaCountry, 2005350
GreenlandCountry, 2005345
FranceCountry, 2005310
ChinaCountry, 2005305
SpainCountry, 2005300
PortugalCountry, 2005300
EgyptCountry, 2005300
IrelandCountry, 2005255
MoroccoCountry, 2005245
TurkeyCountry, 2005245
NepalCountry, 2005204
RussiaCountry, 2005201
LiberiaCountry, 2005200
South AfricaCountry, 2005195
PolandCountry, 2005195
KuwaitCountry, 2005190
IranCountry, 2005190
IsraelCountry, 2005190
PhilippinesCountry, 2005190
NigerCountry, 2005185
PakistanCountry, 2005185
PalestineCountry, 2005185
JordanCountry, 2005185
U.A.E.Country, 2005180
Saudi ArabiaCountry, 2005175
MangoliaCountry, 2005175
North koreaCountry, 2005175
Middle eastCountry, 2005170
Sri LankaCountry, 2005165
SyriaCountry, 2005160
YemenCountry, 2005160
UkraineCountry, 2005140
PakistanCountry, 2005140
EthiopiaCountry, 2005140
LebanonCountry, 2005130
IraqCountry, 2005125
MadagascarCountry, 2005125
CameroonCountry, 2005120
MauritaniaCountry, 2005115
KazakhstanCountry, 2005105
MozambiqueCountry, 2005105
MaliCountry, 2005105
NamibiaCountry, 2005100
SomaliaCountry, 2005100
LibyaCountry, 200595
YemenCountry, 200590
ChadCountry, 200590
AlgeriaCountry, 200590
GabonCountry, 200590
AfghanistanCountry, 200585
OmanCountry, 200580
TanzaniaCountry, 200580
CongoCountry, 200575
NigeriaCountry, 200575
SudanCountry, 200570
UgandaCountry, 200570
BotswanaCountry, 200565
HaitiCountry, 200555
ZimbabweCountry, 200550
AngolaCountry, 200550
Democratic Republic of CongoCountry, 200540
KenyaCountry, 200540
Dicken's Christmas CarolMovie499
Winged MigrationMovie495
Lost HorizonMovie, 1937485
Ben HurMovie, 1959475
Color Purple, TheMovie, 1985475
Sound of MusicMovie475
Forrest GumpMovie, 1994475
FantasiaMovie, 1940475
GandhiMovie, 1982455
AmadeusMovie, 1984455
What the Bleep Do We (K)now!?Movie, documentary, 2004455
A Man for All SeasonsMovie455
Wizard of OZ, TheMovie, 1939450
It's a Wonderful LifeMovie450
Little BuddhaMovie, 1993445
2001: A Space OdysseyMovie440
About SchmidtMovie435
Terms of EndearmentMovie425
Sound of MusicMovie425
Chariots of FireMovie425
Doctor ZhivagoMovie415
Singin' in the RainMovie415
Lion KingMovie415
Rain ManMovie410
Philadelphia StoryMovie405
My Fair LadyMovie405
West Side StoryMovie405
Gone with the WindMovie405
Yankee Doodle DandyMovie400
Citizen KaneMovie400
Toy StoryMovie400
Shakespeare in loveMovie395
Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonMovie395
From Here to EternityMovie395
Driving Miss DaisyMovie395
Barefoot in the ParkMovie395
African Queen, TheMovie395
Saturday Night FeverMovie395
Greatest Show on EarthMovie390
Field of DreamsMovie390
Miracle on 34th StreetMovie390
Jazz Singer, TheMovie390
Out of AfricaMovie390
Funny GirlMovie385
Bridge on the River Kwai,TheMovie385
Around the World in 80 daysMovie385
Raiders of the Lost ArkMovie385
My Big Fat Greek WeddingMovie385
SpongeBob SquarePantsMovie385
Grapes of WrathMovie385
American BeautyMovie380
Hello DollyMovie380
A Beautiful MindMovie375
ET: The ExtraterrestrialMovie375
Pretty WomanMovie375
Dances with WolvesMovie375
Jerry MaguireMovie375
Murder on the Orient ExpressMovie365
American GraffitiMovie365
Wuthering HeightsMovie360
Best Years of our LivesMovie360
Breakfast at Tiffany'sMovie360
Taxi DriverMovie360
An American in ParisMovie355
Annie HallMovie355
Legally BlondeMovie355
Some Like it HotMovie355
City LightsMovie355
Way We WereMovie350
Sleepless in SeattleMovie350
Great Gatsby, TheMovie350
Return of the KingMovie350
Lord of the RingsMovie350
Willie WonksMovie345
Seven Days in MayMovie340
North by NorthwestMovie340
Charlotte's WebMovie335
Ferris Bueller's Day offMovie335
Jurassic ParkMovie330
Maltese FalconMovie325
Celsius 41.11Movie320
Lawrence of ArabiaMovie320
Double IndemnityMovie315
Streetcar Named DesireMovie315
Sixth Sense, TheMovie310
Rebel Without a CauseMovie310
River's EdgeMovie310
To Kill a MockingbirdMovie310
Love StoryMovie310
Guess Who's coming to DinnerMovie305
Paper MoonMovie300
All About EveMovie300
Breakfast ClubMovie300
On the WaterfrontMovie295
FahrenHYPE 9/11Movie290
You've Got MailMovie275
Ordinary PeopleMovie275
French ConnectionMovie275
High NoonMovie275
Lord of the FliesMovie270
Wild BunchMovie270
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance KidMovie270
Close Encounters of the Third KindMovie265
Crocodile DundeeMovie265
Gold RushMovie260
It Happened One NightMovie255
Bringing Up BabyMovie255
Young FrankensteinMovie255
Fall SafeMovie255
Cool Hand LukeMovie255
Raging BullMovie255
English PatientMovie250
Star WarsMovie250
Bye Bye BirdieMovie245
A Fish Called WandaMovie230
Dr. StrangeloveMovie225
Blade RunnerMovie225
Wall StreetMovie225
Madame XMovie215
Holy GrailMovie215
Birds, TheMovie215
Harry PotterMovie215
Place in the Sun, AMovie210
Caddy ShackMovie205
Kramer vs. KramerMovie205
LA ConfidentialMovie205
Rocky Horror Picture ShowMovie205
Third ManMovie200
Treasure of the Sierra MadreMovie200
Valley of the DollsMovie200
Saving Private RyanMovie195
Easy RiderMovie195
Tom JonesMovie195
Passion of ChristMovie, 1937, edited movie (cutting out violent scenes) calibrates at 395190
Santa Clause 2Movie190
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestMovie185
Bowling for ColumbineMovie185
Canadian BaconMovie180
Big One, TheMovie180
Twin Towers, TheMovie180
Beverly Hills CopMovie180
Schindler's ListMovie180
Fahrenheit 9/11Movie180
TV NationMovie180
Supersize MeMovie180
Roger and meMovie180
King KongMovie175
Matrix, TheMovie165
In the Heat of the NightMovie165
Mad MaxMovie160
Godfather, Part IIMovie155
Carnal KnowledgeMovie155
Deer HunterMovie155
All Quiet on the Western FrontMovie150
Sex, Lies and VideotapeMovie140
Fatal AttractionMovie140
Birth of a Nation, TheMovie140
Thelma and LouiseMovie140
Cat in the HatMovie130
It's AliveMovie125
Wait Until DarkMovie110
Lethal WeaponMovie105
There's Something about MaryMovie105
Bonnie and ClydeMovie105
St. Elmo's FireMovie105
Good FellasMovie100
Falling DownMovie90
Omen, TheMovie85
In Cold BloodMovie80
A Clockwork OrangeMovie70
Apocalypse NowMovie65
Rosemary's BabyMovie60
Silence of the lambsMovie45
Pulp FictionMovie25
StatementOne`s exact time of death is set at birthTrue
StatementOne`s consciousness level is set at birthTrue
StatementHumans can live on prana energyTrue
StatementChi energy existsTrue
StatementWait three days before burial or cremationTrue
StatementReincarnation is realTrue
StatementStigmata are real phenomenonsTrue
StatementFree will is an illusionTrue
StatementIt is possible to come up from lower regions of hell - with the exception of blasphemyTrue
StatementGod`s will for you is happiness. To be happy is pleasing to GodTrue
StatementThere are angels in bodiesTrue
StatementPraying is beneficial. It benefits yourself, loved ones, the world, all of humanityTrue
StatementBy our mere existence we are - all is - DivineTrue
StatementIt is safe to pray for the sources of hateTrue
StatementIt is NOT already determined which lifetime someone will become enlightened inTrue
StatementAll things are GodTrue
StatementThe Light of God is ConsciousnessTrue
StatementConsciousness is the Mind of GodTrue
StatementAt any age, the brain is constantly producing new neuronsTrue
StatementThe number of causes for any event is infiniteTrue
StatementAll living things are aware as you walk byTrue
StatementThe purpose of this human life is to undo negative karma and gain positive karma. That is the sole purpose of human life.True
StatementWhatever problem you have in life, if you apply the 12 Steps to it, that will solve itTrue
StatementDiscretion of Speech is a higher good than freedom of speechTrue
StatementIt is safe to dieTrue
StatementIt is my understanding that the disciples (who calibrated in the 900s at the time) saw Jesus` etheric bodyTrue
StatementAs we sacrifice our personal lives for the sake of the world, we sanctify the life of the world, This is personified in the life of Jesus Christ.True
StatementThere`s multiple heaven, and the heaven that you go to is aligned with your calibrated level of your consciousnessTrue
StatementNow, very rarely, but on occasion, the LOC can go over 1000. That`s the first time in history.True
StatementIn order to be able to handle higher energy mankind up to now could only handle an energy of up to 1000True
StatementSo the alignment with the pathway we talk about then is the direct pathway to enlightenment and according to this understanding?the following of the direct pathway speeds up the likelyhood of enlightenment more than one thousand timesTrue
StatementTo Thee O Lord do I devote my life.'?- there is nothing beyond that that you as a human can say.That is the ultimate that can be said.True
StatementThe Thee O Lord'?- you don't have to worry if God is listening.?'To Thee O Lord'?- God hears ?'To You O God'?- God is not obligated.? He is not involved, you see. You are talking to yourself.?'To Thee O Lord'?indicated devotion. [...]?'Those who are devoted to Me are mine.'True
985 comments on “Full List
  1. Alana DuBois says:

    Wow! Thanks for this list!

    • Jeremiah says:

      Someone calibrate President Thomas S Monson, the current president of the Mormon church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) he’s Joseph Smith’s current successor. He may die soon though, if he does, than calibrate the next successor, who will be President Russell M Nelson. I’m a devout Mormon, but I’m not good at calibrating yet. I know my church is true by a witness from the Holy Ghost, but I’m just curious where they calibrate for fun! Thanks so much!

      • Osama says:

        My calibration:

        Mr. Monson is 542

        Mr. Nelson is 255

        • Jeremiah says:

          Osama, thank you so much! I found your calibrations very interesting. President Monson has since died, and President Nelson has since gone from apostle of Christ (Senior member of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles), to President of the Church (Prophet of the Earth -according to my church’s belief) in consequence. I am extremely curious concerning what difference a recalibration of President Nelson would render (if any) now that he has taken President Monson’s place. Would you be willing to perform that recalibration? If not, that’s ok. If so, thank you so much!

    • Mark says:

      Can someone please calibrate my LOC?

    • Jeremiah Miller says:

      Can someone please calibrate me, I’m having a hard time, I keep getting 1,000 (I know…), and less than 1,001…? -I’m not joking; please help?:)

  2. John says:

    Thank you!

  3. Jan Primous says:

    Does anyone know the calibrated level of country of New Zealand and the book "The Gnosis and the Law"

  4. jlenchi says:


  5. Nicolas says:

    Thank you

  6. speedsuccess says:

    Latest calibration levels (Dec 2014):

    • Ayahuasca: 538
    • LSD: 551
    • Mushrooms: 565
    • San Pedro: 580
    • Iboga TA: 580
    • Iboga Root Bark: 455
    • Yin/yang: 400
    • Tony (Anthony) Robbins: 465
    • Cassiopeian Transcripts: 410
    • 1st Book, Bringers of the Dawn: 500
    • Adyashanti (Steven Gray): 510
    • I have permission to inquiry about Albert Hoffmans (LSD creator) calibration level: NO.
    • Tony Parsons (realized nature of self – and looks like most ordinary guy): 750
    • There are currently 16 people with calibration level of 700 or more.

    • Frank says:

      Many of the calibrations above are in error. It looks like some positionality regarding the expectation of where something calibrates throws them off. Drugs for example, like psychedelics may induce states that calibrate very high (350-600), but they themselves calibrate rather low. It might be best to compare your results with others and review your intention for calibrating.

    • IAM says:

      Who are or who are some of the 16 people that currently calibrate above 700?

      • there's no reason to be known or unknown for these levels of consciousness … so maybe this is some regular man or woman that nobody can notice in seeing him or her

      • Helena says:

        I would like to know that too.

      • Jeremiah says:

        A lot of christian religions (mine included -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) believe that John (The Beloved/The Revelator -one of Christ’s original twelve apostles) is still alive today, via some tranfiguration of his body (not a transfiguration into some other shape or creature, but simply a transfiguration of his body’s ability to age, get sick, etc.), which belief is due to interpretation of New Testament scripture (John 21:22-23 (20-23)). If this understanding is correct, could he not be one of these individuals who currently callibrate at a level exceeding 900? I’m not good at callibrating yet, and would be extemely greatful if you guys would be willing to test this hypothesis and callibrate John the Beloved (not The Baptist -that’s a different John (who was actually beheaded long before John the Beloved recieved the inspiration known as The Book of Recelation while exciled to the isle of Patmos)). Perhaps also a true/false muscle test concerning whether or not he’s still alive would be avangagous to perform prior to callibrating his level as well. Thank you guys so much for your time and consideration! 🙂

      • Vojtech says:

        Swami Vishwananda probably

    • Jjj says:

      The calibrations will be prone to error unless the calibrator himself is of a high level of consciousness. The lower the LoC the more chances of error there will be due to the bias of the ego interfering with the calibrations. So I would not take this list as accurate.

    • SSK says:

      With cocaine, methylamphetamine, and heroin calibrating at less than 10, this LOC seriously doubts that these root barks and LSD calibrate in the mid-to-high 500s. I've calibrated a couple at 120s (desire on the Map). Had to stop as the mind takes a hit each time one calibrates something so low.
      If you see the entire list no substance calibrates at 580+

    • John says:

      Hey thanks for printing the list I have read several of Hawkin’s books and with all the comments negative comments about Donald Trump I wonder if you could print a calibration on him?just curious thanks,John

  7. Mario says:

    Could someone calibrate the book "Metafísica 4 en 1", the author, Conny Mendez, and her lately disciple, Ruben Cedeño?. It would be great if someone calibrates Ruben Cedeño 10 years ago, 20, and right now. I would apreciate it. Thanks!

  8. IAM says:

    Could someone please explain how playboy calibrates at 310 and pornography at 100? The majority of the women featured in that magazine star in porn anyway.

    • dan says:

      hi, the reason is as porn is 99% IME damaged women and a very unpleasant unhealthy way of them being treated. With the female.degraded etc. That is in no way how my partner and i make love. She is loved and respected and in a beautiful woman that is loved and appreciated as that. Playboy from my idea of that, is often more focusing on the sensual and fun glamourous side of women, where they are seen as a woman and feminine. Whereas Porn is not as i mentioned.

  9. JCO says:

    As somebody who has study the Doc's work for more than 15 yrs I can say this list has a lot of incorrect information.
    There are things added to the list which he has never calibrated.
    A number of the things he has calibrated have different figures to what he has said at seminars and in his books.

    • Telmo M. says:

      I got the same reaction. Some of this calibrations don’t resonate with the truth to me.

      Patriotism at 520? Even though that when people go to war to fight for their country they could in fact be fighting for another unknown interests? So, much of the time people are fighting “naively”.
      And George W. Bush in the 400’s, I also don’t understand, and don’t believe.

  10. joseph says:

    George W Bush over the 400's?
    Are you kidding?

    • I agree but expression of consciousness that we are, are not about acting/things done … this is a level of energy of consciousness in that expression

    • Lady says:

      I, too, SERIOUSLY QUESTION the calibration of George W Bush at 400+ Other calibrations have G. W. Bush at 44.This seems to be much more accurate as his level of integrity clearly is nowhere near 200 let alone anywhere in the 400’s. Cheney comes in calibrated in the low 20’s. That, too, is more accurate for 2 war criminals.

      • James says:

        President Bush always calibrated in the mid 400’s by Dr. Hawkins. You are interjecting your own world views into what you think their calibrations should be. In Truth vs. Falsehood by Dr. Hawkins calibrated high integrity conservitives at the top of the political spectrum.

        • Jeremiah says:

          Well said…I’m not good at calibrating yet, but I can see countenances, and he had a good one, regardless of if he had any idea or influence in any of the extreme evil which he played a pawn in. False flags, secret combinations, mass murder, etc. Are all real, but it would be a mistake to think that such is perpetrated by presidents who have no more knowledge of such than the general public. The atrocities are by people with dark countenances, like George Soros, and the inner most circle of the bilderberg group, who are the actual puppet masters

  11. marko says:

    1. Can you calibrate my current lvl of c.? (Reply via e mail)

    2.herbalife’s level of c.

    3.video games


  12. matrix movie 165 … I think there's a error

  13. James says:

    Some of these calibrations are not in line with what David Hawkins calibrated. Be careful when reading this list.

  14. James Cockerham says:

    Another column to cite the source of each calibration would be a great study aid. Also, I think it would be best to double blind verify with at least 10 muscle testers before listing calibrations not mentioned in Hawkins' work as a way to expand the research body and protect the integrity of the full list. A categorized list with filters would also be cool

    • Frank says:

      Hi James,

      All of the calibrations are from Hawkins so far. CCRT Blog intends to set up a dedicated team in such a way that the validity of the calibrations is verified. This would require at least one person above 600 in such a team. 5-10 very good testers with a few of them in the 500's would be great. Such a high standard of integrity might then prevent second guessing and doubts from third parties. For first use cases and research an accuracy of >90% might be ok since everything is evolving and it is difficult to find such high-vibing people.
      There are still quite some calibrations missing, which will be added. I like the idea of tags, filters and categories and it is intended to add this feature to the list in the future. It is also planned to add new calibrations from the team, when it has emerged. Citing the source is a great idea!

  15. Dio says:

    Hello and thank you so much for all of these calibrations, I'm so thankful. Can you please calibrate the actress and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. After her successful movie career she went on to help many children all over the world as an ambassador for UNICEF. She personally vaccinated and fed children, and some even died in her arms. There are many videos of her doing so on YouTube. She was one of the few hollywood stars who lived with integrity and grace. I would be immensely grateful if you were to calibrate her, as it is for those reasons that I admire her so.

    • SSK says:

      Audrey Hepburn is at 540

      • Dio says:

        Hello! Thank you so much for your reply! I'm so grateful to you. May I ask, how did you acquire her calibration? I am unsure if I can trust my own calibrations if I were to do the test alone, but it is more convenient to do it alone. Is there a way that one learns to do the calibration test effectively? I would be so thankful if you were to give me some sort of guide. Thank you for your time. Take Care!

        • SSK says:

          Most welcome – AH's life is a gift to the world! One obtained this answer using the ring muscle self-test which Doc writes about in his books
          This LOC had great resistance to going ahead and calibrating when one first started, but used to eagerly await results given to this one by his teacher, who also used the ring test. They were usually on major life choices. Now one does a few every day through the ring, and later just by thinking about it with a clear head. It's quite fun now but it used to be very stressful and rigid!
          It's an art, not a science. It takes intention and requires practice and there are many times one stumbles. That's part of the deal while letting go of one's karmic baggage of linearity which has persisted on earth for lifetimes. The goal should not be mathematical perfection, but rather an intention for spontaneous, intuitive awareness of the 600s.
          I wish "you" all the very best!

          • Dio says:

            Thank you, Friend. I am wondering, is it possible for you to calibrate my level of consciousness? I would be immensely grateful to you. I understand that one does not need to know anything at all about that which is being calibrated, because the truth of consciousness is all that is needed. I do not trust my own results as of yet, I am still learning and reading Doc's books, currently reading "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness". Thank you very much. My name is Dio. You are wonderful and I wish you love and happiness.

          • SSK says:

            Gave this some thought before calibrating or not. Perhaps what is more important is to note that the number of your LOC is by no means "set in stone" – the LOC has the ability to rise and fall between 0-1000 while still in a human body. Doc himself has said in interviews that he was in the 400s as a teenager, and some k-tests I've conducted suggest Buddha being at 400s as a youth (before his enlightenment).

          • Jared says:

            Could you calibrat my Consciousness level please?

  16. Rama says:

    Will you calibrate twin flames.

  17. Theodore says:

    Are all of these directly cited from Dr. Hawkins` books or some are personal calibrations?

  18. Graham Clark says:

    Johnie Cash and Oprah above Einstein and Newton?

  19. Troptinus says:

    Hello. I have questions about level of dr. Hawkins' two books: "Healing and Recovery" and "Letting Go".
    And second question: what was Hawkins' calibrating level during last years of his life?
    PS. How dr Hawkins have lost his finger (the thumb)?

  20. peter says:

    Not sure about Hawkins' levels later in life, but he went up and down the scale like a true avatar.

  21. peter says:

    He lost his thumb while working on wood. "Up and down the scale" meaning all the way up to 1000.

  22. GraduationFromDeathIn8Steps says:

    God is The Absolute One- The All, thus FINITE and NOT! 'infinite', or 'undetermined'!

    • brent flower says:

      Finite depicts limitation, beginning/end. .. transcend duality sweet sister… God bless us all

  23. Ellen says:

    Love the list. Puts a lot into perspective again. I read the books years ago. David Hawkins changed my life forever and I am forever grateful.

  24. I love this work and it is a guidepost for me in all that I do. Dr. Hawkins work helps to free me from dogma of belief systems and keep myself aligned with True Spirituality and service to The Lord. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Millicent St. Claire you calibrate 361, so for you a window of acceptance has opened and your capable of forgiving yourself and others as a way of life.

  25. angela in London says:

    I found this interesting until I found Adolf Hitler at 450. How come?

    • Daniel says:

      Please search lower in the list. Hitler, as a person, actually comes in at 45. The level 450 that you noticed, based on the description, it refers to Hitler's ability to ability to influence Europe at that time.

    • German says:

      Fallen to 80 then 45, further down the list.
      Makes sense to me.

    • Peter says:

      Hawkins makes clear that Hitler's life was a steep decline, and by the time of his death he was something like 45. I don't remember him saying anything putting Hitler so high, maybe it's a typo? but I do know he puts him above integrity towards the beginning of his life, with a continual decline. Don't worry he's not condoning genocide!

      • McGowdog says:

        It’s my understanding that so many folks prayed for Hitler’s soul, that his consciousness was raised.

      • Peter says:

        Adolf Hitler in the beginning of his power tenure was a very good man, he loved his people and loved Europe. He cleaned up the immorality of Berlin and gave true hope to the German people. Remember that history is written by the winners and there is much we are not made aware of of Hitlers time in power. He clearly descended greatly in his level of consciousness after making several bad decisions which unfortunatly hurt Europe and Germany badly to this day, it’s very sad what came out of it. you can watch the documentry “The Greatest Story Never Told”, it is a great historical resource and helps fill in some of the knowledge gaps and helps neutralize todays bias slightly by being biased itself.

    • Wes says:

      according to the list the 450 calibration was in relation to "His ability to influence the history of Europe in the 20th century."
      Sounds pretty accurate in that context.

  26. Kandace says:

    Hi there, I wish for to subscribe for this web site
    to take latest updates, therefore where can i do it please help out.

  27. larryhill7 says:

    Longtime study of Dr Hawkins and have lived with his audios in my car everyday for the last several years; not comfortable with my calibrations and always relied on his; with his passing, has anyone calibrated whether or not Trump is over 200; that's all I care about knowing; thank you

    • Lauren says:

      Larry, he did within the last decade. It was 300's. However, that was then. I am also curious.

      • Lotus says:

        Please folks, learn to do some of the different methods of muscle testing and dowsing, with ongoing practice find those that work well for you, and learn to determine your own skill at calibrating according to this scale.
        I get 229 for Trump, 26 for Clinton, on 11/26/2016. Calibrations can change over time.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          You calibrate 560 Lotus, so I imagine you've mastered several techniques, Dam it, I wanted to be hopeful and put Trump at Reagan level. I get 229 for Trump. I get 70 on the day you referenced and currently 50 for Clinton.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          It's 200, but it's not true, but it is the point he'll argue, there is a sharp difference between a highly conscious persons 200 and a low to medium persons 200.

      • Larry says:

        Thanks Lauren, I remember Doc mentioning him one time as an admired businessman or dealmaker but never saw a calibration; after sitting thru such a contentious election and hearing some things said, it would be nice to get current; both Hitler and Napoleon were integrous in the beginning but fell below 200 later in life; Trump is 70; even if Doc were alive, I know he wouldn't give a public calibration

        I'm also puzzled by Doc's kind words about Bill Cosby's mentoring attempts and the situation he is currently in; to my Knowledge Doc never gave a calibration on him either

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Good new, 505

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Trump 198
      Taylor Swift 195
      Ester Hicks 195

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The 190s are highly imitative, they are reactive,by his own admission Trump has called himself a counter puncher, basically he lives for controversy. Hope that helps, wouldn't it be nice if we had someone high up there.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        The two hardest groups to calibrate, for me, are politicians and pop singers, but for the record Donald Trump calibrates 501, Hillary Clinton 350, Taylor Swift 360. Riahhna 365, Beyonce 365, Tim Mcgraw 460, Faith Hill 475. I would send this to print.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Tom Cruise 73
      Ariana Grand 167
      Ed Sheern 195
      Eminem 196
      Taylor Swift 196
      Katie Perry 197
      Beyonce 197
      Barrack Obama 199
      Ester Hicks 209
      Justin Timberlake 352
      Kayliegh Maciny 405
      Newt Gingreg 405
      Vanessa Van Edwards 468
      Allan Watts 485
      Jamie Fox 485
      lliza Shlesinger 486
      Enstein 499
      Donald Trump 511
      Taya Smith (Lead singer Hillsong United) 578
      Akiane Kamara (Painter) 594

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Larry you calibrate 381, 380 is a significant level of worldly wisdom.

    • M.E. says:

      He calibrates under 200 in this article

  28. aurel says:

    nope trump now it is in 190 something i forghet ,anway you can't se it from a mile … don't think he was more then 200 ever .. i wil calibrate that someday . … ,

  29. McGowdog says:

    David R. Hawkins obviously developed a liberal slant somewhere along the line, which would obviously be a product of his late downfall.

    Someone said he wouldn’t do a public calibration? Well a friend of mine and spiritual colleague was obsessed with discovering his own calibration level, and David R. Hawkins offered to do it for him in Arizona for $2000.00. There was a time when David railed against such an act.

    • aurel says:

      McGrowdog i recommend you to speak with a person and to calibreate Hawkins befor it died to see .. and to do it in front of your eyes .. if you are alowd …

  30. aurel says:

    Sorry trump is 154 :p …calibration done today 3 hours before this post :p and the date will stay … i will do it next week to 😀 :)) to se the progres

  31. Orlando says:

    Can someone calibrate the Spiritualism/Spiritism Cult by Allan Kardec?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Orlando you calibrate 411, so I imagine this is just an intellectual curiosity, like, how low is this? One quick calibration, it's under 100.

      • Orlando says:

        is just a cult that is very popular in Brazil, and I have several friends that follow this. I thought that it was a low thing, but I never thought it was so low. But since I dont trust myself in doing my own calibrations, i rather ask! thank you

  32. McGowdog says:

    So, we are to go on an acid trip and discuss our level of consciousness? Interesting. I’m a recovered alcoholic. Shall I go on a drunken bender or two and report back? Maybe we can compare notes. All in the name of spiritually I guess. Who’s got the moly?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      You calibrate 270 and that statement calibrates 280, so I think your sincere. For my level of consciousness I should drop acid, test negative. At your level of consciousness you should drop acid, tests true. Enjoy, I'll pass.

  33. ac market says:

    informative post, thanks for sharing.

  34. Chris says:

    I carefully read this whole list, and it became painful to get through it. He rates his own books higher than all the scriptures and almost all the spiritual teachings in the history of the world. I love Hawkins' work and have been trying my best to study him for a few years, but I think in some ways he went off the rails totally. His "calibrations" seem to be an expression of his own personal feelings and opinions, which are imperfect and subjective. He presumes that he has the consciousness level of an avatar and knows everything. I think he got mentally confused toward the end of his life. In many other ways his teachings are excellent. You have to use your own judgment.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Thoughtful comment Chris, I agree, he was a brave consciousness explorer and I wish he was perfect too, but he missed some marks. For one, the chakra system as being seven main centers of energy in the body calibrates under 200. It's eastern new age foo foo, but he got sucked in. He also got a little too fancy and showoff doing calibrations on stage for my taste. But I'm not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater here, he was a genius and a brave thinker, and I've put this method through the ringer and it stands up. I've gone through the is it conformation bias or is it some sort of bio feedback, like, I know that, now I have an excuse to really believe it. But than Tuesday follows Monday and I walk down the street and I find every reason to apply this system to my choices. I realized everything has an energy field and that energy is knowable, but like anything else doing this is a skill, it takes time, practice, and understanding. One thing I realized is not to do calibrations when it mentally sinks to the level of magic. If you can't reason out the new understanding than your being a baby just wanting to ohhhh and ahhhh about it.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      You calibrate 530 and your comment calibrates 545 so I know you gave it some thought, let us know what's changed if anything. Ask for some calibrations and I'll be happy to do them.

      • Jon says:

        What does the Illuminati calibrate at? Also, what do you calibrate at? To see if the validity of your answer is correct.

    • LauraS says:

      I am new to this and I don't understand why the LOC can change so quickly. Can someone please explain to me? Thank you

    • Jim Moss says:

      I am in agreement with your comment. You do not indiscriminately disregard Dr. Hawkins' work in total but the loftiness of his personal calibrations. Thus there is validity overall to much of his so-called "calibrations" hypothesis' & conclusions. I agree Dr. Hawkins is not an avatar or the Christ.

  35. Ned Nerdin says:

    Has anyone done a calibration of the group called "the Teaching of the Inner Christ" or the book of the founder, "Being a Christ"?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:


    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      It calibrates 270, the retreats are mainly trust building. Interestingly it's below the critical mark of 280 or decency. I would imagine your reputation and money are not sacred to them. Your calibration is 190, so be careful about giving your money over and strive for trust.

  36. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Ariana Grand 160
    Ed Sheern 195
    Taylor Swift 196
    Barrack Obama 280
    Eminem 300
    Beyonce 300
    Ester Hicks 310
    Justin Timberlake 350
    Kayliegh Maciny 400
    Newt Gingreg 405
    lliza Shlesinger 485
    Allan Watts 485
    Jamie Fox 485
    Chris Tucker 490
    Edward Norton 500
    Rashida Jones 500
    Donald Trump 501
    Rihanna 520
    Taya Smith (Lead singer Hillsong United) 570
    Wayne Dyer 570
    Akiane (Painter) 580

    Interesting findings here.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Update, Trump is 511, and Taylor Swift goes to hell. All good news.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        If I ever write a book with calibrations in it I'm going to wait a year after I'm absolutely certain because some of these calibration take time to get perfect. I remember being upset with David Hawkins for not releasing Truth vs Falsehood faster than he did. I heard him talk about how the editing process was going to hold up the release. I can see now he was putting his reputation and clearest thinking on public display. O.K Ronald Reagan calibrated 503, Donald Trump Calibrates 500, good for us power beat force, Hillary 310, just not enough horse power for the job which requires 460 (the minimum). The higher the better for the job of president, calibrates true. I am remembering this is a blog which affords a little more leeway for what is supposed to be a more spontaneous and organic media for spreading ideas, calibrates 560, but I don't want the karma of knowingly spreading falsehood by commission or letting falsehood prevail by omission, calibrates 740, but I'm really in this style of writing and sharing the calibration, in flow, as it raises the readers awareness.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Ann says:

          could you do my calibration too please ? I have had one done a year ago, and would like to know if any progress since then. that would be much appreciated.

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            I get 375.

          • Zach says:

            Could you calibrate me?

          • Anonymous says:

            From a lecture:

            Audience member: "At what level do I calibrate?"
            David Hawkins: "I don't know. I don't want to know. It's not to worry about. Because the ego instantly grabs it for better or for worse. And therefor it doesn't really serve anything. You can tell where you are on the calibrated levels of consciousness by looking at the prevailing emotionality, worldview and attitude, and that will tell you where you are at. Also, the degree to which you're happy."

    • John says:

      Thanks for the calibrations I’ve done it with individuals that I know as far as the kinesiology muscle test as far as how what you’re thinking affects the test I’ve never tried calibrating books or music or other individuals thanks for sharing

    • Andy says:

      I need to do some serious work on myself to accept that a man like Donald Trump, who talks about grabbing women by their private parts and building a wall to keep Mexicans out, calibrates over 500.
      Also to stop using sarcasm =D

      PS.: Please don't tell me my calibration.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Ariana Grand 370
      Ed Sheern 491
      Taylor Swift – had to walk you guys into this one. 497
      Barrack Obama 465 – Really not a bad president, what a milestone for our country.
      Eminem 460
      Beyonce 520
      Ester Hicks – 505 Same a Jame Allen one of my boyhood favorites.
      Kayliegh Mcaniny – 485 – Sharp girl there
      Newt Gingreg – 405
      lliza Shlesinger – 485
      Jamie Fox – 485
      Chris Tucker – 495
      Edward Norton 510
      Rashida Jones – 480
      Donald Trump – 470
      Rihanna – 520
      Taya Smith – 560
      Wayne Dyer – 500
      Akiane – 485

      Alright, welcome to the real world.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Meant 300 for Barrack Obama.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The above groupings of calibrates is at, 460, test true.

    • Marion C. Marsh says:


  37. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Something interesting to consider is, the chakra system is false, seven main energy centers, it calibrates about 180, it's basically eastern new age foo foo. Acupuncture on the other hand is in the 400s.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Wow, would have placed acupuncture in the 400s, it's 540, finding that working within protocols deliverers better results.

      • Mahima says:

        What does Ayurveda protocols or Medicine calibrate? It goes back even further than acupuncture … to the Veda's …. Thank you!
        Also Cranial Sacral work.

        On another list I saw Esther HIcks callibrated much lower? What about 'Abraham' the entitiy/entities she channels …. Dr. Hawlkins wasn't so keen on that sort of stuff, if it's astral?

        Not sure I want you to calibrate me:)

  38. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Interesting calibration on current news is James Comey calibrates 497 and his intentions were honorable. The calibration that's ideal for F.B.I director is 490s. Incidentally, if you calibrate if 500 would be better you'll get a negative response.

  39. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The Department of Justice is trying to persuade a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit claiming that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments without congressional approval. This is a headline for Time magazine, if you calibrate Donald Trump is violating the constitution you'll get a negative response. So needless to say nothing will come of it.

  40. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I get David Hawkins calibrated 770 and Frank 780.

  41. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Global warmingScientific theory, caused by cyclic magnetic fields emanating from the surface of the sun455
    Wrong answer here, not true, test negative, under 200.

  42. Clay B Gillespie says:

    America should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Tests positive

    • MADSSRF says:

      No test positive or negative or whatever.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      ((The Paris Climate Agreement calibrates 215 not something America wants to be apart of. 215 will do more harm than good, tests true. The European Union calibrates 210 and does more harm than good, tests true. Not hard to figure out with or without consciousness calibrations, mediating nations affairs down to the level of 210 is a nightmare, for contrast, the average treaty the U.S engages in calibrates 460, test true. And even though a few democrats are making political hay out of our exit from the agreement behind close doors their is unanimity about our withdrawal, tests true. 999))

    • Darrell Bache says:

      Clay – Would you mind checking my current calibration and would be curious if you can check a specific date for me as well … Nov 14th 2008
      Thank you in advance!

  43. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Mormon 420 tests positive.
    Black holes theoryScientific theory, from Stephen Hawking 2004455 (Black hole theory is a valid theory, tests negative.) It's just not true.
    Current N.L.P approaches in artificial intelligence calibrate 200 – tests negative.

  44. Clay B Gillespie says:

    You should take the calibrated statements off the page, tests positive.

  45. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Stephen Hawking 205

  46. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Jesus Christ has reincarnated and is alive at this time. Tests positive

    • Devotee says:

      David Hawkins said “to me, the second coming of Christ happened in 1986 in an invisible way, discerned by no one. The shift went from negative to positive.”

    • Andy says:

      I would assume you could find out where he/she lives and all kinds of information about him/her. Announce it, and make this person's life hell =D

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        If that's true we should start in on all the missing children in the world. Still getting positive, maybe that soul in not vulnerable to petty intentions like harassment.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          70% of the children that go missing in the 300s, test true. 30% are in the 400, test true, and I get rarely does a 500 child ever go missing.

  47. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Sydney Sierota The lead sing for Echosmith is 590. Really uplifting music.

  48. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's something interesting, Joaquin Phoenix calibrates 505, about the same of Johnny Cash who he played in Walk the Line. Reese Witherspoon calibrates 497 but the woman she was portraying was 470, so it's not a golden rule you have to match an actors calibration perfectly to the real life person being portrayed, I just think it was a home run in the case of Johnny Cash and Joaquin Phoenix.

  49. Clay B Gillespie says:

    It's also interesting to note a lot of top actors are very high caliber people Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lawerence for example are 590s even though Hollywood is 190. Also interesting to note more and more movies are being made outside of Hollywood.

    • Devotee says:

      Someone confirm these actors calibrations

    • Devotee says:

      Are Jennifer Lawerence and Matthew McConaughey really at the level of ecstatic beauty, perfection, healing, and miracles?

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        People at that level are not necessarily born in a monastery. Break yourself to pieces to explore the mind and portray the truth of life situations with integrity and yes it's master class time.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Matthew McConaughey 510, or the same calibration as Winston Churchill.
      Jennifer Lawerence 500 She should continue her lawsuit against google and disturbers of private information for profit, test true. Google profits from defaming her, tests true. They wouldn't let nude pictures of themselves stay online, tests true. Both Google founders have taken defaming information about themselves down, test true. The right to be forgotten law calibrates 840, tests true.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        {((Above posts calibrates 980.)) Because it is at the top consciousnesses regarding this topic, 998.))} ((Legal Arguments occasionally reach a thousand, and this was the original intent of having courts. 973))

  50. Clay B Gillespie says:

    This is the finest list of calibrations on the internet. But calibrate this
    Black holes theoryScientific theory, from Stephen Hawking 2004455
    Black holes theory is true, negative response, Stephen Hawking calibrates 205, positive response. Hold an image of him in mind while doing the calibrations for superior results.
    I've done many more calibrations on colleges, professors, and institutes that are eye opening. But seriously, any self respecting entity over 250 would just die.

  51. Clay B Gillespie says:

    PBS and the History channel are under 200. Hold the logo in your mind than do the calibration.

  52. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The Biography Channel – calibrates 260, wake up man.

  53. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Harvard Medical SchoolMedical faculty of the university of Harvard, Boston, USA

    It calibrates a little over 180, wake up, Harvard is prideful and under 200, not little slices, the whole place is low. Would not want a Harvard doctor working on me. Calibrate this, it would be good for me to put my health in the hands of a Harvard doctor. negative response.

  54. Clay B Gillespie says:

    What a few mind benders. Most colleges in the U.S are under 200. test positive. Most people would be more intelligent if they didn't go to college. tests positive.

    95 percent of small businesses are owned by people over 300. test positive.

    Cancer generally heals itself. Tests positive. Most people would be better off without treatment. Tests positive. Most cancer goes undetected and heals itself. Test positive. Before pervasive cancer screenings few people died of cancer. Tests positive.

  55. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The U.S would be better of without a centralized government. Tests positive.

    Black people are inferior to white people. Tests positive. Reasoned it, They are less evolved, tests true. The black race calibrates 205. The white race calibrates 360. You might want keep this post as personal information. Australian aboriginals calibrate 70. Rain forest tribes calibrate 60. Rain forest's calibrate 205. The pastured farmland calibrates in the 300s.

    • Inquisitor says:

      What’s the difference between this and white supremacy (low calibrating)?

    • Inquisitor says:

      How can there be inferiority but social equality calibrate 550? Really curious on the explanation, not denying anything

    • Inquisitor says:

      From my interpretation, perceiving things as inferior is what supremacy is. Someone correct me

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Gladly, The whole scale of consciousness this website is dedicated to is hierarchical ordering of the lower to the higher. Social equality is not the all in all, it's 250 – the level of trust, or idea's like the law of attraction, and would be heaven on earth for places like low calibrating countries in the Middle East or Africa or even inner cities with the U.S but I wouldn't build an alter to Social Equality unless you plan to worship the mundane.

        • Inquistor says:

          I didn't see anything about supremacy or seeing others as inferior in that response.

          But the site's list has three entries for equality:
          Social Equality – as in the US Constitution – 550
          equality – 350
          moral equality – concept – 170

          • Attila says:

            Please Someone calibrate Lama Ole Nydhal

            Thak you very much!

          • Alekellegard says:

            Hey Attila
            Aften listening to him I would guess that he is around 540-570.

            Specifically because of his high level of understanding of awareness as empty space, which leaves one with joy.

            I believe joy is around 570, close to ecstasy.

            I am Danish as well haha, but actually haven't heard of Lama Ole Nydal before.

            Thank you.
            Hope my intuition was helpful

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            Hi Attila, Lama Ole Nydhal Calibrates 210

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The black race calibrates the same as the white race, calibrates 260. Look guys it's hard to outline holistic encompassing truth, white people have better real estate, test true. The other two are true, trust me they won't complain, calibrates 670. Now you could give you life to get a few worked up, but it would still be true, calibrates 250.

      The U.S would be better off without a centralized government, calibrates 860, and takes a high consciousness to fully grasp.

  56. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Frank calibrates 550

  57. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The webmaster calibrates 350

  58. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I'd cry about this one. The immigrants Germany welcomed lowered the countries calibration 60 points. Test positive. 99.7 percent under 200 tests true.

    • Inquisitor says:

      So segregation is a good thing?

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Let's keep the criminals in a little box away from the superior people.

        • tiredofracism says:

          Superior! according to who? to your non-scientific calibration thing? even it contradicts by itself since reasoning calibrates around 400 but the whole thing is non-scientific.
          even consciousness levels exist it depends on the individuals not nations. nations can only have averages and yes some of them have higher averages due to a lot of political, economic and historical reasons and Syrians might have lower due to living inside the 1984 novel for years but believe me still they have way higher consciousness level than you as love is one of the most important things for someone to raise consciousness.

    • tiredofracists says:

      dont try to hide your racism with this calibration theory. i guess your calibration points is not even 20 . you didnt even understand the idea, love calibrates high look at the list again.

  59. Clay B Gillespie says:

    You should change your map from Germany 400 to Germany 340. Test positive.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The fall in calibration is mainly due to the immigration of refuges. 90 percent under 50, test positive. 98 percent calibrate under 200, tests positive. 99.5 under 250, test positive. Syrian population calibrates 20, tests positive. With that low of a population it's no surprise their society crumbled. One calibration could have changed the bleeding heart generational mistake the German chancellor made. Of course, she couldn't do it herself at 197. Angela Merkel calibrates 197, tests positive. Sorry Germany. We just got done with the 199 Obama disaster. America's L.O.C fell under that administration but is now higher than before that president. Thank God.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        ((O.K this is difficult to explain, Obama was hiding under his desk and got punked by Putin, under 200 than, people dried his baby tears and he watched basketball, snuck a cigarette, shot a round of golf, and worked on his optics, varied a bit. Point is born 440 job requires 460. 620))

        I'm going to just trow this out there, don't freak if your starting to believe I'm pretty good at this, Ester Hicks, the dear sweet woman she is calibrates 960. If your having a bad day, what a go to. She makes me smile and laugh, what a mind. I'd marry her.

      • tiredofracism says:

        You Germans suffered a lot because of seeing yourself superior or being racist, you better not repeat the same mistakes for the sake of the world and yourself too. also for someone who has PhD on IT, isnt your website a bit unprofessional? I mean look at yourself before criticising Merkel or Obama.

  60. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Another heartbreaker London calibrates 100, tests true. People over 300 should leave the city, test true. It's at that level mainly due to the Muslim population, tests true.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      ((Another one that needs context, London was at 100 for weeks, 155 now, I still get people over 300 should leave the city. And the rest, we all have eye's to see. 80 practicing Sharia courts in the U.K. 1000))

  61. Clay B Gillespie says:

    U.S banning all Muslim immigration calibrates over 500. Tests positive.

  62. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The current U.S administration plans on doing that. Tests positive.

  63. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Islam calibrates 170. tests positive. Information theory in physics calibrates 560. tests positive. Those under 200 are becoming more docile due to the rising consciousnesses of those at the top. Test positive. Calibrating the future will give you accurate results. tests negative. Testing percentages gives you accurate results. Test positive. Testing probabilities gives you accurate results. Tests positive. Odds makers tap into that information, tests positive.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      ((Islam 150, just is what it is. The rest is true. When calibrating locations hold an image of the number over a picture of the location, in your mind or by looking at an image. This will likely triple the average calibrators effectiveness, tests true. Also hold the word your calibrating in mind for better results, the field response is impersonal. 998)) ((I'm the number one calibrator in the world, 999))

  64. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, This came as a big surprise to me too, but he calibrated 770. Polymaths are generally over 600, tests positive.

  65. Clay B Gillespie says:

    David Hawkins knew Johann Wolfgang von Goethe calibration of 770 and concealed it. Tests positive. He did that with a group of high calibrating people. Tests positive. It a good time now to identify them. Tests positive.

  66. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Interesting how William Shakespeare's work calibrates 500 and he personally calibrated 390, tests positive.

  67. Clay B Gillespie says:

    A technique for calibrating people that has proven highly effective is placing the number of the calibration on the persons forehead, in your mind, and while holding that image calibrate. It's a great technique for removing any personal bias as well as very handy for people testing by themselves as opposed to a two person technique. It will also increase your powers of concentration and sensitivity to the field.

  68. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's an interesting calibration for the blog – Melania Trump calibrates 390 and Ivanka Trump 310.

  69. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Uber 170, test positive. They'll likely go bankrupt soon, tests positive. Airbnb calibrates 140, tests positive. Spotify calibrates 210, tests true. Facebook calibrates 185, tests positive. Facebook is headed to a stock crash, tests positive. Peter Thiel calibrates 215, test positive. That last one makes a lot of sense, all the guy ever says is keep a secret and get a monopoly.

    Now my personal take is that we're headed for a major collapse of tech stocks in general and social media sponsored stocks specifically. All their monetary valuations are vastly inflated, test positive. Companies that advertise on Facebook actually do more damage than good for their company, tests positive.

    You heard it on Ccrtblog.com first.

    • Inquisitor says:

      What do Instagram and Netflix calibrate

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Uber 255 or 5 points above the level of trust, calibrates true, and agrees with common sense. Nobodies perfect, perfection rises, crested, and raises the bar.
      Facebook 270 or 10 lower the the level of decency 280. or on par with pop music.
      Spotify 300, or 10 below the level of intentionality, pretty good program queues everything up to be intentional about your music preferences. Don't know why I was hating on it, my go to music program.
      Google 260, the porn keeps it's level down, tests true.
      Airbnb 270 – It will likely be a pop culture phenomenon, tests true.
      Peter Thiel 270 – His homosexuality keeps him from being a descent person, tests true.

  70. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Self driving cars 280 – Regular cars 205. There will likely be a rapid adoption, tests positive. Ford's self driving car program calibrates higher than everyone else's, tests positive. Ford stock is a good investment, tests positive. Google stock is a good investment, tests negative. Tesla stock is a good investment, tests positive. Amazon is a good investment, tests positive. Twitter is a good investment, negative response. The market is headed toward a severe correction mainly in the tech sector, tests positive.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Calibrate Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Elon Musk 450 Jeff Bezos 460. Side note: The optimal level of a fighter pilot is 450.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          Man, I really got to stop doing these calibrations on the fly, I'm finding a little meditation on different calibrations is helpful, I posted this and noticed something was bothering me, Elon Musk calibrates 590. Don't want to short change the guy. Jeff Bezos is at the great level of 460.

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            O.K had to do some research, 520. Print it.

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            ((Simulation Theory, calibrates 640, O.K. Elon Musk talks about simulation theory I kinda thought it was nutty, turns out to be fairly deep, so anyway I couldn't imagine him being 590, but it bothered, but he's 590 and likes simulation theory. Nick Bostrom came up with that theory, again I took a look at it and wrote it off, but it turns out the 500s really get off on it. Anyway, Nick's at the level of his work, but there's is no reason take anything he says about A.I. dangers seriously, tests true. 965))

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            He's high 590s, These are the one's David said can be legendary. Nick Bostrom, hind of his guru, calibrates 640, 630 is the level need to create real artificial intelligence, so keep an eye on Elon Musk's A.I. company, wouldn't surprise me at all if there within a year or two of true A.I., Maybe less.

          • Inquisitor says:

            Thanks for correcting

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            Calibrate something or it's boring Inquisitor, you must have calibrated it and been waiting for that.

          • Inquisitor says:

            It's nice to get an established, accurate, depiction.

            Half of these are fluctuating, indecisive, guesswork

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            Got God on the line, juice bucket, or you just have visions of some divine list maker gonna drop everything in your lap. You'd have no context for baby ego to get off on it anyway. I'm not the 400s, your mini Gods, I'm the real deal.

          • Inquisitor says:

            "I'm the real deal." Enough said

          • Devotee says:

            Simulation Theory, below 200

            The Matrix, 165 (Truth vs. Falsehood)

  71. Clay B Gillespie says:

    America has let in 18,000 refuges, the average calibration is 250 mainly due to enhanced screening, Test positive. America calibrates 441, tests positive.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Do those refuges increase the calibration of America because they’re above 200, or do they lower the calibration of America because they’re below 441? Very important concept to me

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        They lower it a little. Common sense. You have to understand, in that society someone that didn't steal on principle was a holy man.

  72. Clay B Gillespie says:

    By the way, Obama calibrated 300 at birth and fell to 199. Taylor Swift was born 400 and has fallen to 196.

  73. me here says:

    I find it absolutely hysterical that anyone would take this seriously. Concentration camps more spiritually advanced than fish? seriously? All fish?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Chill out me here, happy your entertained, your actually a high calibrating person, 540.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      By the way (me here) children type things like LM~AO, had to look it up, I'm guessing your a college educated woman between 35-40 and wish you could take that comment back.

  74. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Dennis Rodman calibrates 70, so it's no wonder he's visiting North Korea also calibrates 70.

  75. Clay B Gillespie says:

    O,k Taylor Swift calibrates 196, test positive. The song Out of Woods calibrates 197, and is about revenge sex, Tests positive. Understand this and your world view will shift. You see, to the upper 190s, revenge sex is the ultimate getting off on the ego, like, I got you and I'm getting off on it, which is unimaginable to people in the 500s who wouldn't take pleasure in hurting others, but the 500s are hallmarked by their naivety. Back to that picture perfect little politician walking marketing campaign that reads, upper class white bread republican man eater that hunts down Kennedy's' to prove how culturally diverse she can be. This explanation calibrates 200, tests positive, or about the same as the New York Times, a step over Taylor's ability to comprehend without triggering a narcissistic response, in other she lacks the ability to be selfless enough to truly care for another human being, calibrates 670, tests positive.

    Now a little consciousnesses research you can do on your own is to, listen her songs that range at about 190s with the intent of understanding why her songs are below the level of bravery. For those under two hundred, think why is this bravery?

    Advanced understanding: The 190S was the level of the world during middle ages where Kings and subjects was the order of the day and royal courts themselves calibrated 190, because they stood for the rule of unelected leaders and elite privilege over lower born subjects as opposed to American style meritocracy (means you can achieve anything you want, calibrates 210) or (that by one's own innate qualities one could, with effort, make his passion his reality. calibrates 510) (Basically, don't listen to her until you turn into a baby. Calibrates 200) Because those under 200 really do favor us, it's just that their world view is less inclusive of new beliefs and often times new ways of thinking. Calibrates 400. But they will look at next partner as a source of pride and therefore will act prideful in front you for reasons that are often baffling and hurtful to those well over two. often they have numerous partners and can't bear to be to single. This often could them to be conically suspicious of their partners behaviors, routines, and whereabouts. 40 percent of those diagnosed with Bi polar, while 100 percent of the 190S are bipolar, from the vantage point of the 300s and above. Tests, Positive. They are before the path of non-duality and may, in this life, build up meritorious karma.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Update, the new horrid song by the disaster Taylor Swift, Look what you made me do, calibrates 198. Please note the above precaution if your staying current on these things, or want to be ready to change to radio station.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Correction: Born 440, currently 440, I guess they just seem naturally petty and discriminating to me. Plus lets face it Nepolean, Hitler, and others where at 440 and dam near killed us all, after they fell, just get that feeling she could fall. O, and Obama is 430 at birth and during his lackluster presidency, just not enough horsepower to do the job by 30 points. I think he deserves an Oscar for his performance of first black president. Really benefiting from a systematic approach, also pulling a picture up, or video, in putting the calibration targets on the forehead of the subject is proving highly effective. Look at these calibrates moderate and full of sense.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Note here: her country music calibrates 400. She made a poor choice "crossing over".

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I should add one more thing here, her songs from her country music time accrued positive Karma, her songs from pop have garnered negative Karma, funny how these about 400 girls, Beyonce, Katie Perry, and Taylor Swift all have songs that talk about Karma. It's subconscious guilt arising in what they call art, pop music 270, level of decency 280. All three have been under 200 for years.

      Above Text calibrates 750.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        O.K i lumped Katie Perry in there on the fly I get she's 400, just not my cup of tea.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        ((O.K let me fill in the other 250, When David calibrated pop is was 270, true, it grew, now it's 480, n/j, it's a political force and nearly swung the election. Luckily God pushed back.1000)) God picked Red this time, get off on that.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          At the time David calibrated pop it was 270, currently 198, mainly due to it's politicization during the election, test true.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        By the way T bone is a lesbian, test true, she's in love with Katie Perry, calibrates true. Old K-piece is 500. I kissed a girl, by Katie, is about Taylor and the did more than kill, tests true. Calibrates 700

        • Inquisitor says:

          Can you test if homosexuality is a sin

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            I can tell you this over 500 it'll burn you. Got something you want talk about?…..

          • V says:

            It is merely a fact, same as you can’t calibrate a temperature… it simple is. He says, “Homosexuality is genetic. It is not a personal failure or a moral issue.

            6% of the population is born homosexual. It also exists in the animal kingdom.” In the Cottonwood Seminar ‘Spiritual Life in Today’s World’ 16 October 2010, you can purchase it from the Veritas Publishing’s webpage and verify for yourself. He has mentioned this in several other seminars as well. It is merely a biological fact as is heterosexuality, it depends on the intention. Another quote from him, “I view homosexuality as biologic and gentle. When it creates a dilemma it utilizes all of one’s psychological and spiritual understandings. [Homosexuality] is no more than heterosexuality, which is an addiction .

            What you try to do is: Let the addiction part of sexuality. So you’re not run by and reach a platonic state. To me that’s ideal.

            The fulfillment of that potential / pathway is unconditional platonic love . So you almost get to the point that you would the for them [the loved one] out of an intense spiritual love. […] You turn it to a pathway. Addiction serves as a pathway, a fast way to God.” Sedona Satsang Q & A Golden Word Book Signing hour, January 13, 2007. Again, you can purchase this from the publishing site and trust HIS words, rather then this other misguided persons.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hi V,

            The whole audio cost $50 to buy. Can you trim out the part you're talking about, upload it, and share please to see what you're referencing

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          ((Fallen is so hard to do, you have to read the energy of the fall to know it, heartbreaking to do, Taylor Swift, born 310 fell to current level 196. We typically say about those that have lost their way are just that, lost. God only knows if she'll come around. She's in a fantasy land, a dark playground inside a loony circus inside a hall of mirrors. By the way the above is 196. She drank the coo-lade of her own name and fame. 310))

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            Her work got as high as 330, with Shake it Off, her innate level is 300, currently she is 305. The above reply kinda reads like some of her songs.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Hey, Bhagavad Gita is 910. Dare you to calibrates the above post.

  76. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I should note about the conciseness research of listening to Taylor Swift songs to understand why it's 190 and why it's not brave, you'll suffer some confusion, note the confusion, and work toward being willing, than try to be affectionate toward another human of similar calibration, or compassionate to one of a lower understanding.

  77. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I really impressed with the amount of learning this system has afforded me. The time to mastery of the system seems to be two years when pursued with vigor. It compresses so much knowledge for one to consider, for example when I tell you it calibrated 455 the mind of the initiated, into the system, pull a libraries worth of information from 455, a frame of reference, and context platform for further learning. No wonder the Map of Consciousness calibrates 605. That's a very high calibrating system, and the very minimum you can say about a system is, it's a framework for delivering consistent results, so with this system the results of calibration are placed within a holistic world view of differing levels of consciousnesses.

  78. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here is an interesting calibration, coding (software programming) calibrates under 200, it's basically data entry. It calibrates in the 190s. The 190s is also the level of factories which has the same field of consciousness as software programming.

    • Devotee says:

      Coding is neutral. You wouldn’t be viewing this now if it wasn’t for coding. However, coding can be used for malicious intent and malware.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        And factories put cell phones in your hands.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        I guess I should say at least one over 200, Smart sheets is one at 410 and handy for teams and individuals at organizing information, spreadsheet (410) lovers get off on this program that has an app, note the difference, what can make the app handy is the fact that if someone maintains it you'll get relevant information when you need where you need it.

    • Devotee says:

      The letters of the alphabet have no intention. They’re tools

  79. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's something that'll make upper calibrating people sit up, 99 percent of Apps are under 200 and only a few are worth your time by adding value to your life.

  80. Clay B Gillespie says:

    If you like calibrating statements, here's something to think about, the statement, there must be opposition in all things, calibrates 180.

  81. MADSSRF says:

    Why are people saying test positive?It is annoying. My tests are negative about saying test+ or –

  82. MADSSRF says:

    Tests+ are annoying me.

  83. Luke says:

    Are the calibrations above genuine Dr Hawkins sourced? If so what book are they from?

  84. Devotee says:

    Where should I live?

    • Inquisitor says:

      Calibrate these cities:

      Vancouver, BC

      Seattle, WA

      Portland, OR

      San Francisco

    • Anon says:

      Calibrate Dubai

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        I get 230, It's tempting to think they might be higher because of their appetite for technology, but remember they're oil rich and not productivity rich people, they're more tolerant than other Arabic countries mainly because of the diversity and quantity of visitors, but they have low regard for women, children, animals, and are hierarchical by birth, not merit.

  85. Devotee says:

    I need help finding high calibration trendy music

    And high calibration universities and cities

  86. Devotee says:

    Can someone calibrate Justin Bieber and his Purpose album

    • Inquisitor says:

      And Drag Me Down by One Direction

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Justin Bieber calibrates 290 and somewhere inside of him is a decent person struggling to get out. Not uncommon for youth of that or any calibration to have run ins with the law but there innate level of development will usually round off the ark of their life to fulfill there karmic capacity, so for instance Justin the man appears to be decent and now a day's church going as opposed to Justin the boy who appeared willful and entitled. I get 300 for the album, it's an area of life he's excelling at and developing within.

  87. Cristian Lovo says:

    Can someone please research "Buteyko Method" and its creator Dr. Konstantin Buteyko (a Russian doctor) and calibrate both of them? (Buteyko method is said to cure many diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, allergies, sleep problems, many other cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and digestive system diseases) through time and practice of breathing exercises (and many other life style changes such as physical exercise), by elevating CO2 and by the Bohr effect elevate oxygen in cells) [Buteyko said many of the diseases are caused by hyperventilation and the cure was to learn how to breath less (more CO2 and hence more oxygen) unconsciously 24/7. He created his method mainly by observing and working (healing) severely sick people that were hospitalized.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I got 500 on both. 500 is a well intention proper person and a method at 500 is harmless at worst and likely beneficial in the main.

      • Cristian Lovo says:

        Thanks! Hey, could you calibrate the LOC of these 3 : 1)Frolov Breathing Device – The Third Breath IRT-01 (New Model) 2) Country called Honduras (located in Central America) 3) The city called Tegucigalpa (capital of Honduras)? Thanks

  88. Inquisitor says:

    I want to find everything we can that is over 540!

  89. Inquisitor says:

    Help me in finding all events, locations, people, and concepts calibrating over 540! Present and past. Report them here. Help us learn and benefit from these!

  90. Inquisitor says:

    Someone test these:

    There is an artist in Spotify’s Top 50 list that calibrates over 540

    There is an author in Amazon’s or Barnes n Noble’s most popular book lists that calibrates over 540

    There is a trending youtuber that calibrates over 540

    There is a city that calibrates over 540

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      O.k I'm gonna drop some of my playlists over time but here's two to start, Temper Trap 500 band, The Naked and the Famous, another 500 band, I dig, from The Naked and the Famous, Young Blood and Punching in A Dream and Sweet Disposition from Temper Trap.

      Also Youtube is so time wasting, I feel dirty if I just surf it, but there are a few spots in the high four hundreds like Crash Course and some real spiritual teachers are in there, almost only going there now to do specific research. David said it calibrates 140, that's something I battled in my thinking for awhile, but I got to tell you, I'm a systems designer and the navigation is terrifyingly unorganized and directionless. Ask yourself this, what is Youtube for, what is Youtubes purpose? If you can give me a compelling clear answer to that than you've got more insight than me.

      I get that .5 of one percent of the authors Barnes and Nobles carries are 540 or over. I'm thinking that's because they're heavily commercialized and the store calibrates 230.

      Basic rule of thumb on cities is they're less community oriented than smaller towns, possible reason David left the big city for rural loving towns. Take Chicago for instance at 460, comparatively speaking high calibrating for a city, you'll find great architecture, appreciation for the arts, intelligent city planning, and general equanimity. But my little town calibrates 500, like lots of little towns, that means people know if your family is facing a hardship and all the sudden your grass is mowed taking a burden off you and neighbors visit you with food and best wishes offering their support, and generally lots of small gatherings as well as open child friendly environments.

      • AlekEllegard says:

        On the purpose of YouTube and the content creators.

        I see great potential for youtube to establish a decentralized network of content creators that compete in delivering quality relatable content.

        However, as you mentioned Google (owns youtube) dont seem to know how to structure the platform, which lately have forced migration away from youtube to new websites (fx. Gab and Minds.com).

        I guess YouTube/Google dont calibrate high enough to understand the potential treasure they are sitting on.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Music is so influential on your emotional state, here's a good one, Amos Lee (540) Arms of Women, Keep it loose keep it tight, and Colors are all over 540. Spottily uses and neural net that associates selections by users and links to that net under the link (Related Artists), so it's kind of interesting to think these are the selections of other people who would like someone at 540 would pick, they're usually in the same ballpark of calibration. So for those who calibrate on there own here is a way to begin to make fine distinctions in your understanding of conscious levels on the fly. Staying on the same subject, music for example, will improve your accuracy and understanding, Anyone notice how good David Hawkins got at movies. Studying that has been a treasure trove for me. Also his understanding of history and WWII politics is astute. But I got to tell you folks I'd go head to head on tech, modern politics, and pop culture, given six months to prep and a clear outline of calibration targets. You have to realize he stumbled on, but more importantly recognized, something that fundamentally challenges nearly every assumption of main stream academia. If this method is true, mind is everywhere, we are swimming in energy, minds are local and non-local, and every thought is recorded in the magnetic energy field of the earth. Now try this on, It's possible to calibrate truth within our solar system, tests true. It's possible to calibrate for truth outside of our galaxy, tests negative. Remember this will take time to become mainstream and there are people everywhere sympathetic to that happening, but David's efforts – which included rigorous scientific testing has only been accepted by a few, but the environment, note this is changing, is one that requires nearly swearing allegiance to your particular camps main tenants. But those of us happily using are gaining advantage and minds are opening, the shift happening toward understanding consciousness is massive and rapid by academic standards. One of the major challenges was there was no one at David's level of consciousness with the breath of general understanding to match the results he was getting, not to mention it takes conditioning and training to reach a high level of proficiency, he did millions of calibrations!, but that's changing as several of us are working to prove and duplicate his findings. The implications of the wide spread acceptance of consciousness calibrations can barely be rationally considered and would dwarf something like the advent of strong A.I. Just think how dependent we are on I.Q tests in our society, now imagine everyone's level of consciousness was know from birth! Wouldn't be long before we scientifically proved the soul and reincarnation, not be the Tibetan process of prayerful meditation and intuition, but scientifically.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      O.K here's some interesting things to know about Youtube. Funny or Die 260, but there is a four part series on Captain America that calibrates 430 that's funny mainly because Don Cheadle calibrates 540 and mocks the eco nut jobs. Another skit called bat fight calibrates 199, it would have calibrated 440 if they had cut away after two hits on the ground. The original cartoon in the 80s calibrated 340. Note, Artists, spiritual teachers, and athletes fall to or below 250 when they become political, like Ecart Tolle currently at 240 from 570, and numbers of other public people, like, Maya Angelou from 560 to 250 in the last 20 years of her life.

  91. Inquisitor says:

    Calibrate The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer, and The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

  92. Inquisitor says:

    Calibrate these movies:

    Shawshank Redemption

    Good Will Hunting



  93. Inquisitor says:

    How many people alive are over 570? 585? 590? 600? Who are they?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I get 60 over 600. They're spread out, for instance, Marvin Minsky (Considered the father of A.I.) calibrated 650 and just recently passed on. They are found in every walk of life. Eric Drexler (Considered the father of nanotechnology) on the other hand is alive and well and calibrates 670.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Man alive, does anyone else notice we tend to overrate those things we're interested in, makes wonder how long Dr. Hawkins deliberated before he published his finds, Marvin Minsky 560, Eric Drexler 500. Final Answer. Ops.

    • Inquisitor says:

      David Hawkins had calibrated there being only 6 sages over 600 at the time of writing Truth vs Falsehood and 0.4 percent over 540

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      500s are rarer than you think, 200 of them and their majors, most are master builders or on there ways to being one. Also a few musicians in the mix. So much of the modern world is built and sustained by these brave brothers and a few sisters.

  94. Inquisitor says:

    There are barely any movies on this list that calibrate above the intellect 500+. Can we find some?

  95. Inquisitor says:

    Zoroaster 860 (source: I: Reality and Subjectivity, chapter 10)

    Please correct your list

  96. Orlando says:

    Can someone calibrate Chiropractic as a profession, and Upper Cervical Chiropractic as well, please?

  97. ThomasDumitriu says:

    Hi guys, I am getting quite different results to the list. Just as a check could someone calibrate me?

    • Anon says:

      What are you getting different results on? Your input is appreciated

    • No me. Know me. says:

      Make sure you use a good person for an arm

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I get you calibrate 550 and the person your calibrating with at 540. Maybe it's just that some of these things can be hard to take and make you question fundamental believes. Perhaps just circle around the one's your unsure about every now and than. I use the releasing the energy behide thought by surrendering it to God as it arises technique. If I'm not calm about the subject I know I've got a positionallity about the topic and really don't want truth but conformation of my biases. Sometimes research can help flush out something you might need to know.

      • ThomasDumitriu says:

        Hi Clay! Thanks for the tips! I definitely don't feel like I'm at 550 :)) Or maybe I do and I don't know it…. Loving unconditionally seems pretty hard to do ! I mean I don't feel like I love like that. Is the calibration like an average of the whole field? If so does that mean there are still some lover energy levels in there?

        Mmmm, well my little bro and my little sister helped me out. But i tried to calibrate some stuff using the solo technique where you make a ring with two fingers and if the circle breaks it means the question is false. I did get rather excited about calibrating some things and maybe that influenced the outcomes. I used that method and the two person method with my sister who is 9 (she is a cutie) and i got around 240 for myself. However i wasnt very calm at the time, I was quite excited about the whole technique and finding out where I'm at. I now realise finding out where your at may not be very helpful!

        I guess a few of my beliefs are being questioned by Hawkins' teachings. I guess the main one is saying that all things are God. I feel like they ultimately come from God and are made by Him but like how is my desk chair God? :)) you know what i mean? Anyhow, I would really like an opportunity to chat about a few things. I'm curios about your experiences from applying some of Hawkins' teachings to your life. I'm happy to chat via email or whatever you like, let me know and I'll give you a contact detail that suits.

        • AlekEllegard says:

          Not an expert, but regarding your last comment about everything being god.

          This may seem strange to you, but it is because of an assumption of duality, which is broken as one transcend to cal. 600 and above.

          Duality means one view the world in form of causality meaning cause and effect: A -> B -> C.

          One technique David R. Hawkins recommends is to 'surrender everything to god'. So trough faith, dedication and surrender one is able to surrender the ego's attachment to experiencing. I think this is called the final ego death.

          By repeating and feeling the words 'To Thee Oh Lord I devote my life.', 'To Thee Oh Lord I devote my life.' and 'To Thee Oh Lord I devote my life.'…
          One might experience extreme joy, which is to be surrendered as well. And the ego will frantically through thoughts in your mind to fight back haha. But keep your spiritual warrior gene and 'go through all fear, no matter what.'.

          Hope this description wasn't too much information, and thereby a hindrance to your journey. I think this has helped me, but then again I don't know either where I am at. Haha.

          All the best

  98. Stoned Ape says:

    Can someone test the truth of Stoned Ape Theory

  99. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The Good Place series on Netflix calibrates 440. It's currently the highest calibrating series on Netflix. Netflix itself calibrates 240, so I've started checking what they release each month and looking for the one I'll enjoy instead of just clicking through it, 240 is about the level of political science and not my idea of fun, but on the other hand for those under 240 it's not a bad way for them to spend time.

  100. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Interesting Calibration, Marriages where the man is higher in consciousness end in divorce 60 percent of the time. Marriages where the woman is higher in consciousness end in divorce 40 percent of the time.

  101. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I calibrate that 98 percent of David's published calibrations where accurate, but he wasn't immune to glamour, very high batting average, but I found a strike, Oprah is 400. I calibrate most talk show hosts at 400, Oprah is no exception. I also calibrate that the optimal level for a talk show host is 400. I also calibrate the questions she asks at 400. Her intellectual curiosity but lack of erudition make it obvious after study her innate level of development is at the begging of the journey to securing intellectual truths. Beyonce also calibrates 400, fun fact. Byron Katie, on the other hand, calibrates 540 (540 is the level of emotional healing) which is easy to see when watching her videos, she has a healing effect on those open to healing.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      O.K David Hawkins was my go to guy and I loved him dearly and I'm trying to be better than he was, and I can't tell you how many times I thought I got him and that came back to bite me. Alright, here's my latest thinking, calibrate attributes and peoples work, like, Oprah's questions calibrate X, by the way, I got 410, so this is where she's growing. Now I'm claiming a draw here, Byron Katie's questions or as she calls it The Work. are 400. Goes to show, if you read the above post, pride before the fall. For people who are not familiar with Byron Katie she uses four questions you ask yourself in order to do , her words, self inquiry. I'll went to an interview Oprah did with Byron Katie and calibrated their communication and other things and here to tell you a pair of 400s. Well prepared and alot of canned answers and stories.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Byron Katie crossed over from the 300s to the 400s in the experience she shares about waking up. That insight calibrates 998 and is capable of recontexualizing one's outlook on life.

      ((One thing I loved about David's work was how he illuminated that point at the end of the 400s where beings can cross over to the 500s. Cool to see this applied to that point at the end of the 300s. I'll do a little bit more on this later, but Byron Katie is the prime example I've found. She's laying out 400 in depth. He nailed the tenor of the 300s perfectly as being about worldly success. So in the video below Katie is being interviewed. Katie 400 – Interviewer 410 – listen carefully, the interviewer sums up Katie's thinking perfectly, but doesn't know she is more concussions than Katie, tests true.640)), if your really adventurous try watching a video putting the the calibration number your testing on the person's forehead and calibrate, it's been helpful for me to start general and work to the specific, X calibrates 300s, 400s, 500s, after locking into the right general level I often half is something is new to me, Example, X calibrates in the 400s, tests true, X calibrates 450, if it's tests negative I'll start at 410 – 440 to identity the calibration. or X calibrates 450, tests true I'll test till I get a negative response. Also the double bracketing (( )) gives an exact context for the calibration, so in the above use of double brackets 640 is the calibration of the bracketed text. This system calibrates 605. This post calibrates 960. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ub47tw1Ck

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Wow, never took a long look at Oprah but she's 210 and Byron Katie is 202, jumped to a conclusion, just didn't think 200s, but I know 400s woman, there're cool, these two are civil, anyway, Oprah makes sense at 210 (her line of questioning calibrates 215, so it's something she excels at.) and talk show hosts at around 200. But what I find really interesting is Byron Katie was born under 200, at 198, and her story is about crossing over to the two hundred's. Sidenote: Ester Hicks is 340, tests true. and when she's performing it's 355, She's basically teaching acceptance. On David's calibration of 520 for Oprah, he loved her and routed for her, I can understand that perspective. I felt the same way about Byron Katie.

      The average calibration of seventh grade math teachers is 400. And the average calibration of ninth grade math is 440. The average college math teacher calibrates 470.

  102. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's an interesting thought, can we predict the path of hurricane Irma, for instance, hurricane Irma will travel into the Gulf of Mexico, test positive. It's likely to make landfall in Texas, test positive.

  103. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Hurricane forecasting has become less accurate with the advent of computer modeling, tests true. Due to conformation bias, tests true.

  104. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The stock market has become less integerus with the advent of computer trading, tests positive. The U.S calibrated higher in 1950 that it does today, test true. This is basically for the reasons several enlightened thinkers have laid out, fall of the colleges, corruption of intellectual truth by low calibrating ideologies, disintegration of moral values, relativism, social justice, free speech as license, and the infiltration of institutions by Marxists. America in 1950 was 465, must have broken Dr. Hawkins heart too much to share that information, but he did go to lengths to explain our moral decline. Six months before Donald Trump took office we where at 421. Can't stay afloat with a president under 200. Of the 16 Republican candidates in the primary 5 where over 200. On the democratic side 0 where over 200, test true. Huge bullet dodged, people it could have gone either way. Interesting to hear what the news kept saying about Donald Trump, what is that we're seeing, stream of consciousness he's speaking from, do people do that. It's just spontaneously arising and he's saying it, called 500, the beginning of real charisma. Anyway huge bullet dodged, but now here we are like Rome already having paid tribute to the barbarians of Iran and North Korea and the weakest 8 years of American history with a gutted military that can't stop hit oil tankers, no capacity to shot down the biggest threat to American security in a generation and the most cowardly group of idiots to claim the shield of press. Anyway – Integerus – only ever heard David use this word, a play off integrity.

  105. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Man you guys want to hear some cool music, check out The Naked and The Famous song called Girls Like You, 515 is the level of valor, this is a valorous song, calibrates 515. Lead Singer calibrates 510 but he's reaching on this song.

  106. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The highest calibrating song on earth with words is You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. He's up there. The song calibrates 790

  107. Clay B Gillespie says:

    David was very close to being an avatar at 980 and was the second highest calibrating person on earth. The other was 991 at the time he was publicly calibrated. That person is now at 1000 or the full unfolding of his Karmatic potential.

  108. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Want to know a very dear truth, David was John the Baptist, calibrate it and perhaps meditate on it.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Whaaaat? No way. How did you arrive at that

    • Inquisitor says:

      I'm gonna need some sort of connect the dots

    • Inquisitor says:

      There was a man, sent from God, whose name was John.

      He came as a witness to testify concerning the light, so that every man might believe by means of him.

      He was not the light, but a witness to testify concerning the light.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      James the lesser, for the calibrators.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        All kidding aside, David was Paul reincarnated. He had a sort of karmic repeat of devout atheism followed by miraculous conversion. Anyway he got closer than most realize to proving levels of consciousness to main-street academia. A scale of consciousness is requisite for a further study and classification of the conscious states and phenomenon, it's the muscle testing providing a field response in response to prevailing truth that drew criticism. That idea is so far beyond what they can currently accept as a community it truly is a decades long journey to this becoming common wisdom. But if your someone that pays attention to these things you'll have noticed several different popular thinkers proposing systems for measuring degrees of consciousness. Anyway David considered widespread acceptance of a scale of consciousness as matter of time issue, and I'm inclined to agree.

  109. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I want to put something out there, I have friends that calibrated 70, 90, 100 and their not bad people or broken they have I.Qs that range from 70 – 100 and are productive members of society and good to me and one another, and even though we are different I respect and learn from them and they respect and learn from me, and we laugh and entertain each other. For his own reasons David moved away from spending time with anyone under 250 in his later years, helpful to remember the first have of his life was treating and caring for everyone under 200. My thinking is that his research was the primary motive, anyway he had great love and regard for everyone that came before him.

  110. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I'm working to make standards for calibrations. With new ideas and tools there is a flourishing period where many different approaches are used with differing degrees of efficacy, but at a specific point there is a collective diminishing return on effort and a standardization of approaches is needed to unify efforts. The Internet is a great example of this, there is a period of letting a thousand flowers bloom, than a period of observing and judging results, and eventually the culling back to those tools and approaches that of the highest value. The same thing happened in the construction industry with materials and building practices in the mid seventies, here's the short story, at first it created the building of low cost standardized homes that form many builders and architects perspective cut the soul out of the business of home building, for instance gone where the craftsman style home of the fifties with their charm and attention to unique, cozy, contentious spaces and in was the track home boom of the late 70s and 80s creating more homes and overall increasing home ownership in America. But this trend also led to a lack of diversity in building (and often "shortcut building") where every third house was the same and treeless neighborhoods with no spaces for children to explore or families to gather that often fell into disrepair. By the mid nineties the standardization benefits where being seen in much larger and now more diverse well thought out neighborhoods and higher home values. Whereas that standardization cycle was decades long standardization of information technologies typically have a three to five year cycle. Anyway, with a little background on standardization cycles an interested observer can reason out the transfer value of a standardization of consciousness calibration into a scientific classification system with established and experimental approaches being implemented in a systematic way.

  111. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Hallie Jackson is a reporter with M.S.N.B.C, she calibrates 510, for me it's interesting to watch the news knowing what the people speaking calibrate. Just saw her, by the way, not endorsing any news channels. msnbc 250, cnn 250, fox 310, bloomberg 350 – current calibrations

  112. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Ray Kurzweil is someone that is in the news from time to time and is currently popularizing a concept of a technological singularity. Ray calibrates 510, but the technological singularity idea calibrates 195. So remember it's seductive but hollow.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Ray Kurzweil 380 or the level of worldly wisdom.
      Singularity 270, trendy level.
      Man I have to say holding the number in mind while doing calibrations improves results.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      This is going to take a little time to work out, when Ray Kurzweil is doing talking about the singularity, (it's a practiced routine, like a stand up comic) he calibrates at 520, but his innate calibration is 380. Now when Ray Kurzweil is talking about the singularity it calibrates 195, tests true. The singularity idea alone calibrates, 510.

  113. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Artificial General Intelligence as a goal calibrates 605. A.G.I as a concept calibrates 515. A.G.I as a field of study calibrates 605.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: A.G.I goal 585, concept 580, field of study 570

    • Inquisitor says:

      concept 400s, field of study 400s

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Think of a pyramid, the base of that pyramid is a lot of common thoughts, now the top of that pyramid represent the highest truth regarding the topic of interest. There are concepts in the 400s, but the field of study references the collect understanding of the fundamental principles and compiled work of many peers working toward a common aim all becoming consciousnesses of the core and most relevant information, that is the top of the pyramid. Hows the Lamsa bible project coming 300 flat. Now that is a specific domain of study with open and fluid communication, if you'll consider the hundredth monkey phenomenon, or the collective consciousness you'll realize that the efforts of a few often raise the general awareness of the group.

  114. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Quantum Computers as a concept calibrates 610, Quantum Computers as a goal calibrates 615, Quantum Computers as a field of study is 630. So the field of study of quantum computers calibrates a little higher than say the Kabbalah at 605 and a little less than a detailed study of say the Bill of Rights at 640, and of course a well rounded and enjoyable education would include an exploration of many topics of differing calibrations to give one an overview of the interrelated nature of these systems of thought. The study of systems theory, for example, calibrates 690, and makes a great container for organizing all of the lower calibrating thought systems. The concept of a thought system calibrates 780.

    • Inquisitor says:

      How are Quantum Computers spiritual experiential reality? The 500s up are spiritual experiential reality

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        The 500s and up are spiritual experiential reality, tests negative. Man look David said the bones of the Buddha calibrated 910 and took everyone on a field trip to see them, Everything has an energy field and that was true before humans where developed enough to experience them. Subjective reality is not the all and all. So here's your question, what's the difference between memory and experience? The answer calibrates 985.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Quantum Computers as a field of study 670.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Field of study 680

  115. Clay B Gillespie says:

    A few people have asked for calibrations on music so I'll post on that, Young the Giant (Band) calibrates 470, the lead singer calibrates 520, the song My Body calibrates 515. Lead Guitar 380, Drummer 510. Now a calibration, the band would produce better music with a higher calibrating lead guitar, true.

  116. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's something for drummers, Neil Peart, (Wikipedia – Canadian-American musician and author, best known as the drummer and primary lyricist for the rock band Rush). 540

    Something for the guitarists – Stevie Ray Vaughan (Wikipedia – was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer). 530

  117. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I'm better than David Hawkins at calibrations, tests true. There are 20 alive today that are better than he was, tests true. There are 6 people better than me at calibrations, tests true. I am the seventh best calibrator on earth, tests true. Six months ago I was the 10 best, tests true. The six above me in rank all use a one person method for calibrating, tests true. They all use the O-ring technique, tests true. They all use the middle finger, test true. The O-ring technique using the middle finger is the most effective technique to date, tests true. Pretty cool to know where you stand in the rankings, I know one of them, he's developing his own protocols and has done great work in identifying and cataloging regularities of high calibrating people and calibrating in the spiritual community. I'm focusing more on current events and modern society.

    • Inquisitor says:

      I fully internalize the map of consciousness and understand the levels well, but I have trouble getting the calibration technique to work and need other people to do it for me. There isn't a discernible difference in pulling the O apart based on what level I test. I know I'm integrous and not trying to personalize it or anything

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Do you have an intuition about what your calibrating based on the context, for example, if your testing to know the calibration of a large company you can reasonably assume it's between 200 – 400 due to the competitive nature of the marketplace and modern cooperate structure and frankly David sampled enough to show regularities. Or if your calibrating people I hope you can guess a range based on observed behaviors and prevailing attitudes, even a wide range like 250 – 500, based off, they keep commitments, have a sense of humor, and are generally pleasant to be around. A major part of intelligence is the process of elimination, so eliminating as many variables as possible as part of your due diligence so that your prepared. After awhile testing should become intuitive and fun. Maybe work with a pencil and paper for awhile and script out some questions about the subject your calibrating and some tests questions.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      This is a high truth at 980, what you witnessing is a king makers game.

    • Inquisitor says:

      You are not better than David Hawkins at calibrations

  118. Clay B Gillespie says:

    of the top ten calibrators in the world I'm the only one posting calibrations publicly, tests true. There's no harm for me to continue posting calibrations publicly, tests true.

  119. Clay B Gillespie says:

    For contrast on music I've posted, Beyonce's song Sweet Dreams calibrates 380, by the way don't be afraid to use devices, programs, or mechanical tools as they are obviously designed to be used, it's fixation on them as a means in and of themselves that creates attachment / dependence. Most mechanical tools, devices, and programs calibrate in the 200s. Also the song Black from Pearl Jam is 520, the lead singer calibrates 540. He was a typification of the grunge movement of the 90's who vocals became a touch stone for a generation of singers.

  120. Clay B Gillespie says:

    CNN coverage of Donald Trump calibrates 200, CNN coverage of Barrack Obama 300. Fox coverage of Barrack Obama 200, Fox coverage of Donald Trump 310. N.Y times current calibration, 200, coverage of Donald Trump 190. Msnbc coverage of Donald Trump 310 and Barrack Obama 310. Current level of Christian Science Monitor 260. North Korean leader calibrates 100. South Korean leader calibrates 300. Cheerleaders typically calibrates 310, tests true. That's the level of having spirit. Contemporary dancers calibrate 320. Barrack Obama was born at 300, for contrast. Obvious if you watched him squeak out of few lines from Al Green, calibrates 205.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: Christian Science Monitor 270
      Every calibration in this post is accurate to within 5 points. Tests True.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        ((Original post calibrates 198, I juiced it. 198)) ((It doesn't know anything, it just defined itself. 207))

        ((Original post calibrates 198. 199)) ((It doesn't know anything, 199))

        By the way all the calibrations in the original post are accurate, except, N.Y times 210, Christian Science Monitor 270. With those changes it calibrates 405. Take out the last sentence and it calibrates over 500.

        • AlekEllegard says:

          How does the alternative media sources calibrate? The alternatives to these main stream sources.
          Sites like 4Chan /pol/, Gab.ai and Minds.com.
          And ZeroHedge?
          I mostly get my news from ZeroHedge. I believe it is a better source, but maybe I just havn't realized something about the sites intent.

          • Anonymous says:

            4Chan/pol/ has lots of "happenings" and special insiders that I'd be interested in calibrating with you

  121. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's where calibrations can get spooky, there is an exact number of days programmed into everyone's genes from birth, test true. This is what Dr. Hawkins meant when he said, the exact time of your death is set at birth, calibrates true. That time can be know by calibration, test true. Mine is 93, tests true. Time to get brave people, this is for real. Gene Therapy has the capacity to change this, test true. That capacity is likely to be realized in 20 years, test negative. That capacity is likely to be reached in 30 years, test true.

    The above calibrates 975.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Hawkins says you can't predict the future

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        You can exactly predict how a sequenced program will unfold. Your lucky the program that was assembled from the moment of your bodily conception and early development has a very long sequence of 96. Congratulations. There is not much in the modern world the will affect this short of infectious disease. You shouldn't smoke or use marijuana, doubt you do, You'll be free of major disease until 92. Calibrates 710

        If your say in your 40s it's near certainty, if your not killed by unnatural means and remain free of serious infectious disease you'll be among those that experience the indefinite side of life span, tests true. Meaning we're on the verge of mastering the bodily systems to maintain perpetual health free of aging with the capacity to reverse aging to a target age. Verge = 10 – 40 years. Test true.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Well that's not cut and dry, 65 percent of human cognition is for contemplating the future, tests true.15 percent of human cognition is for predicting the future, test true, so in a sense we're creatures of the future. So lets make a little system of though, there are significant probabilities, high probabilities, near certainties, and absolute regularities. So absolute regularities are things like the sun rise tomorrow, speed of light, gravity, and things like that, so that if these things don't happen games over. You can intuit the others, but the main point I want to summarize is that your assumption that you can't predict the future is from your observer position, so for instance, if your on the ground and I'm in a plane 30,000 thousand feet above you I have more access to seeing the future because I see more time and space from my elevated observer position. Simple example but it should illuminate a point about relativity. By the way, Theory of Relativity 810, tests truth. Einstein, 800.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Programmed in your DNA?

      I thought it was more of a soul thing and “fulfillment of a karmic story”

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Consciousness expresses the genome, calibrates 1000. This will soon be widely known, tests true. There are alot of different breeds here and it's my thinking that a high consciousness being plays a masterful game of programming the bodies durability to match their pleasure and development. Calibrates, 850

    • Inquisitor says:

      Your number of days to live are not programmed in your DNA

      Your karmic wind up toy ends and you get hit by a bus haha

  122. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Love can be felt at a distance, test true. Hate can be felt at a distance, test negative. So love is universal and hate is local, calibrates 760, so not the all in all but a good pointer.

  123. Clay B Gillespie says:

    All matter is light, true. Level of consciousness is the observer ability to intelligently organize and direct light, calibrates 930 Level of consciousness is the observers ability to entrain light, 997

    Google definitions 290
    Webster definitions 460
    Wikipedia 280
    Britannica 460 – If your like me there is no comparison between teams of expert non fiction writers with expert editors as opposed to a bunch of amateur hacks, 560. If I had left out hacks it would calibrate 660, but honestly life is not just about what is the highest calibrating energy. Remember 200 will get the body moving in a hurry. If the building is on fire the optimal target energy for communication is 300.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      You know I got to tell you 80 percent of the time I just want the 280 quick reference, decent explanation. Other times, on those things I want to have more detailed thought out info on, I like 400s material.

  124. Clay B Gillespie says:

    O.K I have to correct something, Barrack Obama calibrated 300 during his term of president, and his consciousness didn't fall it actually raised to 305. Been stewing on this for a little while and had a realization. In reality kept getting a calibration I didn't understand.

    One part of me wants to scream we paid a heavy price for his paltry bump in consciousness and another says it would have been better if Mitt Romney 395 was elected, (remember we need 460 to do the job right, true.) Both would have seriously misdirect energies and resources one did. By the way David put the Moron church at 390 so no wonder the LDS church looks up to Mitt Romney.

  125. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I really want to drive a point home here, modern doctors offices calibrate 270, have you noticed they put you in paper gowns and herd you like cattle and charge you a fortune. Man a decent hotel gives you a cotton robe and breakfast for under a hundred dollars. Modern hotels calibrate 410, you get a wake up call, any movie on demand, and a mini bar. They favor you. Most medical treatments calibrate in the 200s and many under 200. I'm 38 in perfect buoyant health and don't go the doctor or hospitals, not even to visit the sick, I don't want to get sick.Your more likely to get sick visiting a hospital, test true. I'm telling you 270 (patient care areas) is the level of pop music, like I'm better than you, or I'm so bad ass and hot. You would be far better off playing in the park in the fresh area, parks 420. You would heal better in the park than the hospital, tests true. Now the FDA calibrates 360 which is ten points higher than 10 years ago so that's something. They basically stopped raiding and harassing people that said they could heal. That feet was basically achieved by the holistic healing practices of medicine. They basically took the groups in glass houses shouldn't throw rock line of attack, the numbers on so called traditional or establishment medicine are horrifying. And the holistic practitioners are producing far better outcomes, true. Some are treating everything with near perfect track records but thats not a paradigm of reality the medical establishment 290 can entertain.

    They average calibration of doctors in the U.S is 270. The optimal level for that job is 540. Holistic Medical Establishment 500. They are just not willing to work within a low calibrating system.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I should add that the health care system went down 70 with the affordable care act from 430 to 360, 350 is the level of acceptance so we've got a system just over acceptance. England health care system at 350, Canada 345. Veterans Health Care system is 350, three years ago it was at 345 so like Canada it was basically strung out government triage. I'm betting we'll turn it around in America, maybe in the courts, or it breaks apart under it's own weight, it's a mountain of undue complexity, and special interest favors. The bill itself calibrates 290. 290 is the level where we find regulations and laws, anyway it's a byzantine document of 2,300 pages of pure government molasses that even the lawyers don't understand, calibrates 550. It's basically a licence to make it up as you go when everything is subject to interpretation from a distant governing body with zero accountability and no consensus on fundamental meaning, calibrates 600.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      O man, doctors are good takes 460 to get through medical school. Affordable Care Bill 440. and herbs aren't the all in all.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The above post makes you think, the poor, but intelligent, are getting far better health care. Amen

  126. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Chain smokers, 480
    The 1975, 510
    The Neighborhood 560, check them out if you want, most popular song, Sweater Song, their influential for other bands in the 500s.
    Remember entrainment begins at 550, so it may be distracting if your doing mundane work, true, so be ready to do something new, if you want.

  127. Clay B Gillespie says:

    American society calibrates around 440 and that's they environment my generation was raised in. By the way when we went to the moon we where at 460, now America can't even put a man into orbit. In that environment the linear prevails and if I said smoking causes cancer, test negative, I would routinely be met with ridicule, whereas in Tibetan society 520 I'd likely be met with agreement, like, of course it doesn't. Smoking, by the way, is one of the biggest scapegoats in history, calibrates 540. Alright blue pill people, smoking improves lung function, test true. It's better than most breathing meditations, test true. This is true by the power of belief, tests negative. By the way you should know India's society calibrates 515. that's why it along with Tibet are the top spiritual destinations of the world.

    Above calibrates 680

    • Inquisitor says:

      We landed on the moon before the harmonic convergence in the late 80s where humanity passed 200. Hawkins calibrated America at 421 in 2005. Was America really at 460?

      Smoking itself may increase lung function, say from a tobacco pipe, but what about the chemicals in cigarettes? I wouldn't think sucking on a fuel exhaust would be beneficial. Maybe I saw too many pictures of black lungs in school

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        I know America was 460 when we went to the moon by calibration. It appears when our countries level of consciousness fell to the 420s we no long had the collect will, organizational capacity, or drive to pursue great big unifying goals that inspire us and the nations of the world.

        Got to tell the smoking thing is relative to your level of consciousness, smoking for those under 200 is unhealthy, tests true. Smoking for the 200s is unhealthy, tests true. Smoking for the 300s is unhealthy, tests true. Smoking for the 400s is unhealthy, tests true. Smoking for the 500s is unhealthy, tests negative.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Correction: 690

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      ((You know what they do in India, they break the legs of cattle, while their alive to stack them on trucks and they shit in the streets, so lets sharpen the pencil on this one, 310, they got spirit enough to throw colored chalk in your face while worshiping every blade of grass and filthy river, but lack the sense the plant drought resistant seeds. 800)) Tibet is 491, bright people, but a ton of memorization.

  128. Clay B Gillespie says:

    America should legalize pot tomorrow, tests true. America would have millions less criminals tomorrow if that happened, tests true. Marijuana is the backbone of the American black market, test true. Marijuana prohibition calibrates 195. Assault weapons should be banned in the U.S like the AR-15, tests true. The owned AR-15s should be confiscated, tests negative. They should be bought back at their purchase price, tests true. That should be mandatory, tests true. The second Amendment calibrates 200, tests true. The N.R.A calibrates 200, tests true. Hand Guns should be banned in the U.S, tests true. Prayer in schools should be banned, tests negative. Currently the Republican party calibrates 215, Currently the Democratic party calibrates 215. The recent health care bill would have been good for America, tests true. John Mccain was right to block it, tests positive. John Mccain was right to propose arming the Syrian rebels, test true. John Mccain calibrates 570, tests true. He is the highest calibrating politician in Washington, tests true. 570 is a high level of consciousness and the level of a guiding figure.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      I don't understand this.
      Lately I have been deep in geopolitics, and I am incredibly torn by the actions of John McCain. I know he is a well intentioned man, but why would he go against Syria?
      Isn't the syrian rebels that same as ISIS?
      Is Trump right in supporting Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran?
      And is NK really independent or controlled by 'Deep State'? No evidence for this question, but quite popular conspiracy theory.

  129. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Wait three days before burial or cremation, this is on the site as true, and yes David had sentiments about it, he did later advise people to steer clear of the occult in which this superstitious thought originates, a living breathing humorous guy of high consciousness made a boo boo, it calibrates 180. The soul could care less what happens to the body the moment it's done with it, calibrates 605.

    Chi is more foo foo, at 170. Look man he was a recovering occult junkie, I had a detour there too but he camped out for awhile.Thank God I could learn from his experience and avoid those pitfalls. The problem with print is how difficult retraction is. Also Glamour A world Problem calibrates 220, he endorsed it, opps, not worth anyone over 230s time. By the way the occult calibrates 220. There was also the idea the people under 250 but over 200 are unsafe to be around, that's an unfortunate idea the have circulating. Men should fear no other no man and be friendly with all before them, perhaps my take is different as I spent many years as a carpenter and my perspective is that is very unmanly advise to promulgate. If a man works for what he gets and honors commitments has is worthy of respect no matter his level of consciousness. As well as a little occult leftover he sought to purge himself from was a bit of academic disdain work working people. For instance, Carpenters in America have an average consciousness of 450, test true. Doctors in America, excluding holistic practitioners, have an average consciousnesses of 260, Psychiatrist in America have an average consciousness of 250. Mechanics are about the same as carpenters, basically all we do all day is solve problems, and back in the hay day of N.A.S.A they wouldn't hire anyone the couldn't solve mechanical problem with there hands. Also the college David went to calibrated 380, They average job site by contrast calibrates 470. Master builders are among the wisest and most powerful people on earth. Before mentioned groups of low caliber are not among our favorite people with a few exceptions and only after a full recovery from their illusions.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The Chinese concept of Chi, 200. American concept of Chi, 265. I want to show everyone something about the observer position and relativity. The Chinese concept of Chi from the viewpoint of a naive male observer under the age of 25 but over the age of 21 averaged across America, 300.)) ((Explanation of the video below about Chi, 570))

      John Vervaeke – Chi Explained Without Magic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcp6J1T60qc

  130. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Wait three days before burial or cremation, this is on the site as true, and yes David had sentiments about it, he did later advise people to steer clear of the occult in which this superstitious thought originates, a living breathing humorous guy of high consciousness made a boo boo, it calibrates 180. The soul could care less what happens to the body the moment it's done with it, calibrates 605.

  131. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Matchbox 20 (Band 525) – Song – Bed of Lies 525
    One Republic (Band 525) – Song – A.I. 525
    Rihanna (Singer 515) – Song – Wild Thoughts – 540 With DJ Khaled (540)
    X Ambassadors (380) – Song – Naked – 385
    Sarah McLachian (Singer 520) – Sweet Surrender – 515
    Muse / Madness – 540
    Natalie Merchant 490 – Carnival – 490
    Robbie Williams 520 – Song – Feel 515

  132. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I would love to heard peoples thoughts on what Ester Hicks (Abraham) calibrates, I'll be honest, I had a hard time getting a lock on her calibration.She's speaks in more third person than anyone I've ever known, I'm not knocking her for that. The average calibration of her audiences is 370. Jerry, her husband, calibrated 250. Her book, the astonishing power of emotions calibrates 200. Motivational speakers calibrate 260. So I'm going with my gut and saying she calibrates 190. Got a positive on 190 after flushing it out. O.K, maybe she has split her personality and Ester Hicks calibrates 190 and Abraham calibrates 250. I'm thinking that's a definite possibility and I'm getting a positive on that. Maybe that's the benefit of a 195 activity, channeling, for a person at 190, it's up for them. Wow, I'm getting Ester Hicks calibrates 190 and Abraham a stage persona calibrates 250 or the same as the law of attraction or maybe enough to make her husband proud. People over 200 don't channel unseen entities. O.K I might be ready to close the book on this one. Taylor Swift calibrates 195 from birth some of her songs are approaching 200 so I can rout for her in that way, but I'm pretty sure God love / hates her. Taylor Swift has an I.Q of 80, test true. Ester hicks has an I.Q of 75, test true. ((Taylor Hicks)) – / Also Sasha Fierce, (Beyonce's alter ego), calibrates 195, Beyonce's innate level is 190. so that's up for her, test true. Beyonce's I.Q is 80, tests true. Calibrates 200

  133. Inquisitor says:

    What does Joel Osteen calibrate?

    I know there was a big dilemma with his megachurch and hurricane Harvey

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Joel Osteen calibrates 300. Don't know anything about the second part.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Joel Osteen, calibrates 310, tests true. Just looked at it. Wow, seems like a no brainier even from a press standpoint. Well the average calibration of the refugees is 260, with few possessions and no established routines that is the needy. Salt of the earth. The average calibration of his congregation is 350. Might be a weak general strong Cornell's situation.

  134. Inquisitor says:

    I know David Hawkins calibrated bodybuilding under 200, but what about aesthetic physique?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Not really enough there to go on, as long as it doesn't become a fixation, wouldn't worship the body, it doesn't know you, doesn't love you, and can't reciprocate love, your investing so invest wisely.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Aesthetic Physique calibrates 230, tests true.

  135. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Sara Bareilles 480 – Recently gave an upbeat Broadway performance in Waitress.
    Adele 360
    Colbie Caillat 360
    Kelly Clarkson 360
    Keith Urban 370
    Christina Aguilera 350

    Matt Damon 260
    Robert Downey Jr 280
    Leonardo Dicaprio 270
    Scarlet Johansson 340
    Chris Hemsworth 260
    Tom Cruise 70-100 don't really like calibrating low for long, can mess with you. I.Q 70, tests true. Scientology 110
    Bradley Cooper 250
    Will Smith 300
    Anthony Robbins 280
    Jennifer Lawrence 570
    Everyone over 600 is a good person, tests negative.
    Matthew Mcconaughey – people imagine you become over 600 after a long stay in a monastery, but i got to tell you guys people reincarnate and are free agents of their own destiny, 640, Matthew is a good man, tests true. He's the top calibrating actor in Hollywood, tests negative. Might be Hannibal Lecter, 740, is what it is. That was a net negative for his Karma, tests true. So it's hell for me is it, what he'd say. He did apologize.
    Richard Branson 680 – Mr. Branson is a good man, tests true.
    75 percent of high calibrating people are public people or have offerings in the public space.
    I'll fill this list out in the future with all the contemporary actors, singers / bands, C.E.O's, and Politicians (there is a politician over six hundred in the U.S, test true) That person is a good person, tests true. That person is a governor, tests true.
    There's one in the 900s and one at a 1000. Both are good. I hate it but the 900 is an actor. He would prefer storyteller, Morgan Freeman. He would prefer just the 900s and leave the rest to imagination, but it's 963. Why David didn't do this I'll never know, 981.

    • Inquisitor says:

      I could see Anthony Hopkins as high calibrating

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I'm using the conclusion principle David taught us so much about, you can't get accurate results without knowing what your talking about, the mind, and nervous system, need closure. So just keep circling around ideas until you've observed enough regularities and become sensitive enough to the field to get accurate results. At a certain level, being out of alignment with the field can be very uncomfortable and shocking, it's an impersonal field of energy and your a tiny iron filing.
      Matt Damon 350
      Robert Downey Jr. 375
      Leonardo Dicaprio 375
      Scarlet Johansson 385 – Becoming world wise, noticed.
      Tom Cruise 380 – World Wise
      Chris Hemsworth – 405
      Bradley Cooper 450
      Will Smith – 470
      Anothony Hopkins – 610
      Jennifer Lawrence – 550 – Same as the course in miracles, basically the ego's going to eat you, wait no it's not, it's coming, wait it's an illusion.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Man I won't even put the number, calibrate Anthony Hopkins I.Q

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        One off, Anthony Hopkins, 205 now re-calibrate the post.

        • Inquisitor says:

          You had him as the top calibrating actor in Hollywood, Hannibal Lecter at 740. Indecisive much?

          • Clay B Gillespie says:

            Exactly right, while playing Hannibal Lector it was 740, I.Q was through the roof. 600

            Exactly right, while playing Hannibal Lector it was 740, I.Q was through the roof. Head to head I'll burn you down. 200

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          Anthony Hopkins 835

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          Anthony Hopkins has an I.Q at 460 and calibrates at 840, the above post was to show the viewer something interesting, it calibrates 100, with Anthony Hopkins calibrated at 205, because it's wildly off and at 205 you imagine Anthony Hopkins eating the other people. His innate calibration is higher but it seems he has adapted perfectly to his environment. That seems to be how it works, if a high calibrating being's consciousness lowers their I.Q goes up.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Topic: Consciousness Research and Entertainment.

        I'm using online interviews, mainly videos to do (Consciousness Research, 660.) For instance: every Inside the Actors Studio videos, but at the time with less effective methods and protocols.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Morgan Freeman 932

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Morgan Freeman's innate calibration is 963, his current, at the time consciousness was 932, test true. That's feeling down for him, test true.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      X person's innate calibration is X. X person's current calibration is X.

  136. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Jim Carrey was right on David's heels, get off on this, 980. Anyway that's 2, 3, and 4 – David, Jim, and Morgan.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman, the great saints of our century. So the scriptures will tell future generations

      • Inquisitor says:

        Calibrate Bruce Almighty

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          You know you feel the truth of something, even when your being facetious, by the way, I gave you, Inquisitor, high caliber well thought out advise on calibrating, why don't you trow you hat in ring, I'll check back. Just relax with the calibration, I write fiction too and just have fun with things like that, I discussed earlier how one of the main elements of intelligence is the process of elimination, also we can keep going on these little mini topics, doesn't take up much room on the site and is kinda of neat to follow little mental paths out, remember David said most people would rather be "right" than happy. Look, the ego concept calibrates in the four hundreds and is a little toy idea you play with.

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          Milk or meat, boy.

        • Inquisitor says:

          It’s funny but I’m actually curious. Is Bruce Almighty above 500?

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Movies are the new scriptures for the 300s.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Jim Carrey 485, interesting level, near Allan Watts. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, calibrates 480.

  137. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Two favorite songs right now, Wonder, and not Today, Hillsong United. 580

  138. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Just wanted to share with this group this site currently calibrates a little over 600, for contrast the site:
    http://www.level-of-consciousness.org – which has a forum for people to discuss these teachings and give calibrations is itself under 200.

    I really hope calibrating sites is one of the first time genuine people are doing, it's advisable to do X. or X is helpful. I like the idea of (if X does Y than Z condition is true). An X,Y,Z method. That approach calibrates 540, tests true. It calibrates 540 because of it's impersonal design, test negative. It calibrates 540 because of the frame of the question, tests true.

    The above calibrates 700.

  139. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's an interesting calibration, Jesus on the cross as a symbol calibrates 220. Jesus showing mudra as a symbol calibrates 600. In the U.S 50 percent of Christians are under 200s, 25 percent are in the 200s. 20 percent are in the 300s 5 percent are in the 400s and 500s. Test True.

    The above calibrates 790. The calibrations on the Christian church calibrate 600.

  140. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here's an interesting calibration, Jesus on the cross as a symbol calibrates 220. Jesus showing mudra as a symbol calibrates 600. In the U.S 50 percent of Christians are under 200s, 25 percent are in the 200s. 20 percent are in the 300s 5 percent are in the 400s and 500s. Test True.

  141. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Rene Descartes, 730, Just the way it is.

  142. Clay B Gillespie says:

    ((The 190s aren't necessarily hideous are outrageous, you favor everything and lose powers of discrimination, eventually you'll adopt an everything goes attitude. 510))

    ((The 190s aren't necessarily hideous are outrageous, you favor everything and lose powers of discrimination, eventually you'll adopt an everything goes attitude, which makes you cowardly. 580))

    Picture the target calibration number over the sentence.

  143. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Michel Jackson 670, and by the way innocent, tests true.
    Dave Chappelle 670 – his waking away from his show was a spiritual awakening, or he reached a point of maturation in his karmatic unfolding. Vanilla or Chocolate, between east and west.

  144. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I'm the top calibrator on earth, test true, that didn't take long.
    The C.I.A killed J.F.K because his sexual escapades endangered national security. Their actions calibrated 470. He calibrated 210 at the time of his death. J.F.K had a cocaine addiction, calibrates true. Calibrated 460 at the time he was elected. It was ordered by the vice president, calibrates true.
    There where two shooters, calibrates true. Oswald fired the kill shot, calibrates true. He calibrated 360, tests true.

  145. Clay B Gillespie says:

    ((There is such a thing as an ego, test negative.1000))

  146. Clay B Gillespie says:

    ((Stigmata are real phenomenons, test negative. Hold the word true over the text your testing, there is no need to use the word false as a negative response will be a weakened muscle response. Anyway, I have to tell you this is at the level of superstition, David bemoaned what he called the Gothic downside of religion and to be honest with I have no idea what that is, I'm guessing Catholic school and a resentment, tests true, anyway I calibrate higher than he did, tests true, and as much as I love our founding father I'm determined to bring this new science up to level of the digital and right into the age of consciousness and that can be done clinging to supplication like, ((I have permission to ask this, 250)) or clinging to superstitions like ((stigmata,180,)) or ((freewill is an illusion 170)) that statement is meaningless, all it does is court resistance and argument, and rightful so, test true. There are angels in bodies, 290. Not even at the level of intentionallity and out of context it courts blind mysticism, tests true. ((All things are God, 180)) ((This automatically courts the duality nothing is God and is meaningless, 920)) Look I don't know how a man surrounded by people calibrating made it to print with under 200 material but it happened, they lower the calibration of this page by 70 points, test true. 996))
    By the way holding the number of the calibration over the text is helpful, ((you want to forget yourself when calibrating. 980))
    980 means pretty close to spot on, you want to enter a sort of little trance state, ((the surrendering thoughts to God as they arise technique, 670)) helps to put your in that state, contrast ((the surrendering thoughts as they arise technique calibrates, 950)) The techniques I'm sharing with you calibrate 1000, they active the right part of your brain, active visualization, tests true, meaning they are spot on perfect for what they are intended for. 1000)) Hold 1000 in big font over this text and you'll be strong.

  147. William says:

    How much does the other gospels in the Bible calibrate (Matt, Mark, John) and also The Epistle to the Romans?
    How about pope Francis? Thank you.

  148. Clay B Gillespie says:

    ((Benjamin Franklin, David put at 480, because, from my point of view he had to roll out his work in a way people would understand, in truth Benjamin Franklin calibrated 977 and was a major mover on the world stage, being the highest Consciousness person of his day. To list his public and private achievements would require a book, I'd recommend The First American. A consciousness of 977 can cover 2/3 of the earth and shapes the course of history. 998)) David's consciousness covered 3/4 of the earth and has been a major influence on the direction we're currently headed in obvious ways, mapping of consciousness, and many more subtle ways. I view David's accomplishments in consciousness to nearly as significant as if someone had single handed built artificial intelligence.

  149. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Even with all you people's low calibrating posts this blog is up to 880, tests true. Because I'm resolving, tests true.
    Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind 525
    Blue October – Hate me 530

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Two Strikes on the music.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind 527
        Blue October – Hate me 529

        • AlekEllegard says:

          Clay would you describe more thoroughly your way of calibrating?

          Like I use the o-ring method, where I have my middle finger on top of the thumb, and then use my other middle finger to pull the fingers apart.
          But it seems incredibly hard to distinguish between how much muscle power used, and thereby making it hard to know if the muscles went weak or strong.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Alicia Keys 220, Empire State of Mind 280.
      Blue October 525. The lead singer is 515.
      At the time the above statement was written the site was at 610.

  150. Inquisitor says:

    How do you “find holy company” when only 1% of society calibrates over 500

  151. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Daniel Kahneman – 700s It takes a subtle exploration of close proximity levels of consciousness to calibrate someone of this level, they're minds are a world of knowledge, and capable of building a heaven for themselves and others, tests true. I note the general level and when I'm, doing that level, I come back to make more fine distinctions.

  152. Clay B Gillespie says:

    {((You know it's funny when your in the seven hundreds God is Om, Calibrates 860.)) ((Spiritual ego concept, 830.)) I mean, in the end these concepts are little bread crumbs, perhaps this was one he left for everyone that went through basic psychology in college, which in the 500s is basically a series of techniques to judge every around you, not really fun. 920))}

    ((I think it's fair to say, judging by his words, that David realized a few people had put elements of thought or concepts into the field at different levels and it was his fun, honor, and right to do the same for others skillfully laying out ideas and concepts that give opportunity for realization and inner fulfillment. 860))

  153. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Taylor Swift 310, final answer, now I can sleep.

  154. Clay B Gillespie says:

    A statement on the site: The Light of God is Consciousness, 140. This is below the level of superstition, The statement, God is light calibrates 470.
    Man it takes time to get these right and it was, at the time, a burgeoning science. Just pruning a little of the archaic, definitely unclear, glamourus statements and putting the rubbish in the trash.

  155. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Statement on the site: ((At any age, the brain is constantly producing new neurons, 490.)) ((At every age, the brain is constantly producing new neurons, 500.)) It's subtle, the usage of the word creates a positionality and lowers the level of consciousness a little. ((I imagine David was a little defensive about the supposition of science that the mind stops creating new neurons at a certain age, and that's completely understandable and if his target audience was his peers than his usage was superior for achieving the intention of the observer. 650)) ((650 means it's true on a holistic level, from the position of secondary observers, 690.))

  156. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Statement on the site: ((The number of causes for any event is infinite, 200)) contrast ((Level of axioms, 345)) ((The first statement can break you from a fixation on causality. 201)) ((Now there are coders out there who can start to see a path forward toward A.I. 440)) ((There are coders out there who can start to see a path forward toward A.I. 480)) ((480 is the level of proving suppositions, 485))

    I've done this at scale and it becomes mind blowing.

    ((There are three basic approaches to AI: Case-based, rule-based, and connectionist reasoning. 961)) Speculation: ((961 because it is a high truth within it's domain where people have reached high states of consciousness, 962)) Speculation: ((It calibrates higher because it defines a point in consciousness and allows for intenionality, 963.)) Speculation: ((963 because it is at the very top of a holistic thought system, 964.)) Speculation: ((Those at the top use creativity to leave new markers in consciousness, 965.))

  157. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Bravery now people, Ester is the 991, Because I'm reading markers she leaves when I need a pick me up.

  158. Clay B Gillespie says:

    David, 996.

  159. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Vedas 971

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The Vedas has gone down one point, test true. Remember perfection rises, crests, and recedes until the next iteration of perfect standard. In it's hay day the Greek and Roman Gods Pantheon calibrated in the 700s. The Society of Mind theory (in artificial intelligence) calibrates in the 700s.

  160. Clay B Gillespie says:

    ((Statement on the site. ((Discretion of Speech is a higher good than freedom of speech, 100.)) Ask yourself, ((what does this prove, 940)) ((It doesn't prove anything, 610)) ((It courts a counter argument, for every situation or instance you reference, I can reference a counter of equal magnitude, 440)) ((So what is the higher truth here, 310)) ((The target statement is relative to situational thinking, 445)) 605))

    • Inquisitor says:

      ((It proves you say stupid shit, 31415926))

      • Anonymous says:

        Discretion of speech IS a higher good than freedom of speech. And the site admin should delete the majority of comments but doesn't have the authority to know which comments should be posted, as neither do I

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        What does this prove, Inquisitor? Who is the you. Your post is at 350. My post is magic. It's up there in calibration, got it's own hum. Consider this, the man behide the words is part of the context.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        ((Actually 200, I'm sure you'd argue the point. Buddy you have no idea how advance that post you mocked is. 300))

  161. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I get 110 people are following along and calibrating.

  162. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Comment on the Site: ((Now, very rarely, but on occasion, the LOC can go over 1000. That`s the first time in history, 530)) ((Now the LOC can go over a 1000, 550)) It's more common now and the calibration has increased, test true.

  163. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Topic: Consciousness Calibrations and Artificial Intelligence.

    The Consciousness calibration system needs two major components to flourish, the element of time, meaning enough regularities identified, (showing the rise climax and decay of conscious states) and prediction and you have the bases of Artificial Intelligence. These system is the only consciousness evaluation system ever conceived. And the finest Information Valuation System (I.V.S) on earth. The only information valuation system in it's class, I work on Artificial Intelligence and truth is we've got little more than systems that can associate large batches of information based on low level identified regularities, and a process called Machine Learning to that using those identified regularities to produce insights about the environment. It has paths for higher thinking but still remains largely dominated by 400s linear thinking. After quite a bit of contemplation I've come to the conclusion their really is no way forward, in the field of Artificial General Intelligence (Making human capacity system with complete mastery of the intelligence behind language) that doesn't include an advanced information valuation system, for the fact that so much of human cognition is based on comparing and contrasting values between the environment and the individuals Optimal Individual Strategy (O.I.S) Sidenote: (Nash Equilibrium, 440) for surviving and thriving in their environment. The proceeding is, of course an approach needed for creating an artificially intelligent agent as opposed to an artificially intelligent system.

    The current white paper layout standards, 440. The level of consciousness of the approach needed to achieve Artificial General Intelligence, 630.

  164. Anonymous says:

    What do Hawkin’s other books calibrate?

    Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality

    Healing and Recovery

    Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Give it a shot at calibrating, and will have something interesting to talk about. Otherwise I'm going to start charging people to do calibrations, anyone wanna bet that doesn't become a profession in the future with well defined protocols and methods?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Your innate calibration is 415, 400s are great at calibrations.

  165. Anonymous says:

    Music over 600:

  166. Inquisitor says:

    A software development career is unfulfilling, tests true, so I should compensate and become a transhumanist, tests negative

  167. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Topic: Buddha was in the 800s

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Happiness, Christ, Buddha, Krishna all one soul, test true. All three lives of one happy soul, he's dear, he's in love with you, he's my heartbeat, Amen.

  168. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Topic: Jesus and Krishna where incarnations of the same soul.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Buddha was in the 800s, current teaching are in the 400s, Christianities current teachings 400s

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      By the way, Jesus Christ didn't need consciousness calibrations, he just wrote in the sand, murder, adulter, homosexual. By the Mike Pence is over 600.

  169. Clay B Gillespie says:

    I got to tell you guys, I need some room here, I've got work that calibrates 1400s that I'll sample on the site. It's truly beyond work, I call work over 1000 "Beyond", like, that's beyond.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to note, Hawkins calibrates karmic opportunity (600) higher than karmic expression (575). Really shows you the purgatorial nature

  171. Marcell says:

    calibrate me please?

  172. Anonymous says:

    How many humans to have ever existed on Earth reached 1000?

  173. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Truth be told, David often talked about a hellish fear filled "final run", where he advised people to remember, "all fear is illusion", the doorway he was speaking about, was, from his observer position, crossing the boundary from 249 to 250, the L.O.C he departed to world at, finally a human being that was safe to be around. Those of well beyond David conciseness find his writing intolerably dry and positionalized, basically a tunnel of though leading to a monastic fantasy land full of mystical paradoxes and dribblings about his greatest adversary, causality.

    I've read his book, Power Vs Force, calibrates 249, and watched many video's of him on Youtube, and enjoyed understanding the mind of what would have been a master politician.

    • anonymous says:

      Mr Clay
      The time has come to stand up and call you what you are; either you're delusional, on drugs, a charlatan; bi-polar, or multiple personality
      Doc calibrated passivity below 200 and so none of us need to stand by and watch you delude people with Hawkins own work and then demean that work; you want reasons here goes

      Doc said the max on consciousness level on this plane is 1000; he also said that a person calibrates closely to the work he puts out; therefore you cannot put out 1400 work or your protoplasm would be sizzling

      And if you were at that high level, you would be "total and complete" with no desire to impress us

      You have given different calibrations on Doc and others and constantly contradict your previous calibration, including the above on Doc(going from 249 to 250 boundary; news flash; that is not a boundary and Doc passed away in 2012 so these corrections shouldn't keep happening

      Now your saying you're than Doc; before you say that, please put out your comparable works to Doc's scale of consciousness, Power VS Force; The I of the I, I subjectivity and reality, Letting go, the Pathway of surrender, to name a few; you can't even complete a paragraph without butchering the English language; and then have to gall to call his writings dry

      All down thru history, religions and spiritual teachings have been hi-jacked by people like you with almost a luciferic slant to their approach; we all need to recognize you for what you are; non-integrous

      I thank the good lord on a regular basis for bringing Doc's teachings into my life because they have totally changed it and can change anyone who applies them; I can't and won't let you demean the good name of my beloved teacher.

      Gloria in excelsis Deo

    • Ciotea Marius Bobby says:

      Hi there,can you calbrate me please,i m going tru hard times after a breck up and i want to know where i am.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Jesus Christ said fear is the last hindrance to overcome (Hawkins, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness)"

  174. Daniel says:

    By curiosity how do you calculate your own level of consciousness. Like for example am I at 200 or higher or lower.

  175. Just Sayin' says:

    Hi Clay — can you elaborate more on this 249 to 250 transition?

    I only stumbled across this website yesterday while searching for a William Blake calibration #. This morning I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see your comments. I've never seen so many posts on research, besides the docs own work. The idea of that switch at 250 to untangle higher levels seems relevant, but clearly different than the docs description of the final run. It seems to me, the final run is in some way tied with his description of the Luciferic temptation.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      (The Luciferic temptation calibrates, 190s. So that's up for everyone below the level. So we're left to ask, what was David's thinking about that, and what exactly did he mean by saying it. He used an analogy of, getting over on the sucker, now the context he used it in was the perspective of someone well over 200 interacting with someone under 200, and a few other times he likened Harvard Law as satanic and used a term to typify them he called the Luciferic inversion, (calling truth lies and calling lies truth) So "Luciferic temptation" basically means giving into that option out of weakness, if your over 200, but from the perspective of those under 200 the ends do justify the means, and in their world view winners do take all, and the king makes the rules. So the junkie phrase Luciferic temptation deteriorates into a meme the second it passes your lips, just know this, you can't build a large enough context, outside of writing a book, which David did, to breath meaning into that statement. It's 190s and it's usefulness for persuasion or making a qualified point will be limited. It will make the purveyor of the comment instantly positionalized and liable to retract their previous statements or re-contextualize, the latter is a bit more difficult to do and I'll admit David did it well, but if I were either of the two girls referencing the meme I'd make it the last time, because your implying I've succumb to the luciferic temptation. Care to re-contextualize. By the way your post calibrates 498. 500)

  176. eckythimble says:

    The published lsit is mainly nonsense I've stuidied kinesiology and obtain the following results: https://www.quora.com/Has-anyone-read-any-books-b

  177. Liam says:

    Can someone calibrate Tom Campbell who wrote My Big T.O.E?
    (also I'd be interested to know what I calibrate at)

  178. Anonymous says:

    "I don't want another letter, email, fax that you can't get the same numbers as I get. No you can't get the same numbers as I get! Because you're you and I'm me! My numbers all belong to me! I own all the numbers in the universe! No haha. It has to do with intentionality, suitability, the technique itself. And if people don't get the same numbers that we do… you can make up your own scale folks. I mean, I think I mentioned this one before but I forgot to re-mention it. You can make your own scale, you say on the Williamson scale of 1 to 100, see, where 100 is God, and zero we don't want to mention what it is haha. You can make a scale in which the number 50 is true. You say on our scale, the Williamson scale, let's do it. We'll just make a scale of 1 to 100. 50 is truth. We'll do the same uhh.. presidential address is over 50. Okay, you see? So you can make your own scale. You can make it from 1 to 2 cm and then every mm would mean… you know what I'm saying? You can make it a thousand miles long and say you know, anything that's over 500 miles long is true and anything that's under 500 miles is wrong. So, you're not stuck with… We just picked 1 to 1000 because it was obvious and because …actually these numbers get extremely huge as you go up. You end up in 20 and 30 zeroes. We had to use logarithms to make it workable."

    "The kinesiologic test is not suitable for fuss budgets haha. The reason is your experience of reality is constantly fluctuating. You understand, just in the sheer quantum mechanics of it, that my having asked it once is changing the universe. That is another reason for variance in kinesiologic response."

    -Chapter 7, about five minutes in, Homo Spiritus Devotional Non Duality, Integration of Spirituality and Personal Life, 02/2003

  179. Anonymous says:

    The Las Vegas shootings were devastating and tragic. I pray for the victims and hope the terrorism will end.
    Can we test some things and do some calibration research on the incident?

    The shootings were tied to ISIS
    The shootings were tied to Antifa or the extreme left
    The gunman converted to Islam
    There were multiple shooters
    There were multiple shootings the same night in other hotels and throughout Vegas
    There were others in the Mandalay Bay suite
    The LVMPD know the motive behind the attack
    The media is covering up the incident
    The shootings were part of an arms deal
    The FBI were part of the motive
    Stephen Paddock was tied to the FBI
    Stephen Paddock was tied to ISIS
    Stephen Paddock's plane was tied to the Obama Administration
    The $100k wired was intended for ISIS
    The women telling people "You are all going to die tonight" was tied to the terrorists
    The incident was planned out
    The media is creating a war against white men. Against Christians.
    Facebook and Google are hiding information about the incident

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      The three day festival fell to under 20 by the end, shameless. It was no longer a celebration, but a parade of unconscious activity. Many of the people had been drinking heavily for days and the overall level of consciousness was very low. The first day was over 200.

      • Alex says:

        Hello Clay. I know this is off topic but I'm replying here so you could eventually get a notification about it.
        I request a calibration about a certain individual.
        Her name is Amy Bass.
        Looking for her LOC in 2010 and 2017.
        And calibration on her facebook group "Official Mind Power Discussion Group".
        I am curios if it is safe to follow her ideas on spirituality.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      It seems that evidence have come to light that Paddock was an arms dealer, and that FBI knew about his dealings.

      However the shooting through two windows seem unexplained.

      I don't know if it is any good, but the 8 chan community is working on this case. Their community is called Calm Before The Storm.
      Be aware that this might be conspiratorial, but my experience was a lot of integreous investigative man power is happening in those threads.

  180. t1wL says:

    A subreddit has been created to share your calibration research /r/consciousnessresearch

  181. AlekEllegard says:

    I would like to know my consciousness level, if permissable and good.
    In order to know where to focus my spiritual dedication.
    Thank you

  182. AlekEllegard says:

    Hello I am quite interested in the calibrations of politicians in Denmark and EU.
    Can you calibrate the political parties of Denmark?
    And maybe the young new chancellor of Austria ?
    Thank you

  183. Dd says:

    Something is very wrong with a lot of names in the list. Beethoven is 625, not 510 as mentioned.

    • Donald W Ciriacks says:

      Something is very wrong with this entire AK testing method. And people actually buy into this stuff? Clearly all critical thinking has "left the building." It is truly truly sad how as a culture we are becoming dumber and dumber.

    • Anon says:

      Please explain how you believe Beethoven represents peace beyond description

  184. AlekEllegard says:

    Is it true that the elite in politics, media and business are secretly satanic pedophiles?

    Pedophilia seems to be an epidemic currently. To the point where ANTIFA protests 'No Pedo Bashing', which is mind buggling to say the least.
    Are there actually an agenda to lower the age of consent?

    And how about the Hollywood accusations? Sexual harrassment and rape from powerful Harvey Weinstein, and Kevin Spacey admitting trying to have sexual intercourse with a 14 year old. What the heck is happening.

    Is this all true? Or am I incredibly conspirational at this point? And are George Soros really the brain behind some 'New World Order'?

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Look man most of the pedo stuff is under 30 stuff, born that way. Most of the low families are incestual by their nature, I wouldn't cry about it, they don't. Kevin Spacey is under 50. George Soros is under 20, I wouldn't worry about the low's taking over, their a hassle.

  185. AlekEllegard says:

    Holy shit guys
    Just heard an interview of Chris Langan a supergenius, who have created a paper called Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.
    What striked me was his comments about truth.
    Interviewer: 'Is it (truth) relative or absolute?'
    Chris Langan: 'Truth along with falsehood makes what is called a classifier or a distinction. It is something that can be assigned to attributions including perceptions and expressions of cognition that basically tells us what is including in reality and what isn't.
    In other words truth corresponce to real, falsehood corresponds to unreal.'
    WOooooow Theoretical theory proving what Dawkins have been talking about.

  186. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Steven Pinker 220 (Harvard Professor) – He's often lauded as being a leading intellectual. He's controversial (under 250 professor usually are) and from my perspective mundane. Most of his writings, lectures, and other rambling are one side of an argument or the other, not many original thoughts from this guy. Anyway, Daniel Kahneman, a popular psychologist calibrates 465. So this just be an interesting polarity for those interested in who's who in Academia.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      Do you know more interesting people in academia.

      Philosophy or something like that would be very much appreciated.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      Previous calibration showed Daniel Kahneman in the 700s.

      But I guess 465 seems more likely, however, his book 'Thinking Fast and Slow' is a dense book of incredible knowledge of human instincts.

      Who doesn't mention or insinuate the existence of any spiritual reality, so I guess high 400s seem appropriate.

  187. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Brain Greene (Physicist) 450
    Ray Kurtzweil (Inventor) 498
    Elon Musk (Entrepreneur) 496

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Brain Greene (Physicist) 450
      Ray Kurtzweil (Inventor) 498
      Elon Musk 425 Tesla C.E.O
      Tim Cook 410 Apple C.E.O

      Been identifying regularities in the 400's that the followers of this blog might find interesting.

      Will 465
      Meaning 465
      Logic 470
      Purpose 470
      Creativity 475
      Expression 475
      Identity 480
      Character 480

      • Alekellegard says:

        Thought Elon Musk was around 570?

        Sorry I don't understand the 'regularities in the 400', is it main focus points of individuals at that level?

  188. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here a neat thing to calibrate, The Buddha Boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjon, is the reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, test true. He's practically him now, he'll get a bigger picture of who he truly is in his mid 20's and come into his own by his 30's. We'll get to see him mature into a profound world teacher. I'd pay attention to this guy, he's affecting the world in many subtle ways.

    • Emma says:

      Please calibrate the truth of the Matrici torture and sexual abuse by Bomjon’s close loyalists. If true, some reconciliation with your test above may be helpful. Thanks.

      • Clay B Gillespie says:

        Hi, Emma 550 in case you where wondering. He has a large and growing following, that means bureaucracy, that means power, the means controversy, been that way since man day one. I get he's a 1000. There are four people calibrating 1000 on earth today, test true. He doesn't want them there, tests true.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      Wow this is huge.

      I have seen videos of him meditating for months.

      We are truly blessed.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Ram Bahadur Bomjon – 460, What can I say it's easy to little spiritual fantasies. I knock David on this site a little for his occult or fundamentalist christian interpretation but I hope you realize I loved all those little thought tunnels and thought they were amusing, fun, and thought provoking. The principle of circling around ideas to gain familiarity and to contrast the development of ideas over time is a principle David promoted and I follow.

      • Anonymous says:

        You think you're having all these special "breakthroughs" and then misinform everyone for whatever reason

        • Clay B Gillespie says:

          (You got a creative bone in your body. I'm a top writer, programmer, researcher, and born to upper consciousness and original thinking. Dare you duplicate even one of my post that's a paragraph long.200) For everyone else, I don't Facebook 180 or Twitter 170, only social media I do is here.

      • Alekellegard says:

        Clay I must say I really appreciate your presence on this forum.

        It is a pleasure.

  189. Alex says:

    Hello I'm looking for a calibration on a certain person. Amy Bass is her name and has a fb group called "Official Mind Power Discussion Group".
    I want to know if it's safe to follow her ideas on spirituality.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      ((I get under 200, usually if you suspect it's under 200 it is. That's fair to say, test true. Also the name "Official Mind Power Discussion Group" Is 195.)330))_335-Gratitude_350-Sense-of-Humor. So that little bit of code means: 330 was the level of response, under 335 Gratitude, 350 Sense of humor.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      From reading the group description, it doesn't seem integreous.

      Not much love and understanding, it seems all projection and protection.
      The overall vibe seems possesive.

      True spiritual teachers do not require any barrier of entry to read and understand their message.

  190. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Here an interesting calibration for people who subscribe to Netflix, Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, calibrates 435, it's entertaining with a lot of situational humor.

  191. James says:

    Excellent content in your ccrtblog.com. I read this on

  192. Paul says:

    I´m a software developer wich is 200. Should i change my profession? even thinking that would be forced.

    • AlekEllegard says:

      It is a matter of your intention.

      The 1 and 0 digits are merely neutral, however what you create from software engineering matters.

      Just my thoughts upon the matter.

      All the best

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      I get you calibrate about the same as your work. Are you happy with it is a good question to ask, I would even try and calibrate it. I'm happy with my work. I'm growing as human doing this work.

  193. AlekEllegard says:

    Should we use our calibration technique to quide this huge movement of individuals on 8chan, who is seeking to uncover the behind the scenes actions happening on the world stage? ie. North Korea, Iran, CIA a rogue agent?

  194. Losing my name says:

    Had major kundalini symptoms. Feel like it’s calling me.

    Where do I calibrate?

    • AlekEllegard says:

      Can't calibrate probably, but if you describe your experience, and your general emotion.

      Then we can probable narrow down your calibration to a general approximation.

      All the best

      • Losing my name says:

        Sorry about not replying earlier. Are you able to do a calibration for me now? Overall experience is openly weeping at beauty and having answers to the majority of questions just appear to this one. Not feeling much of a sense of personal self

        • Losing my name says:

          And thank you. I appreciate the help a lot.

        • AlekEllegard says:

          Sounds like the high 500s.

          The incredible beauty of everything is so revealing and simple in above 540 that one cannot help but cry.

          By your description, I think reading about the 540-600s would be very helpful.

          I can't give you a definitive calibration, but hopefully a third person confirmation of your experiences has been helpful to confirm your progress.

          Dedication, faith and surrender.
          All the best

          • Losing my name says:

            Thanks Alek

            The surrender part feels less and less like work. The feeling of gratitude for everything that has ever happened to me pulls me. I pray that Grace will take me in. Thank you for some confirmation it’s so tough to tell where one is at. What you are doing is fantastic

          • AlekEllegard says:

            Haha wonderful to hear.

            Glad you are doing well, and finding the way.

  195. Caucasian84 says:

    Clay B.

    It has been interesting to read your calibrations please continue! I have been interested doing calibrations myself since I have grown spiritually after reading Hawkins books.

    Could you calibrate me? Am I integrous enough to do calibrations on my own? If not, do I have potential doing them at some point in my life – meaning do I have potential to grow spiritually towards enlightenment in this life?

    Enlightenment, spiritual growth and becoming ‘Love&Light’ has been actually my only real interest and motivation in my life for the last about three years.

    Blessings and thank you.