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How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego

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When we look at the average relationship and marriage of men and women, it becomes apparent that some may  look harmonious on the outside but many and most of them are really not a success and what one would call a celebration of joy and support. Most relationships experience constant struggle and are experienced more as a burden than an interdependent sharing of intimacy.
The main reason of course is the individual partners level of consciousness, where his or her own negativity and judgments decrease the connection, acquaintance and love with the partner. Connected with this however is the negative aspect of the male-female polarity itself. What draws a woman to a man is sought after by a woman, but causes suffering to a man and vice versa. Usually the intention (which is often a need) why someone is in a particular relationship defines the relationship and is simultaneously the trap.
This article aims to illuminate this polarity in light of the female ego,  to make men more aware of manipulation processes, so that they are able to increase their integrity by being taken less advantage of.  It shall be a contribution to help understand women’s behavior which is often puzzling to men and lay it out in a more linear way. But it might also serve women to identify negative patterns in order to be able to progressively let go of them. Furthermore examples will be given for many tactics. In men the reason for manipulating is a bit different, and women are taken as the example because they are very good at it and much better at hiding their ego and the intention behind resulting behaviors.

Women are aloof

What a woman says and does are two different things

When a woman is attracted to a man, this usually does not necessarily mean she will sleep and be in a relationship with him. She will need comfort and when she also has this,  she still will usually want one more thing: a man’s attachment to her.
To ensure this attachment the following mechanism takes place :
At the beginning of a get-together things might seem smooth and you get to know each other and might enjoy yourself. However at a certain point, which might also happen very fast, she either completely looses interest in you or pushes you away emotionally. In case she looses interest though she is attracted, she already recognized that you did not escalate fast enough, which shows her your attachment is not strong enough for her to be interested anymore. In the other case pushing you away serves her to hold you in an emotional limbo, at a certain distance. If you, as a man feel confused, uncomfortable or victimized (even to the point of psychic terror), though having good intentions, this process might be just unfolding. Also as a form of one of the multitudinous manipulation techniques. This is called aloofness.
Figure 1 and 2 illustrate this process.

Aloofness push
Figure 1 – Push 

When the man comes  too close emotionally a pushing away will happen. This is indicated by a shield from Captain America :). As soon as it might feel like you are becoming a friend she has to create a distance. A few practical examples on how this happens are:
You might be enjoying a good and friendly conversation and she stops responding (showing disinterest or becoming quiet) She puts you down in various ways. E.g. (in)directly stating that she has no affiliation with you. Disqualifying, arbitrary criticism and manipulation. She will say something like “You are not giving me enough space”, “I need space”, “I am afraid of getting hurt.”

Aloofness pull2
Figure 2 – Pull

When you are about to loose interest yourself, usually because you do not want to put up with the BS and games anymore, the opposite will happen and she will try to reel you in again, often for fear of loosing you. However this will happen only to the degree that you can still be manipulated. In a sense she is like a puppeteer and gains control and power through that process.
Hiding the intention and recontextualizing play a huge role here. The man is supposed to think that something was his fault. To bring him back she might also offer sex or  pretends to be friendly and courteous for a while.
“You have to fight for me”. By saying this she puts the weight on the man’s shoulder, so that he now keeps leaning in by himself again and catches the carrot.

Why does it work and what does it explain?

What a woman says and does and what it means are again two different things

If a man can not be manipulated, this means the woman can neither push him away nor reel him in, she will likely not be interested in the relationship anymore or to begin with.
This process really works because of two things:
1. The man’s ignorance about the matter. And women’s ability to hide the process.
2. His attachment and thus allowance of mistreatment because of his desire (i.e. lust).
Women are much more intuitive than men. They know perfectly well what is happening, which allows them to control this process. It is fascinating and explains many things:

1. Why women have no friends,  and why it is said that women hate each other.
2. Why no woman likes his man.
3. Why a woman has to be conquered and courted.
4. Why a man usually feels compromised, uncomfortable and bossed in the presence of women.
5. Why women like badboys.
6. Why a man can and has to steal a woman from her boyfriend or husband.
7. Why there are problems in relationships and why relationships aren’t fun.
8. Why a man has to initiate contact and is burdened with responsibility of the overall situation.
9. Why a man cannot talk with women about certain things and why he will not get an answer to certain questions.
10. Why a man can read endless self-help books about relationships and go to couple therapy and will still experience struggle.
11. Why a woman rejects a man and simultaneously and secretly hopes that he keeps pursuing her if he is attractive.

How women control man

Let’s look deeper into the various tools women use to control and hide this process. It can be recognized that basically all tools are used to pull down one’s frequency and mislead by leveraging weaknesses, to invoke some kind of negative emotion like pride, jealousy, guilt, shame and so on. She intends to cause a reaction and suffering to her behavior. Because only then one becomes vulnerable and easy to control. When someone is happy, he cannot be controlled.  Women know a mans weaknesses right away after looking at him. They are men experts. They get it through presence.
Figure 3 gives an overview.

Female Ego

Figure 3 – Female Ego and Manipulation Techniques

Interrogation – She asks questions to gain critical information that she can use to hold against the man. “Do you love me?”, “Are you my friend?”, “How important is sex for you in a relationship?”, “Why do you want to be with me?” Or to better determine your social status. Trying to find out if you are congruent. “Where do you work?”

Ambiguity – It will not be clear if she wants to be with you or not. Indirectness in communication. Saying one thing and doing another. Communicating one thing and then changing it.

Undermining Reality – She puts the weight on your shoulder. Either directly or indirectly pointing out that a happening was your fault, your responsibility or shortcoming. Blame. Disagreeing. Manipulation through guilt. “You are thinking too much about it. It is not that way.” “I think you are just silly.” “Don’t be silly.” “Soccer seems to be more important to you than I am” (blame and guilt) “You are such an egoist. A relationship cannot work with someone like you.”  (pretending to be guilty and insulted). She laughs about her manipulative behavior as if it was a joke (recontextualization, also hiding).

Directing – This entails occupying your consciousness with irrelevancies and giving you commands. She may command you to do some gardening work with a very negative and commanding tone. “Give me a drink”, “Take the bag into the basement”. She dictates and instructs in various ways. She determines common activities and meetings. She implies being in need of help, and asks you to do things she could do on her own. She asks you a few irrelevant questions serveral times in a row. Like “How do you like my dress?” And even if you answer it, she asks again, sometimes right after the answer. She talks a lot and makes you do things.

Hurt – Anything that makes you suffer and what you are sensitive about.  E.g. if you are fat or bold, women will repeatedly bring that into your awareness in fierce ways. Sometimes it may not appear fierce, but inwardly you will feel like a bomb just dropped over Hiroshima. A sublte way may be touching your bold spots, or repeatedly looking at them. The intention here is to harm deliberately. Every weakness and sensitivity you have about any issue will be brought up and used to stab. One example: “How much money do we still have?”.

Drama – 1. Poor me drama. Draining energy by complaining and implying that one is responsible for their troubles. The purpose here is to make you feel guilty. Often it works even though you know that it is not your fault on a deeper level. They talk about their illnesses, mistreatments or sufferings.
2. Pure negativity drama. Aggressiveness, being loud, insulting. The intention here is to get some kind of control back, to dominate and to reel you in.
3. Negativity dumping place drama. They just go on talking, transmitting pride, anger, sadness and judgementalism.

Waiting – They let you wait. Or they tell you or ask you for a specific time to meet or have dinner ready and then do not comply to this time.

Disqualification – She implies that she has more value than you directly or indirectly by putting you down.”You never change.”

Being Condescending – Insults. Showing Disrespect. Talking bad about you and putting you down. Complaining. “You never put down the toilet seat.” “I don’t want that. Stop it.” “You are never of any help.”

Dominating – In this category also belongs their attitude of “only what I want shall be done.”

Increasing Value – Increasing their own worth and market value by creating competition with other men. Even if there are no man in their lives right now, they make one up. They tell you various stories. They are also increasing their value by being aloof and pushing you away.

Negative Compliance Tests – They try to let you do things you would normally not do, but would do especially for women to gain their sympathy. Ironically (and that’s the point) the result will be the opposite of what you intended. “Can you hold my bag real quick,  while I go to the toilet.” “I need socks to play the game. Do you have any?” (looking at yours, that are on your feet). “Do you want to drink something?” (handing you her cup with just a sip left). She starts holding your hands and takes notice if you let go or not.

Jealousy – She goes out dancing, and talks a lot about how other man are interested in her (implying it indirectly). She hides details of things and she is vague, especially when you are pushing for an answer. She is flirtatious with other men in your presence.

Responsibilities – They own your responsibilities and make them their own. This is a subtle enslavement. My secretary for example has to do some paperwork and some organizing for me. So occasionally she comes and I have to fill in some additional information on those paper sheets. And right in our conversation she manages it to turn it around and give me instructions what to do and when it should be finished. So of course I have to provide some information but   she changes the energy and context as if she is the boss.

Role Adaptation – They take on a certain role. Being your parent for example. By expressively playing this role they are able to enforce the effects of the role.

Agreeing – After an argument you will see that they start argreeing on various things to end the argument. They are in control of starting and ending it.

Hoops – They throw a psychological hoop and see if you’re jumping into it. Often it is to deprive you of your power. She gets some feeling of superiority from knowing how you will respond.

Rejection – This is also often just a way to get a hold on you. Ironically women reject even men they are interest in.

The information gap – This word was termed by psychologist George Loewenstein. It states that there is a painful gap within our minds that we desire to close in order to relieve us from this pain. This gap is supposed to steer curiosity. This gap is created by questions and puzzles, unknown decisions, false expectations, access of information from others, remembering things you forgot. Women seem to know this even before it was discovered!

Panic Reactions – Once in a while they go for what can be called a panic reaction, when your brain gets short-circuited and you usually just blow. If the man gets physical, she turns it against the man and emphasizes how she really did nothing. And this works pretty well because her intention to short-circuit is well hidden. One example: It happens that she has bad breath and talks to you. You allude that she has bad breath and that she should please keep a distance while talking to you. You do that twice. She backs off walks around in the room a little bit then comes back close in order to relocate some things and then again to blow her breath into your nose.

Trolling Expectations/Perceptions – This is also a very subtle one and it can be said to happen on the level of thought. Three examples: She walks towards one side of a double door (holding the thought in mind to enter there) and you step aside in expectation she will now cross that path, but instead she now changes to enter through the second door. Secondly, the man expects her to behave mean in a certain situation but she is suddenly nice. Or you might know that she is attracted to you and expect her to touch her hair, but as you notice and pay attention to it she suppresses the movement and waits until you look away (may also be hiding in other situations).

Aloofness and Push – Pull – This was introduced at the beginning and though aloofness is something fundamental and innate to the female psyche it may be contextualized as a manipulation as well. Many techniques are supplemented by push – pull. They are preceded by a pull and finished with a push.

False Cause – Usually a woman blames and criticizes you exactly for what she is the cause. For example she complains that you are never doing anything with her. But when you make some propositions for activities she denies your suggestions without further ado. She is not interested in a constructive resolution of the conflict.

A Special Case – When you are arguing with some fact based reasoning in good will, what will often happen is that she implies in her argumentation that your fact is a generality and she gives an individual case for the purpose of disproving you as wrong (the individual case is also often a lie which is based on missing information that you do not have). Example: In a gender debate a man argues that men are often insecure in talking and approaching women because they are often not sure what is ok to do and what not. And that a man is supposed to do the first step because women never do it. The woman responded laughingly questioning what women he means and that she often makes the first step and speaks to men.

Caught Unprepared – One pattern is also that women strike when the man least expects it or is most vulnerable. Examples are when you come back home from work and are exhausted. are tired and start going to bed or leave a conversation with her.

Hiding and Enforcement
Lying – They lie from trivia to major things. Also to hide manipulation and aloofness. Often they tell you the opposite of what’s actually the case, “Men are pigs”, “You have to try to understand me”, “Men want what they can’t have.” When she bails out on appointments she talks about reasons of higher magnitude like it was raining or her mother did not let her. She does not respond.

Disguising – Disguising the process of aloofness and manipulative behaviour. Recontextualization. Basically all manipulation has to be disguised, otherwise it looses its function and purpose. “I am just trying to help you.”

Frame Control – This is a major one. Women almost have a super power here at their disposal. They are able to express their emotions and themselves unimpeded. They are at ease with it and do not fall into doubtful self-reflection. This is also why they enjoy dancing so much in constrast to many men. By being expressive and having a strong frame, it allows them to steer opinions and behavior. Women can even make an entire room consent to a certain preconceived belief just by holding a thought in mind.

Utilizing Needs and Positionalities – They know when a man likes something and use this knowledge to satisfy their own needs. Basically this is the foundation a woman works on: “her man is her kitchen.”

How do men cope with this knowledge?

All that is necessary to fully understand women and solve many relationship issues is to understand that women oppose and resist every ego weakness about a man and that they mistake power for love

Should men condemn this behavior? No, instead it is better to have compassion and forgive, especially ourselves in order to heal these aspects within our own psyche.  It stems from women’s deep need for security and issues of abandonment. It has to be understood that women had much less power than man in the past and that it is mostly the source of all their power.
How do you protect yourself from this manipulation and respond?
A usual way to deal with these issues would be to point out that you do not tolerate this behaviour and align with this attitude (cal. 300′s). However, women will not comply to this request, will use the various tools mentioned above and keep on going.
Women are so good at these tests, that they know that you will suffer from it and that you cannot really protect yourself from it. Because whatever you say your inner state will be known and to be kind in anger is pretense. Of course you can build a ‘thick skin’ and pretend, but ….
The only way to really master these tests is to become loving. If you have transcended the emotional field that is being exploited you will likely not get these kind of attacks and even if you do, you usually just have to laugh. Because you instantly get what is happening and you are not subject to it. This is a good response, because it denotes more humility and compassion.

We will end this article with a few calibrations:
This article calibrates at – no permission
The average level of consciousness of men and women is the same – true
There are no spiritual differences between men and women  – true
A woman perfects her intuitive side before the man does – true

Some of the manipulation techniques were completed from the german book “Lob des Sexismus” from Lodovico Satana, which lays out manipulation techniques in much more detail (only available in german).

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Posted in Relationships
156 comments on “How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego
  1. Enlightment says:

    so did my gf break up with me because our LOC was too much apart?

  2. Kayla says:

    This is basically bull shit made by a man who really needs his ego brought down, you cant categorize all women , that's crap , its like saying all men are rapists , there not, just like all women aren't controlling, manipulative and over bearing.

    • Dillon Thomas says:

      All humans manipulate. It's part of our evolution as a social species. He is just laying out some of the strategies that your gender employs. You are perceiving what he is writing as an attack on women, which it is not.

      • Michael says:

        In reading this… It seemed like this was an Opposite written article. AKA.. let’s write out how men manipulate women and just reverse all the gender pronouns and see if anyone notices.

        A agree with other commenters that all folks have some element of manipulation tactics, when they are afraid and not being aware that some tendency or fear is controlling them, feel out of control or too vulnerable and thus may fall into manipulative behavior.

        The aloof, carrot maneuver seems way more a guy tactic then a female one.. My experience of women’s aloofness has been something one can understand (and get women to clarify pretty easily) that they have been hurt before and want time to build trust. it’s at this time that one can start seeing if they are real themselves and can walk their own talk and be vulnerable when I am being… aka if they can show up too or want to be more controlling (just as men show their controlling maneuvers at this time).

        The article lays out a form of manipulation but fails to put it in proportional context, aka, this sometimes happens. It also gives little or no help in discerning when someone themselves are vulnerable or triggered (which can look like manipulation but is often when one is being openhearted and requires careful, mutually vulnerable contact). The articles absence of contextual advice silently leaves one in a manipulation arms race with little sense of alternatives…

        • sane man says:

          I disagree. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of different women over a decade, a lot of them very beautiful. There is a very large section of females who behave exactly as this article indicates. Yes most of them aren’t running these games 24/7, but they all use these techniques at some point. The interesting thing I found was 95% of them were in relationships, so it had nothing to do with “being hurt in the past” etc, it was pure manipulation for gain.
          Yes some men use some of these techniques, most do not, bit it’s fair to say I once had a male sociopath friend who used all these techniques & more.
          What I’ve noticed over the years is that generally speaking, the dumber the person, the more of these games they play, because they have nothing else to rely on to get by on in life, & nothing else to think about because of the stupidity factor. There are no lofty aspirations or higher thoughts, it’s just base level ‘I need/I want’ mentality.

          • WakeAngel says:

            So I guess because one article is written, that ALL women are somehow blanketed as being “manipulative?”

            What I find highly amusing is, I have simple intentions upon approaching or being approached by anyone, male and female alike. I have no need to get sexual attention from men because it’s available simply because I have female body parts. The sad part of this is, I can actively see men’s mental wheels turning when they try to decide what my approach is – and most of them are either horrified, or fascinated. I do not employ any of the complex tactics you have described above, because the ONLY thing I really want from a social interaction is a genuine connection that DOESN’T involve some kind of implied manipulative tactic. This article is biased and sorely lacking in taste to imply every woman behaves in this manner. I will agree that many do, but there are also many women like myself that genuinely just want to be nice and get along with others and they cannot be faulted for a male’s sexual attraction towards them, taken or not. I’ll give you a good example. I had a driver at work who became obsessive about seeing me every day and made inappropriate sexual comments towards me and even as I voiced my dislike of his comments and also my dislike of him trying to touch me, I could SEE him actively ignoring my dislike in favor of his private fantasy – that I wanted him and I was playing coy to be more of a challenge.

            MY point is, just as women can be manipulative, men can also play a BIG part in this game, and very stupidly be unaware of how they have actively put themselves in the position they are in because they are privately thiking about banging this hot chick they think is so great. AND they are so caught up in this idea that they are EASILY played by the woman. And you cannot fault a woman for that kind of stupidity, because YOU put yourself in a losing position any time you minimize a woman into a sex object rather than recognizing her as a person.

          • Little betar says:

            Nonsense, every female right down to my mother manipulates me. Our very society is structured in a way for this manipulation to be successful.
            Women are mysterious, not really, because this article pretty much explains an average female behavior. Naturally when I set out to do something or start something with someone the only manipulation I perform is that of which I have been conditioned to, like be nice, buy flowers, always tell the truth, obey your authorities shit like that. I am not an extortionist nor am I designed to destroy people, just wanna be left the fuck alone and get some pussy every once in a blue fucking moon. Women are women, but on top of that there's feminism and on top of that men are shamed and can't freely express their stronger qualities which are constantly put down and considered anti social. Its a fucked up world for men. Not all men, just about 95%. The other 5 is what 95% of women are really after, the lucky men experiencing some form of polygamy.

          • JustMyOpinion says:

            It's interesting that you actually used some of the examples given above in your own comment.

            You blamed men for being susceptible to manipulative behavior, even though that is wrong and you yourself had to concede that a lot of women were manipulative.

            Also an article about women who never employ these tactics would superfluous, this definitely seems to be for other group you described who do need to be treated cautiously.

            And you may, or may not as we will never know, have fabricated that story of sexual harassment.

            Lastly, men are sexually impulsive by nature to perpetuate progeny, women seem to be manipulative by nature. The difference? Men are criticized for it, but women are blame free for some reason. Women only seem to be attracted to men who can ensure survival, so that looks to be the way women express their nature/reptile brain which all people have

            Women may be objects to some men, but it's hard not to want to respond to powerful urges of nature i.e lust, but this does not make women objects, more like a person you want to have sex with.

            Lastly, you said this article was biased, and lacked taste. If so why do so many men have this experience that you deny for the most part?

            Obviously mine is not the ultimate, all inclusive experience of all women, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. No offense is meant by this, but this is what I subjectively see.

          • Luke says:

            I agree, I think women sometimes are not aware they are even being manipulative. And when you point it out, they are puzzled and then angry that you are getting in the way of them getting what they want.

            There needs to me more articles like this published so awareness can be brought to many men who are not sure why they can't seem to do anything right in their relationship.

          • Ehoodi says:

            Thank u only damn women & men use this primitive manipulations,my gf used them when we broke up she tried them on the next man-she got pregnant!

          • Kitty44 says:

            So we women should just be more honest and say “You’re ugly, I don’t want you”. It’s probable that the OP is just way better looking than you, or at the very least doesn’t expect every woman to want to sleep with him. I was a model, surrounded by perverts I had to pretend to be nice to constantly. So here’s a slice of reality for you: I was a beautiful, long legged teenager happily in love with the man I eventually married and when I said “no” to a fat, slovenly 40 year old with half his teeth and a serious BO problem who happened to know the right people and know how cameras work, I meant it. When I was nice to security guards it was because I wanted them watching me so I wouldn’t get roofied or raped that night because, guess what? Men will literally let you die if they don’t think they have a chance with you. And they all stupidly think they should have a chance with you. The only way NOT to be considered a “manipulative woman” is to be a stripper or hooker. Men love strippers and hookers. Did I manipulate ugly losers who actually thought they had a chance with me? Yup. Could they have just dated a girl commensurate with their age, weight, and social status? Yup. Did they fully deserve anything a girl who they had NO business hitting on (and in some cases were trying to statutory rape) threw at them. Hell yes.

          • Buff Bad Boy says:

            There are some men that are not able to be manipulated by these types of broads . The more confident , dominant , good looking a dude is and the more options he has with women the more the “ ball will be back in his court “ where it belongs . It’s time for men to start being men and women to start being women . Ladies ; Just an FYI : Men are getting smarter, and catching on to these games . Some men , like me for example , will always be 2 steps ahead . I lol when I read this because it’s obvious . Especially online where filters and narcissism is so prevalent with women . 5/10 are photo shopping their pictures to become 8/10s . Lol . Anyways : Femminism is also a useless pseudo sub culture .

      • Kitty44 says:

        Her perception is correct. Discrimination stems from identifying a group, in this case the entire female gender, and then identifying them with a negative trait (manipulativeness) that is not ascribed to the other group (the model “man” in this scenario is left reeling in his manipulated sadness. And what is the carrot here? Sex? Personally, I do tend to date alpha males, predominantly because they aren’t whiny bitches who constantly gripe that women are manipulating them. Women aren’t manipulative. Idiots are. Make idiots, female idiots: if you were born with no intelligence, strength, beauty, money, or human decency…in other words, if you have nothing to bring to the table, you have to use manipulation or you’ll lose to someone better. The problem with men is that they often only consider one factor- beauty- while alpha females want the total package. But hey, this article will definitely teach you how to stay forever on the Beta Pile. If you ever want to know how NOT to end up somebody’s bitch, read Chase the Cat. It was written by straight up players

        • mike says:

          Notice how you admit to all the behaviors found here with really good reasons why its okay and bash on this feller for his experience of your gender. He is a person with feelings, and if men aren’t allowed to comment on women then shut the fuck up about men.

        • Mike says:

          You seem quite heated, this article obviously struck a nerve. Content a little too close to home? You’re hurling around insults like no tomorrow. You are demonstrating the truth and reality of the article whether you realize it or not.

        • Francisco GS says:

          she is actually using a manipulation mentioned above; guilt. And theres more there too. Weird that she is so self absorbed that she didnt notice it. Well…at the same time she is just pedalling a book. Selling shit.

        • Every guy says:

          I find it intresting this article triggers u n other females.. if u girls obviously didnt have this issue you wouldnt be here proving every part of it right.. i just came across this article and as soon as i read the comments it rang completely true just from the reactions alone.. if find it really amusing one responder claims to be happily married and yet is commenting such horrendous toxic behaviourisms n thinks she is self justifyed in her apparent pride she wears like a badge.. bet her marriage is another she wears too.. to put it short if any of u girls are truely better then how ur approaching this article might not be helping ur cases any.. just a thought lol

    • Stacy says:

      Hahaha I’d have to agree here and say he was obviously a victim of some sort

      • Francisco GS says:

        Guilt and shaming. It’s mentioned above. You ideally should stop doing it because of how uncool it is…but, hey, if you can get away with being a douche, well then ‘more power to you’

        …”power”…as if shaming someone makes YOU strong…

        it doesnt, it is just a shot at making the other person weak. It is very unpowerful. But people dont see things this way.

        Not all punches mean Power. Only powerful punches mean power. AND EVEN THEN, power in the attainment of what, in the fufillment of what desire?

    • mike says:

      saying that he needs his ego brought down is an example of "disqualification".

    • Steve says:

      Actually, yes all of you do it on some level. Men do it to but in different ways and for different reasons. Usually the male reasons are more tangible and less emotional. I personally don’t believe that last tactic about being loving always works. In the face of anger and sadness manipulations… Some women the men who like strongly dominant men see this behavior as weak. That they become dominant when the man is loving.

      • Francisco GS says:

        who cares what that Dominant person thinks of you? What do yoy think of them? As long as you truly love the world you will love freedom and disdain the authority Dominant people place on you. So yoy are inwardly Indominable. You have, as they say in Taekwondo, an indominable spirit.

        Freedom will make you love. There is nothing to be proven, no desire for power (all power is corrupt, or ar least, the seed of corruption.)

        You may be a good fighter and therefor are powerfull…but with that power comes the ability to knock someone out in five second…that is corruption.

    • Girish says:

      I'm 35 and have interacted with many women. As per my experience most of the women are like what is mentioned in the article. Only a handful few aren't like that.

    • dwr3333333333 says:

      The article isn’t saying every single female has every single trait written in this article.
      However I have dated a lot of women over the course of the last 40 years and every single one of them has at least half of these traits.
      The overall point is the deliberate intent on their part to suffice with these behaviors when life is too short and needs to be enjoyed they’re figuring out a way to dismantle a good time with their games.
      Excellent article.

    • Frank green says:

      Exactly the example that was made in the article.

    • BobG says:

      Sun Tzu "The Art of War". For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

    • Mr. Magnificent says:

      Now, you’re trying to Undermine Reality and Direct. He has you pegged. Stop running from the truth.

    • Clay B Gillespie says:

      Hi Kayla, your calibration is 220, interesting to note that women at your level need to break a man down a little and vise versa to really find each other and build trust.

    • Chris says:

      You saying that just proves his point. You’re sitting their thinking about how “it’s a guy with an ego that needs to be taken down a notch” shows your thirst for messing with the male ego that is also your ego protecting itself because you would never want to believe that you’re a harmful person. You see yourself as someone who would never want to cause anyone harm proving that women see themselves as perfect.

    • foodyap says:

      Actually, most men are rapists. Get rid of civil society and you'll see what happens.

    • wally says:

      The original article was written by a woman. https://dailytimes.com.pk/writer/eeshah-omer/

      Here is the original :https://dailytimes.com.pk/235611/understanding-the-overbearing-female-ego-2/

      I find most women do not know themselves and think they are nice and men are bad. lol

    • J L R says:

      Are you seriously comparing rape to manipulation? That just shows you exactly what this article talks about.

  3. Paul Peterson says:

    Relationships are complex and there is always a "give and take." People can find they are dissimilar in ways that do not work to maintain a relationship. It is not nessassary to mentally and emotionally look at every partner as an eventual marriage companion. Both in the relationship are growing, changing. Sometimes it is together or it maybe apart. In any all cases be greatful for what each teaches the other. No time is wasted. There is always opportunity to learn and practice love, compassion, forgiveness. Even if it does not work out well, all involved can still love each other. It's not needed to hate the person to end a relationship that no longer seems right.

  4. mick says:

    Frank this is a great post. can you explain in further detail about "women oppose and resist every ego weakness about a man and that they mistake power for love"

    and can you provide more examples of how to be more loving, humble and compassionate when faced with these tests. with female friends and co-workers as well.

    and finally what do women gain from this behavior if it doesnt benefit them really.

    • Steve says:

      They really don’t gain anything. But they go by their emotional programming. It is done to test the emotional and mental strength of man. It both benefits them and hurts them. Because times are different and good men are not always keen on this stuff. That’s why you see so many broken relationships and families. Women are on some level even conscious of this behavior but they continue it still. Especially the really attractive ones.

  5. hmm says:

    a simple way to avoid being controlled is to just watch and observe, also letting the manipulator think that they are controlling you helps a lot, then simply proceed to do whatever it is that you want to do and never say yes or no and never argue, always say "hmm" then nod and then proceed with your life
    zero ego=maximum power

  6. mark morrison says:

    I ask the police for their opinion, they said, "all women are cunts" I hope they are wrong

    • No Longer fooled says:

      Not wrong.

      They are 100% cunts.

      The important thing is always deal with them on that level with a smile. The conclusion to this article is pure raw defeatism, which is also throughout the article. That, in and of itself, it pure bullshit.

      Nevertheless, most folks with a brain know you cannot defeat insanity with reason- the two are diametrically opposed in premise. That said, you do not have to fall prey (become a puppet) of manipulation if you step back and recognize the attempts to entangle your psyche, and refuse to participate in this mania.

      That IS the key. Non-participation.

      That means you will have to deny your sexual desires to conquer her if you want to be 'free.' Go ahead, admit it, you want to plow her corn field- in oh so many ways; but friend, she knows it, you might as well stick a neon sign on your forehead that says 'DUMB ASS'

      So let's play 'what if.'

      What if you didn't indicate you wanted to flex your pelvis? Think I'm full of it?

      Do this: remain stone faced when they start their crap. See what happens.

      Do you really think she'll back off? Not likely. It will escalate.
      Hint: that means she's really the one on the sexual conquest, not you.
      Let me tell you something, There's nothing a female manipulator can't stand than being rejected or ignored.

      Anger, hysteria, crying, laughter, flipping hair- all gestures of 'female engagement' and manipulation, 'body language'.

      My mother was one, my first wife was another. I learned the hard way, and trust me, it was hell.
      Suffice it to say, I was 'schooled' by the best.

      And yes, all women do this because THEY CAN. They can because you Men let them. you wonder why they think you're a Cretin? Because you act that way at the first sign of 'maybe I'll get some…'

      If you're stupid and engage, you're now their puppet and you are now subject to all their crap for as long as you think the trade-off is worth it.

      Then comes the day she discards you or you wake up to the fact, you've been played, and oh how you've been played.

      These same techniques are commonly employed by cult leaders. There is NO difference.

  7. Keith says:

    "The only way to really master these tests is to become loving. If you have transcended the emotional field that is being exploited you will likely not get these kind of attacks and even if you do, you usually just have to laugh. Because you instantly get what is happening and you are not subject to it. This is a good response, because it denotes more humility and compassion."

    Translation: Women should not be held accountable for their manipulative actions. Women should not learn to communicate with honesty and respect. Women should continue to practice manipulation, and as a response… men should practice love, humor, humility and compassion.

    What a terrible double standard to endorse. The advice above is insulting to men, and disempowering to women.

    How about an article communicating the importance of ending manipulative behavior in relationships? How to live with integrity. How to say what you mean, and do what you say. How to communicate clearly and directly, with honesty and respect… like an equal partner. How to be an equal contributor to a happier, healthier relationship, free of manipulation.

    • Andy Stelmach says:

      Keith it's true that if something pisses you off, you've got to express it – the article states this also. The quote you mention is basically saying instead of just resenting manipulative behaviour and trying to stop it from happening, use the fact that it's out there as an opportunity to grow and eliminate weaknesses in yourself, then the manipulative behaviour won't even be encountered. That's a great place to be, because the potential for manipulative behaviour to be directed at you will ALWAYS be out there. And I'll re-iterate what I said earlier – if a woman does find a genuine weakness and abuse it (i.e. you get pissed-off), sure of course you should express that and if she's a good person she will take that seriously. Alternatively, she'll just leave you if she finds too many weaknesses. That's just nature – just like we'll leave a woman if we decide we don't like her anymore.

    • vic says:

      And just how do you plan on ending manipulative behavior? By exposing it, by confronting it? I have been married for 19 years and exposing it creates more manipulation and rage.

    • Matthew Niswander says:

      Thank you for this post Keith.

      I myself was shocked to see this wonderful article turn into another man shaming piece. This idea that men should love unconditionally and woman should be treated without accountability is what has men confused about their role in this society, relationships and the home. A real man holds his partner to the highest of standards and will love her even more when she is accountable for this behavior.

      I am a single man who ended a relationship after just three weeks because I was being lied to and manipulated. It is a shame because I do not actually care that the behavior occurred but rather lack of accountability. Out of love for myself and her I walked. To stay with her and accept this behavior is to suffer and dis-empower the woman to grow as a human.

      I think you are spot on with living life with integrity, honesty and respect. One thing to consider if you are a man and are having trouble determining whether you are being manipulated is to look at what your partner is not saying. Remember, that withholding information is the same as being dishonest.

    • Penny says:

      It couldn’t be explained any better!! Thank you

    • Francisco GS says:

      This is not reality. You see…look out your window. what do you see?

      I see trees, a lake, the wind gently moving the branches and leaves…

      and you know what?

      They will probably be there after I have died and am rotting. They do not care about me, do not know of my existence. The lake does not know who ai am and what mt values are. This is reality.

      To accept reality you must accept things as they are, not how you would like them to be.

      The post is about FACTS. It is not impulsing a movment…there are several movments and groups and u can join them if you wish, and there you will satisfy your need for power…

      But power never satisfies. There is more…dispate what societt dictates, what women’s taste in high status men dictate…

      break free from these chains…there is truth inside you, with no need for action, for chaning the world and people…which the quickest way for one to become authoritarian.

      You want to change the world and people…

      Why dont you change yourself?

      Why not?

  8. Summer says:

    I hope that no man reads this hoping that using this context will give him access to intimacy in a relationship, not only with a woman, but with any person. While there's certainly validity to it, the context is completely off, creating more drama and in-fighting.

  9. Anon says:

    I hope not all men will read this and think these are the only reasons why a woman may pull back and ask questions.

    I myself have done this because of being afraid to trust again after being badly hurt…when my bf has asked why I am pushing him away I explain this.

    I would totally agree some women can be manipulative as some men can be, but just a female perspective here.

    My apologies if I have missed something

    • vic says:

      No, it’s true! It’s too much of a coincidence that people across generations, languages and cultures–largely with no contact with each other–have made these same observations. Women have no intention of being objective. They will take whatever position on a topic that is most strategic. You deny this because you’re a woman.

    • mike says:

      “I myself have done this because of being afraid to trust again after being badly hurt…when my bf has asked why I am pushing him away I explain this”

      That’s what you missed, excusing your behavior with the past. Do you live in the past or right now for the future. The issue is the root of the behavior.

  10. mike says:

    It's funny that even the women posting on here are lying, and taking offense, and turning it around, and say other women do this, but refuse to admit they do it themselves. This Post has given me a good understanding, and taking the Red Pill, I will never be manipulated again, and have already stopped before reading this post and others today. My own intuition has been growing and I have been seeing through the drama and illusion and have just stopped giving a shit, because it's true. What a woman says is not what she means. Lived it, have to deal with it, but what is twisted can not be made straight no matter how much love and understanding you have.

    • sane man says:

      Always the same with articles that expose this kind of BS, the women who comment either take offence and turn it around onto men, or they say others do it but not themselves, very very rarely will you see any kind of admission, which is testament to how deeply ingrained it all is into the female psyche, they take it as an attack on the very core of who they are, which results in denial/anger/rejection/projection or whatever.
      I agree to an extent that yes some men are equally manipulative, but generally speaking, and from my experience, the men who do it are usually sociopathic, or have sociopathic personality traits to some degree, e.g. lack a strong conscience etc. Men are not naturally manipulative towards women, but weak men can lean towards manipulation due to a perceived lack within themselves.
      I could go into great depth with this subject, as I have spent the last decade working with hundreds and hundreds of different women and girls, unfortunately waking up to the reality isn't that enjoyable, because it largely goes against what men are conventionally taught about women. However arming yourself with knowledge and experience is the only real way to gain a life of peace and enjoyment, unfortunately that can mean recognizing self evident truths, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, and dealing with them accordingly.

    • phil160km says:

      Women will never admit anything. If it happens they do watch for some kind of plan they hide against you or to get something out of if it. Even then what they admit will be reduced in a way to excuse behavior and to accuse you by justifying her behavior because of you, the man.

    • patrick henry says:

      This is easy to defeat though. All manipulators rely on how people perceive them to maintain frame control. When she does this at dinner, immediately cut off all emotional attachment to being correct or caring about the outcome. This will give you infinite power because it nullifies all her weapons.
      You're having dinner
      Her: blah nag blah
      You: (Lean over and sniff) Your breath stinks.

      Watch what happens afterwards. Remember to smile constantly and laugh at everything.

  11. Perseus says:

    This is exceptional. Outstanding and thank you.

    No men are not as manipulative as women. Fk the political correctness, women in general are manipulative cunts. Period. Men are generally direct, sincere and acting in good faith. Don't be manipulated otherwise. Of course we know that women select for the assholes, but that is a distortion of the norm. The reverse is not true, men do not select for cunts, it's just inherent to the creature.

  12. guest says:

    This page has a lot of useful information. Women, in general, are manipulative. It is how they get want they want. It starts when they are young girls, crying to Daddy to get something. They continue with this manipulation when they are adults and in a relationship.
    When men get tired of the manipulation they start to employ these strategies to regain some control over their own happiness. Unfortunately, women cannot handle being in a relationship if they are not in total control and will sabotage or exit the relationship if they cannot be in control.
    Many women are unhappy and alone because of their ego and their need to be the boss 100% of the time. Men find out, usually later in life, that they are happiest when they are alone and not being bossed around. This is all due to women and their need to dominate.

    • Steve says:

      Yes but women seek out dominant men. But they also resent it. It’s actually so twisted it’s amusing… And sad. I dated a Russian girl beautiful and highly manipulative. But intuitively I am aware of some of their manipulating. But still I “caved” a few times. But on the big ones I held my ground. Like not proposing right away. I still wonder about it. But when I was away for 6 weeks she freaked out after the first 3 weeks and ended up cheating on me after 6… Fouled up the relationship, she says it was because I didn’t resist her manipulations enough and she lost some of her love/respect for me. I said well it was because you went bonkers inside your head when I left and subconsciously tried to regain power over your personal life and relationship and cheated on me.

  13. john says:

    Excellent article. This a great start for a man or woman that is looking to understand what kind of people are out there and how to avoid them and to watch out. Great people don’t want to get married to an individual with these issues and there are lots of them from all walks of life. My best advice is if you looking for a woman or a man you must learn what kind of person they really are so you don’t became miserable from leaving 24×7 with on. If you do your homework you will have better chances to be happy with the person you married. Personally, love been single. Good luck to you 🙂

    • Frank says:

      Thanks John. The way I am going about it is also to become as happy and independent as I can be, which may then eventually attract a being on the same level into my life or not. (This works only if one knows how to apply the letting go mechanism, otherwise how to become happier?) After all it seems that being miserable in marriage, is just one's own misery reflected back to oneself.

  14. john says:

    Thanks Frank, soul search studies and understanding of detachment will lead to a greater understanding of the world we live in and to appriciate and love all forms of life and let it be the good and try to reroute the missed guide to greater good since the many appear to fall for the fears planted by their own “families ” or the known sociaty main stream we all live in.

    Generally speaking, individuals with these fear/ issues cope by controlling their environment by placing gullible an unprepared victims. However, the victims that do soul search realized their predicament in horror after years of marriage and what kind of life style they have signed for. The solution is of course, desolution and remove himself from harms way; since been in a pretentious environment is harmful and even fatal after years if not decades of gracefully crafted concealed means by your dear soul mate. The current divorce batles means and strategies can only endorse the mind set of the deceitful. For the informed man or woman that did their homework and walk away from harms way happy that did no fall for the aware or unaware cunning misguided soul. After, all true happiness comes within ourselfs and NOT by who you sorround yourselfs with.

  15. Guest says:

    >>There are no spiritual differences between men and women – true
    This presumes the existence of a "spirit". How was this measured?

  16. William says:

    I believe a basic introduction to evolutionary psychology for young men and women might help explain a lot of the confusing behavior by both sexes during the pair bonding process. Schopenhauer's "Will to Life" is nothing more than raging hormones. How else can our species continue to thrive? A man's social status and access to resources is what any smart woman should look for in a potential mate if she wants children. It's biology pure and simple that involves the exchange of a lot of messy body fluids. Not very romantic, I know.

  17. Abby says:

    Dear Readers, I am a woman . . . and have always relied heavily on statistics. I note each time I encounter a new group of spiritual seekers that the majority of them are women. (Just thought this was applicable to balance out this conversation).

    • Pacco says:

      A Special Case – When you are arguing with some fact based reasoning in good will, what will often happen is that she implies in her argumentation that your fact is a generality and she gives an individual case for the purpose of disproving you as wrong (the individual case is also often a lie which is based on missing information that you do not have). Example: In a gender debate a man argues that men are often insecure in talking and approaching women because they are often not sure what is ok to do and what not. And that a man is supposed to do the first step because women never do it. The woman responded laughingly questioning what women he means and that she often makes the first step and speaks to men.

    • Sam says:

      I don't get it? Why is that relevant to the article though? Am I missing something?

      While spirituality can have some good practical teachings, lot of spirituality is vague, directionless nonsense, & I say that is someone who became very lost to a point of derealization (which is a terrible experience) & have sought out spirituality myself.

      Spirituality is not objective truth. Spirituality is just another form of religion. I prefer character & knowledge building. I prefer things that we can prove.

      I find spirituality to be hypocritical, vague, & inconsistent. For example, seeking out & practicing spirituality requires a great deal of personal ego & self-elevation, yet spirituality teaches you to dissolve your ego completely at the same time. It's counter productive, & everything is just so vague, to the point that you can't really challenge it, or just accept it as it is.

      The very word 'spirituality' carries with it a reputation & notion of something higher & more profound, & I think that's a very dangerous notion to begin with because it's instantly perceived as some 'greater truth'.

    • Wally says:

      Probably because they are so unhappy with their lives as a result of their failure to understand their own toxity.

  18. vic says:

    Women have no friends, they hate each other? Not outside the US. In more traditional mediterranean cultures they have way, way more friends. Suprisingly enough, they get along quite well with each other.

  19. riksii says:

    You say women oppose every ego weakness but the same time women want males attachment. A male who can easily be manipulated and attached to female is mentally weak. Mentally strong can not be manipulated and won’t sell their mind by being reactive to external control, for example. In fact, it seems the like female chooses male that can easily be controlled and manipulated. That’s how evolution works. That’s how most males are chosen. An independent male is a threat to female because she wants male to labor and work for children and family which needs certain amount of attachment and in fact tolerance to suffering.

    • Steve says:

      Not really. They end up cluster fucking themselves a lot. They go for a strong independent type, get him to fall in love and if he falls for any of their games, they start seeing him as weak. But the man may in fact be very committed to them and the family. If however he shows some strong independence they are also become bothered and start with more games usually. Or they just destroy the relationship themselves.

      • Commentduder says:

        This reminds me of a girl I knew. It always seemed like she was pushing for me to act in a way that I knew would lessen her attraction to me. It was baffling.

        That said I think mental illness is running rampant these days and a lot of these girls are likely to have borderline personality disorder. It’s becoming pretty common in my little corner of the world.

  20. Dude says:

    I thought this was an interesting article as were the replies. To all of the women that have commented or will comment in the future, just remember that there are many articles on men, how we act, and what opinion the writer has which usually is some form of how inadequate we are what we need to change. Way too many articles if you ask me, written by women that don't know shit. Let us have our articles that talk about women shortcomings too. Also, in every generalization or stereotype, it is not saying ALL or EVERY person, but a vast majority which make up more than 50%.

    If you really think about it, no one is perfect whether to be a man or a woman. There are @ssholes on both sides that have hurt someone which is usually what prompts these types of articles to be written. There is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. Women manipulate. That is what they do, even the good ones manipulate on some level. Men like to f*uck multiple women. That is usually our fault, even the good ones. Why do we spend so much time blaming the sun for shining? There is nothing we can do about it. If we all found a way to accept each other, the good and bad, and not expect perfection, it would be much easier to forgive the one you love when they hurt you. If you can forgive, through understanding and insight, than you have a better chance of getting to resolve, and moving on with your life, together. This may even stop the cycle of people that get hurt and change into the people that will hurt someone else.

    Anyway, thats my 2 pennies for what its worth.

  21. musca says:

    Many techniques you described were used by my exgf, she has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Guys, please run away from these kind of women who one day see you as their knight in shining armor but the other they don’t even want to see you for no apparent reason. She will pose as the unicorn and will start mirroring you (as she really doesn’t know herself [weak self-identity]). The objective is to make you infatuated with yourself. Just wait for the honeymoon to end…
    This is not Bipolar Disorder (as she used to say) because she had a lot of difficulty being emotionally intimate with me. Boy, now I know what vaginismus means. They are impulsive and usually have a past of sleeping around (a consequence of the first and you could observe that by watching how many random males she has in her facebook account). If she says that her past does not matter: RUN!
    I’m lucky she didn’t get pregnant or that I didn’t get some nasty STD.
    Spread the word!

  22. Chloe says:

    This was so interesting to read as a woman, I definitely agree that myself do use the tool of jealously against men who don’t show interest or have hurt my feelings. Even I see a lot of these in my friends. Men are equally as bad though as I’ve read apon, the human race works in crazy ways.

  23. Mackenzie says:

    Awesome. I like your blog. I totally agree with you we manipulate our men. I am a drama queen with my hubby to get his attention because i know he is always afraid of it.

  24. women can make men do even things not in their line of hobbies by way of manipulation

  25. Mike says:

    This whole article is frame control with the supposistion that women are a certain way and men are not. We are universal spirit and have untapped potential at the very same things whether man or woman or for light or the darkness. Imagine this. A woman is born into the world with a blank template original innocence, same with a guy….dont you think that certain expectatiins like the ones above set up a mold that turns into a self fulfilling prophecy? Which happened first? The manipulating nature of woman or the nature of woman having been manipulated. Keep in mind their is a full scale effort to create divisivness amongst humans whther man or woman, green or purple. I happen to be a man when it comes to my physicsl being, however having died many times unto my true Self I am very closecto universiality right now….hence the God geniusness i just laid out right now. We are all god and i will tell you right now…100 percent of the stuff listed above belongs to one thing and that is not man nor woman nor humanitycitself. It is dark unconsciousness and you need not a book of skills to be real creative at busting it widecopen. Be awake, know thyself, andvall that is good will come and all that serves darkness will go. Great article by the way at describing 3rd dimensional tactics, spot on, howevercwhen youcare flying in 5d and sometimes 7d well things get REAL simple as many dynamics no longer apply because they cease to exist in the higher dimension of being and this experience. I wrote a book called the spiritual atom bomb by Michael William Springer. I think you can find it online for free as a pdf. Anyways bombs away…i dunno lol.

    • mike says:

      Reread this shit you wrote dude. Attributing the forces of darkness? Do you even know that darkness precedes, exists during, and after the presence of light? Shame on you for preaching this lucifarian crap. The author even included that both genders do this. The basis of your arguments is now invalid. Have a nice day.

    • Francisco GS says:

      dude…you suck writing, why would I read your book? At least have correct typing skills! Jeez.

  26. Angela says:

    This is a bunch of BS. Your stating that ALL women do these victimizing things to poor little ole guys. Guys are as manipulative as women. Not ALL women are manipulative, just like ALL men are not abusive di**s. I hope it didn’t cost you money and hopefully not a lot of time to sit there and dream this crap up. Your saying this BS based off what studies and evidence? I’ve been married 22 years. My husband and I have had our ups and downs. EVERY up and down WE have EVER had, was due to “a partnership”, a coupled, two person miscommunication; we broke our communication as a couple and we fixed it and our relationship as a couple. It takes two ppl in a relationship. Not just one. I refuse to believe that a female is always the manipulator and the problem in a relationship. Your bat sh** crazy for believing what You wrote. What you wrote has zero validity that if all women are accepting that they are demanding and put their men down, that if they accept and realize they are these trolling (feed The the troll), mean, controlling, guilt causing, horrible creatures…that they will just automatically fix their relationship. Whatever. What needs to happen is for the COUPLE to communicate, respect each other and don’t go doing things to your partner that you wouldn’t want them to do to you. For the female, one side of a relationship, to accept what your staying… That isnt going to solve ANY relationship issues. Respect and love for each other will. Humility and caring for each other will. But what you wrote; I now feel dumber for having read THIS! No wonder your female relationships have issues. Thanks for wasting my time in reading this. Manipulation, demanding, controlling, demeaning people (not females, not just males either) are the majority of the population… But I refuse to believe that ONLY the female is the one to blame. So if the female just accepts all the blame in a relationship, all the relationship problems will be solved. Great. Now I feel guilty for having been manipulated and controlled; put down and abused by you. Thanks for ruining my perspective on life. There is something seriously wrong with you. Oh, I have NEVER used a comment box by the way. After I read that, I couldn’t stop myself from replying to the very first one in my whole LIFE!

    • Steve says:

      Men are to blame sometimes too. But the problem comes when the women finds a “weakness”, manipulates it and then if the man acts like a pushover… She subconsciously loses respect for him. And eventually she begins to control things and or will leave/cheat or just become a huge pain to tolerate.

    • mike says:

      You at least embody the point of the article when you write. I find most folks can’t see themselves, myself included. Fortunately the brain is a changing machine, that can add new functions through training and habit. The question is do you care if you exhibit this behavior, will you attempt to correct the behavior, and will you relapse?

    • Francisco GS says:

      Those who act inocent are generally the least inocent of all…

      • Francisco GS says:

        And those who are most offended by the facts of power, are generally angry that the techniques they use and so cherish are being publicized…

    • Every guy says:

      Lady lady.. again with the happily married women reacting to this article.. uughh why are u reacting if in fact uve been married for 22 years? Why would it bother you? If you are married it means u didnt fall under this category and dont have these issues.. from what commented u spoke in truth and remained objectively fair in ur assessment.. the reality of shitty females who yes employ every one of these is not a comfortable reality to face but it needs to be faced otherwise things will continue.. just as females need to face that not all men are perfect as uve personally witnessed for yourself by experience.. so has the writer n many other guys who simply are tired of being treated that way.. people have every right to not tolerate any of it in any form regardless of anything and its how freewill works..just as manipulative behavior is a free will choice so is self awareness and self embetterment too.. just a thought

  27. Angela says:

    Actually a few of the ppl that replied are pretty much WAY out there!!!!! They just let anyone post BS Psyco crap on this blog.com. I’m gonna go get me a blog and start spouting BS from the rooftops! Yay! Let’s all say crazy sh**!

  28. pris says:

    yeah u sound traumatized.or ure attracted to these kind of women. you know the way some women are just attracted to jerks. not all women are like that and it’s unfair to stereotype us all. it also sounds like uve got a problem with your ego. some kind of bitterness in your tone and your examples. kkkkkkk. get help. there’s plenty of great women out there. wat u did here is tell us the kind of women ure attracted to.

  29. MarkTheThird says:

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Most women are such manipulative creatures. Frankly, I can’t stand most women.
    They take pleasure in making men feel guilty for everything.
    I can’t have a freaking whole happy day ever since I moved in with this girl.
    One minute she is happy, the next she is throwing narcissistic remarks and complaining.
    Why can’t she just enjoy life and let it flow like a river. I can’t even play a game or watch a movie peacefully.

  30. Anony-mous says:

    "Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards." – Benjamin Franklin

  31. Michael says:

    I’m afraid it is not possible to calibrate ladies (c’mon, are these females ‘ladies?! just being polite) who use these ‘techniques’, because they are in ‘hypothetical’ category. And hypothetical does not exist.

    That’s the only consolation. What is this level of consciousness? 20?

    Guys, if you are at higher levels, such creatures just won’t even find you interesting. You exist in different worlds, which do not cross…

  32. Michael says:

    …Or they MAY find you interesting, but it will be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to them just to communicate with you. For you they will not be interesting at all.

    • Steve says:

      Because the higher your consciousness is, the more you tend to come off as too genuine and unapproachable to these types. They don’t know how to deal with it. They can sometimes drag you back into the games though if you are not aware.

  33. Peter says:

    This could be seen as a controversial subject but after reading more of your blog I see it as an issue of integrity rather than a man versus woman thing. Unfortunately for many men we seem to be handicapped with a need for congruity and integrity more than women generally appear to be. This prevents makes many men vulnerable to manipulation. Knowing the game plan of manipulators helps us to evaded their agenda.

    Those men for whom integrity is not a requirement are not handicapped by the need for honesty and these men can use truth liberally or parsimoniously as they choose.

  34. Guest says:

    Excellent post: I was married for 21 years, and recognise almost everything mentioned here. The last part about ignoring it and seeing it from insecurity etc. would be good advice 100 years ago when men had security. However, now she can divorce you at will, take alimony, child support, your children and your house with her. Kind of difficult to view her as the insecure one. Also, she must take responsibility for her actions too. Equality means, among other things, equal responsibility for behaviour.

  35. guest says:

    This is an excellent post. All most all relationships do not even start unless women can manipulate man. In the most profound sense the souls that are incarnated in the bodies of women are here to reproduce the circus, the stage, or shall we say Hell. Have you noticed guys that when it comes to the experience of transcendental states when your are here and now and stop thinking and become spontaneous they always run away. They like it at the beginning but when the flow becomes too intense they leave as they become afraid to realize something very profound about themselves, something that would wipe out all their claims for power, that in those circumstances when they were given an opportunity to leave this circus they chose to become useful to it as means to an end. Every time when they are fucked they are reminded of their fall. If we drop the political correctness bull shit this truth is well known in all cultures. This truth is however so uncomfortable to women that many prefer lies not to make women's life more miserable as it already is. This is how it will be here forever and the efforts to somehow make the Hell more tolerable for women will not work out.

  36. Sarah says:

    How ironic that you would write an article like the attacking half of the world’s population, within a blog about consciousness calibration.

    Here are my comments:

    1. The points raised apply to ALL humans at the lower levels of consciousness, not just women.
    2. It’s clear the author has been hurt by one or more women and this article is his way of making sense of what happened
    3. Love, understanding, forgiveness are the only elements necessary within a relationship to make it work. It’s clear from this article that the author has not experienced love or understanding within his relationships or is able to forgive the women who presented these experiences he has attracted into his life, in order to help him grow.
    4. As someone who resonates at around 507 and with 2 children who also resonate at 507 and 510, I can say that these kind of issues do not exist when true love is present since ego seems to fade at these levels.

    I wish the author well and hope that he is able to find a truly loving relationship

    Sarah x

    • tomek says:

      Sarah What amazingly typical


      a man who is aware how women manipulate= a hurt miserable looser.

      Yes women manipulate and you’ve just delivered an excellent example.

    • Jennifer says:

      1. Men's brain structure is proven to be different and simpler than that of a Woman. A woman's Thinking pattern and Egoic mind is what rules her without her knowing.
      2. Only by swimming in water you're able to describe what water feels like and More Importantly HOW TO SWIM.
      3. An author cannot write an Article about " HALF-OF-THE-WORLDS-POPULATION" by simply meet 2,3,4 or TEN women.
      4. True love is ULTRA rare because EVERY human wants to Dominate and Rule and simply WANT things they think they want.

      Jennifer x

      Again if you read an article UNDERSTAND that Rationality CANNOT be promised/guaranteed.

      • James T says:

        That's interesting that the simpler brain of the species has contributed more to art, science, history and innovation than the more complex one. Thank you for that gem of wisdom.

      • XtremeSp says:

        I think what you meant to say is that men are more emotionally simple.

  37. Michael says:

    Guys, I wrote here a couple of comments 32 weeks ago… since that time I got some very gruesome "enlightenment". In fact, this article in mild form describes Narcissistic Personality Disorder…

    Nuff said.

    Read on both NPD and narcissistic abuse, and see for yourself!

  38. Damon says:

    Watch how women react when a woman tells them 70% of cheaters are…women…

  39. phil160km says:

    Finally it's about time someone explain clearly what is going on with drama-queens. Basically this article explain how terrible women often use their s*it tests and mind control techniques to drive you crazy. Guys, there is no such thing as a NAWALT or a unicorn. In order to sustain a relationship you must be able to become an expert to recognize all the nasty traps she will materialize in front of you. Even then she will find some ways to adjust and in her creative problem-making brain some better traps will wait for you. The way to not escalate in those drama and keep your sanity is to always remember to never take her seriously and better avoid living in the same house or engage in a serious relationship.

  40. Clay B Gillespie says:

    The article calibrates 465, and illuminates some interesting causes within relations. I keep it simple, she's likes me, test true, she's sexually attracted to me, tests true. She like X first X second, X third. And I would enjoy sex with X.

  41. hahaha says:

    Well not everyone is like that. You should also make the dominant and playful guy’s doings. They r the most in our society. Here l know these kinds of traits some of the women show but it is because they feel insecured about their position and they think by behaving like this ,they can hold the relationship. But if they are smarter enough,they would rather try to honest with their own self. I am more worried about those men who plays dirty trics with women for their own selfish pleasure. They r the worst.

  42. kk says:

    this is a male that does not empathize with nor understands women AT ALL, so he attempts to explain away every problem with “shes manipulating me”. Sheesh. Stick to your porn and stay the hell away from us with that nonsense!

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      So he's wrong but your blaming him by undermining reality.

      Also, you did just categories all women as falling under these descriptions.Quite telling. I suppose you'd say he should man up?

    • Mike says:

      Seems like an awful lot of men have extraordinarily similar experiences to the author’s, far more than do not. You are the only post so far that disagrees to this extent.

      • Mike says:

        Just realized kk is most likely female due to the whole “stay the he’ll away from us” comment, therefore I take back my comment about you being the only post that disagrees. I thought you were a male

  43. Sirus says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious that when you google a male being an abusive cock you get thousands upon thousands of hits. Go ahead and google females short comings and theres little to no information. I’m not even taking defense to this article, I’m simply pointing out that the MAJORITY (figured id make that unmistakable. Not all…) Of female commentators lose their shit. When it comes to bashing men (I’m by no means saying any of the blogs about abusive males are unjustified) you have females dog pile tripping over each other. Yet, when a blog takes an inarguably biased view to try and arm males with knowledge all the females are appalled. Do I get pissed off when you say men are abusive fucks? No. Because its a generality that I am the exception to, when you say that I simply view myself as above the norm instead of getting every kind of defensive.

  44. XtremeSp says:

    I think women in this article should be referred to people with more feminine essence? I do think that the point of this article is for men to transcend his own ego and therefore able to withstand the emotional force from the feminine ego. Though if the conscious level of the partner is too low and doesn't respond to your loving consciousness then you just gotta let her go.

  45. Mukkin says:


    Enough said.


  46. Concernet mwananchi says:

    The people who do the majority of the manipulation are NOT women, but rather the unique species of PLAYERS/WOMANZERS that ladies themselves create by GRANTING THEM EASY ACCESS while ignoring the majority of the men, who instead are thijnking using their PENISES making them perfectly suitable for manipulation. When my wife tries to apply manipulative behavior I don't actiely resist it

  47. Gregory says:

    Make a woman orgasm and you can do whatever you want with her. I was with a woman for 2 years. She turned out to be a closet drug addict. (Yes ladies, LSD or Cocaine even if once or twice a year is STILL an addiction. It is still something that you plan your life around, consciously or not). Also severe childhood trauma, absent father, resulting in trust issues, highly dismissive, difficult to communicate with. Rarely if ever seeing herself or her own contributions to the roadblocks in the progress of our relationship. She disappears for a month and I dump her. Cold.

    I move on and date other women. She returns two months later. Suddenly she is trying to invite herself over to my house. Guess what guys. This girl is simply horny. Women will never admit it. But when you make them orgasm they get NUTS.

    I'm not proud of this. But basically. It's the only balance to the entire equation. This person seems to write about all the negative aspects of women. I would agree that for the most part women are easily frazzled, prone to harsh judgements and loosing their cool, but they're also awesome to be around and necessary. I also don't think this author is aware of what it means to be a highly sexual being and by providing a dominating, commanding presence in the bedroom you can actually tip the scales in your favor. But this comes from real, honest, passionate lovemaking. Not porno fetish based perversion.

    It's better to give your heart and be hurt than to scheme and tip toe around wondering about what the other person might be doing. Give your heart and if it doesn't work move on. Someone out there will be ready for you.

  48. Angela says:

    Interesting article on how women manipulate men. The blog diagram is amazing and looks like the author has done extensive amount of work researching this topic.

  49. M3xN says:

    This article truly reflects research efforts.

    I have also burned my brain thinking about this phenomena and after collecting some empirical evidence I come to the conclusion that there are exactly two types of people in this world: ***holes and good people. This applies for every category ever made by humans for humans e.g. women/men.

    An ***hole can be best defined as using violating/aggressive behaviour. Many forms of manipulating behaviour are just aggression best labeled as ‘passive’ and typically used by women because of the biological determined relative physiological weakness. Men will more often use active aggression if the attribute ‘***hole’ is fulfilled.

    However, there seems to be a substantial association between the attribute ***hole and women in the modern societies and this association seems to be non-trivial moderated by the physiological beauty of a women.

    They might be several mechanism responsible for that.

    1.) In general passive aggressive behaviour is not on the agenda of law and executives and can bee more freely used and since this type of aggression is more present in women there seems to be overall a higher degree of aggressiveness in women.

    The point is that men might show the same degree of aggression in absence of a cultural and institutional framework which restrict active aggression.

    2.) Women in general gain a new degree of power in the society in the last decades, at least due to their economic better position. Women are now more independent and free to move between potential partners together with a type of aggression not restricted by the law while the type of aggression of the counterpart is clearly restricted, leading to a high degree of power in relationships with a men relative to men.

    2.) Using power in a responsible way need skills which are often learned by men in younger ages using roleplaying games in which one is a leader. Such forms has yet not been established in the primary socialisation of women and thus these skills are absent leading to power abusing women whenever power is achieved (frequently often observed if a women is the ‘boy in blue’).

    In addition, the primary socialisation of women is nowadays the same as before, which means running to the parents whenever struggle emerges is a sensible strategy. A girl is general perceived as being more vulnerable not only by the parents but also by the society in general. This clearly undermine the character development

    Of girls relative to boys leading to weaker characters of women relative to men.

    Last but not least, beauty is clearly correlated with power

    since the number of alternative partners of women raises if beauty raises.

    In addition beauty is negative related to positive character traits since social acceptance can be achieved even in absence of charisma and stuff.

    Its all about power relations man!

    Their is no solution for this generation just have fun whenever possible and love a girl like it is the last day on earth.

  50. john says:

    All of these attributes of the "female ego" as described above, appear to me; to mirror most of the qualities of an Narcissistic personality disorder hmmm are we saying that most women as a whole are self infatuated morons??

  51. Lee says:

    " it is better to have compassion and forgive, especially ourselves in order to heal these aspects within our own psyche"
    This is what I try to preach. Ive only met a few women who I truly despise, but the last one who I recently had to deal with was the worse, and I need to forget it from memory(started getting prideful and insulting because I was acting arrogant apparently, which admittedly I did abit, but she went made a very big deal about it just to feel right, and obviously i didnt want to have to agree or apologize to her; next time Im just going to embrace the inner bad guy in me).

    "It stems from women’s deep need for security"
    Ironic that I told her something of that degree in a calm manner, and she started defending shouting hysterically about how she doesnt know what the hell that means. Hope she gets what's coming to her when she behaves like that to her boss).

    I'm glad I found an article addressing the ways that SOME women can act manipulative out of insecurity.

  52. Ray Matt says:

    The problem goes beyond a “females need for security”.

    After she has secured her stake (half the house , custody of the kids, support payments) she'll keep up the games and shit tests. It's in her hypergamous nature to always test the relationship. Once she has her security and you no longer pass her sniff test, she moves on. She'll paint her face colorfully like a baboon in heat's hind end hoping to get the attention of a higher status male.

    There's sociopaths of both genders who are manipulative. And then there are females. By their nature, men in a relationship feel fulfilled by being a protectors and providers. The women feel fulfilled being protected and provided FOR. Men, as providers, don't need to play the games. Women, by their nature being the takers & always on the look-out for a better deal, do the manipulation for all they can get from male providers. It's their nature.

    Men have been BS'd by their mothers, Hollywood and music industry that women love them like they love women. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  53. Truth seeker says:

    Mental terrorists. It’s what they are.

  54. Remi says:

    There’s this famous quote… I think from one of these Shakespearean type novels. It asked the question: What do women want most in this world?

    The answer was: Control/Power over Men. & that really hit home. Stay independent and love yourself more than any women lads. Hope you find a good one out there. They’re out somewhere.. it’s just extremely rare to find a genuinely good person that isn’t out for self.

  55. Rom30 says:

    I think this was very well written but for those who need a one size fits most answer, let me clarify. All women need information IF they choose to play their "game" Cut that supply chain off and you're good. What I mean is, don't tell them where you are exactly (i'm just downtown catchin up with a friend) don't tell them everyone you are with (yea, its just me and some buddies, you know Franks friends) never tell them at what time you'll be back exactly (I don't know babe, I'll try to be there soon though) let them drift…of course albeit this applies to guys who don't cheat and want to keep that slight leverage. MOST women, not all, are excellent observers and listeners, scary in fact how good they are. Break that chain, thats it. Cut it off. Let them wonder. ALWAYS let them wonder…

    If you are trying to "pick up" women, for the lack of a better word, you have to do the same but with some minor adjustments. Do your work during the day, not at night at some bars or clubs. See a girl you want to talk to on the street? Say this " Hey, my name is <Alex>, I'm actually on my way back to the office, but I was wondering if I you'd like to get a drink after work" This works, why? you're employed, you're not sleezy, you're "genuinely" busy, you're impulsive, you're confident. BUT most important, you didn't give her anything besides your name and that you are busy and here is a quick bonus, most women won't say yes to drinks the same night, they want to play it off cool, which is calculated and expected. They have to go home after work, get ready, get changed etc, thats an ordeal for most of them. If she is genuinely interested or intrigued by you, she will offer another date and time that works better for her, and of course by doing so, we give her the security and the illusion of control and gentlemen , here is the key, you take whatever expectations you have and throw them in a binder and don't open that file of hers again until she PHYSICALLY shows up. I don't need to mention that you should obviously have her number. Now go play, class dismissed.

  56. Anne says:

    I think both genders can be suspectible to manipulation, and women perhaps to a higher degree. But lets look at the causes behind these traits. Why do they spring forth in the first place? Insecurity, mainly because of biology and human nature- On both sides. Men in general are wired to spread their DNA, to have children with a lot of women. This leads to a higher degree of infidelity in men. What women want in a relationship is security and commitment.. When we feel this is lacking to some degree, we loose interest/ramp up the mans need to “chase”. Men want sex, women want connectedness. One leads to another. Why all the hate? It takes two to tango, however I do agree that this behaviour is perhaps childish and unhealthy- But it also stems from upbringing(how your parents have communicated) and societal expectations with a mix of nature at play. I think the healtier option is to look at the reasons behind the other persons actions, and show compassion and try to raise above this kind of thinking that leads to hatred on either gender. This gender war is getting ridicilous. This article show’s only the perspective of the man, and not women therefore i think it has a too black-and-white taint to it.

    • Christopher says:

      "Men in general are wired to spread their DNA, to have children with a lot of women. This leads to a higher degree of infidelity in men"

      Yale released a study about 14 years ago about infidelity. Their research showed that women cheat approximately 4% less than men do.

      So, there really isn't a "higher degree of infidelity in men"

  57. No says:

    It is difficult to tale this article seriously when you cant spell lose properly. While.this is an interesting article it should be said that both sexes are capable of these things and not all women or men partake in these behaviors. Homestly ypu sound a bit bitter amd biased. Additionally you lack qualitative evidence to back up what ypu are saying, it seems based on personal experience. But i digress, many people manipulate others regsrdless of gender and its sad. be vigilant and stand up for yourself.

  58. Axe God says:

    Women are Chihuahuas. They are SUPPOSED to be on a leash but rarely are they. People let them be annoying​ because they are weak, which is bullshit and why they are weak and annoying, especially the ugly ones and the really pretty ones. Less than 5% are worth keeping the population going. Human females who have ever bit of help in the world are the only females in the animal kingdom that can’t take care of their young without even more help. Single women usually raise bad kids, especially girls. The boys end up simp slaves and write these articles after years of abuse by “modern women” that aren’t worth a used bike but think they are God.

  59. Fermin says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Thank you

    for providing these details.

  60. jon says:

    Just ended a 12 year relationship when I found her cheating. She tried to turn it on me and then said this can't work and I moved out. I found out that she had been lying about every important thing in her life. I found out 3 years in that she had been married twice not once, she stole from me, and lied about a lot of things. Each time she was caught she cried said she was sorry and then it was a sex fest for days after. She would look me in the eye and say "lets go away next weekend and in the same breath say I'm going out to see my sister when she was fucking some other guy. I was manipulated for 12 years and now she is doing it to some other guy. I spoke to him and he said he didn't know she was living with me for 12 years… She was prim and proper and I never suspected. Now looking back at her story of her life I now know from investigating that she saw me while still with the other guy in the beginning. It kills me as I feel I lived a lie for 12 years. Im very sad to read this article but it makes perfect sense in my relationship. Women need to grow up and be strong. they seem to let their emotions control them and then when they cheat and get caught they drum up justification.

  61. OU812 says:

    There are two main characteristics to narcissistic personality disorder..

    1.) invalidation

    2.) gas lighting

    Love has no conditions n equates to support but begins with the self because as a source of its what comes from directed to something

    Forgiveness is also with the self not what is outside of it.. its about realizing then instead of carrying the burden u release it from yourself.. at no point are u obligated to another or responsible for them or accountable to them.. to each thier own and its how free will works.. it is not something u grant or give another..its something u do for yourself and isnt absolution or a free paas to the bathroom people

    Its concious awareness for a reason because again its of the self.. it begins there and it begins as a realization of something n its how u become aware and concious of how it makes u feel to begin with.. its this beings have issue with n need to work on within themselves.. its called being concious because it compares to being at the wheel of a car with passengers in it., concious equates to being in control of thevwheel driving the car.. un/subconcious equatesvto backseat and side passenger control.. part of growth in life comes with evolving past the codependancy for outcomes and other need based things .. its called codependancy for a reason and its self serving at all points.. no amount of disagreement or reasoning is going to change the objective universal truth n order of life.. humans do not decide for or govern or control this and thier very natures speak loudest thru thier very choices words and actions.. it is not something they can hide at any point the very reality of.. call it whatever u will.. it is what it is and no amount of manipulative effort is going to change it.. to accept means to embrace which is exactly what the writer of this article has done which wasnt done in resistance to anything but in acknowledgement of it.. it is not seperate from it as divided as some may be towards it.. it takes courage to brace truth and even more so to accept what it truely is because only then n thru which can clarity be gained.. otherwise its never arriving at the depths or reaching the bottom n remaining in the shallow end never daring to venture any further.. its only more stones being dropped invthe pond and as they do the mud in the water swirls n distorts.. if u notice such never settles.. its why its called a perspective shift ascension.. and if u cannot see where u are going its no different than having a sliver n refusing to have it pulled.. u have to treat the wound first by addressing it n not throwing over bandaids because itll only become infected n i think its pretty clear how life works because nothing is seperate from the very nature of things and is connected in every way.. people can fight it all they like but reality is always going to win.. so will nature.. so will the universe.. humans control none of it.. nothing but themselves.. it is all they have.. that should of been clear the very day everyone was born.. the very fact they reside in a body.. the very fact they use it and experience thru it.. to deny what comes from it is like being in denial of the self.. no amount of advertising can distort it.. lie to the world all u like n paint any picture u like but in the end when it comes down to it u cannot lie to yourself.. spirit is what comes from u because its what embodies ur nature.. not from anything or anywhere else.. its why its called in–>spir(e)-ation.. because its in the spirit of but so is in–>fluence n just how fluid is that.. any resistance? Or does it go with the flow? I see that everpresently clear what is and what is not thru what come from as a source of., and u can always see whats aligned and in wwhat way.. because it always is what it is not what it is not.. u all know how polarity works right? If ur not sure what that is then get two magnets.. then tell me if opposites attract.. square pegs dont fit in round holes no matter how much u try to shove it in.. life does not come cookie cut nor is anything within it either.. there is only one of everything in the universe no matter how much u humans seek to lump everything together.. nor is anything predetermined as much as that truth might suck for 99% of the population.. this author has done nothing wrong and growth is a process just as much as life is a series of trails n errors.. its not a contest or a competition amd its not about entitlement either.. there is no right or wrong.. either it is or it is not.. natural or unnatural.. u can forget the duality because houses divided cant stand.. life is an experience n as beings its what we collect along the way but as beings we each are experiences of ourselves that everything around us gets to experience.. keeep that in mind because u are “within” society “within” life.. etc.. no matter what its the constant them thats objectively(not subjectively)happening..its also about presence thru point of being.. because we live in the here and now.. continually.. its how life works n if u want to know how that works go to any mall n look on the map n find where it says “u are here” n then go fibd another in the mall n take a gander.. let me know when u realize its not the same point of being.. thats how life works n its about where u are with it not anything else.. dimensionally u will discover this is in infinite ways in life., not just one thing one way.. as much as those with control issues like to fool themselves into believing., control begins with the self and integrity is of the self too.. nothing else decides for that ever or gets to.. u cannot give ur power away to anyone.. life may be like the menu at the drivethru n u can pick n choose whatever u want it also works like a subscription membership u are free to cancel anytime u like .. its that simple.. those who do not respect u will show u thru how they approach ur boundaries n nothing in life people is a given., its called earn ur keep because nothing in life is for free literally.. no matter what u have to invest like it or not.. nothing is going to do it for you.. n its extremely clear people in service to themselves arent aligned in such ways ever.. its only if it benefits them n its why society is egocentric.. currently all around every one of u this version of the world is crumbling to the ground.. this artlicle is only proof of status quos crumbling n no one ever said ascension and evolution was going to be a pain free process.. its called growing pains people.. deny it n fight it all u like youre only hurting urselves.. what u resist only is going to persist.. if u catch my drift.. acceptance and allowance is key people.. as the beetles say “let it be” right? U can see clearly who cant from the comments guys..

  62. OU812 says:

    And if anyone wants to bitch about what i just said then hear this.. life is based upon common f**king sense.. either its there or it isnt.. there is no such thing as fake it till u make it.. ass gas or grass no one rides for free..it is not based upon conjectured twisted logic because life owes u f**king nothing nor does anything in it.. on the journey of ones life they are upon a path and one never crosses the bridges before they get to them but it is also to say that upon conclusions obe arrives to them n never jumps to them.. its why its called look before u leap.. ladies first and a phelethera of ageless wisdom passed fown sonce ancient times., ull find such books in libraries but in order to check anything out one must apply themselves first to be able to.. credit itself is a false reality and nothing in life works based upon it., nothing sustainable to say the least.. it wouldnt take a complete idiot not to plainly see it.. last i checked relation is the first part of the word relationship.. relation comes from the word relate., check any meriam webster if ur not sure on how its properly defined.. if ur not sure on anything else in life the best thing u can do for yourself is invest in a really good dictionary.. because making life up as u go compares to going thru the desert with a blindfold on and it never gets u far.. depending on how u relate to any of what ive just told u.. how well u relate “to anything” depends greatly upon you not anything else.. because nothing is obligated to u in life or has to be nor does it owe u shit.. its life snowflake… get used to it.. people dont like being told what to do or being controlled and they arent in this world as anyones personal f**king remote controls.. life is not about give n take or f**king settling for less or compromising n it sure doesnt work one way or your way.. if u want burger king then get off ur lazy ass and get urself there.. no one is here to hand it to u or serve u.. and no one has to do it your way because life is not a one way street and females dont fart magical ponies n funshine rainbows buttercup.. thier f**king shit wreaks just about as bad as the douchewad dumbasses do.. because thiers aint a basketload of febreeze.. n if that triggered u then good it means as an empathic intuitive im doing my f**king job the right way.. i dont fluff anything in life n give people what they need to hear guidance wise pretty f**king straight.. i have whats known as a bullshitmeter n its not something i tolerate either.. it works like this ..u get out of life n things within it what u put into it but u also reap what u sow.. facing that authentically n honestly is the best policy always.. ur free to live ur life however u wish but just remember that while u cant take it all with u.. your experiences u do.. the second u cross over ull be faced with a review n that reviewvwill come thru the perspective of everything u interacted with your entire life so keep that in mind.. nothing in life is free.. the universal laws govern everything in exsistance including every part of you.. including karmic law and reincarnation.. same with life themes same with the rest.. if u beings even remotely knew what the truth of reality is before u “present”ly at all times u would not do half the f**ked shit u do.. everything is connected within the pond called life n ur actions affect everything else around u and ripple out as it travels.. its how life works.. go to any pond n stand on the bridge above n drop a pebble in the water.. that is u., the pond is life and the water is everything within it.. did u think any of you were here by chance.. coincidence? Everything in life has a reason n purpose because that is what it is founded upon to support all life.. withoout a foundatoon based upon principle and the pillars of virtue upholding lifes structure it does not stand.. but it takes supporting life around u not taking life from it., u are here to experience as a being and not here to be a f**king thing., wake up n smell the reality before u.. otherwise u will have missed the moon while counting the stars.. and u will have spent ur life achieving nothing as it passes u by.. lifes secret is in what u make yours.. make it count n make a difference with it., be the difference.. be the change in the world u wish to see because it doesnt work any other way., life isnt a f**king microwave n omelettes dont come ready made., it takes cracking a few eggs to get it just right.. life is also not all u can eat n its not here to serve u.. if u want something get up n get it urself n wuit expecting everything else to do it for u.. the wine never matured with age it did so thru how well it was stored .. that comes with experience.. n from it.. never something given.. want the wine? Pick the grapes.. want the vino? Get a bucket n get to steppin.. the wine aint gonna make itself.. or maybe u thought growing up life was like mommy n daddys n maybe ur just flat out f**king wrong.. dont like it then go back to them n wear the diapers n have mommy do it all for u princess.. n while ur at it tell her the big bad world was scary because she’ll always love you right? Go on because loving yourself was too f**king hard.. go on because thats easiest right? Like everything else u choose when shits not to ur liking n nothing ishaving it your way n crap gets really hard.. dogs are cute till they shit.. part of life is accounting for it and part of responsibility is bending ur self entitled ass down n picking it the f** k up.. like the alpha life well heres s f**king preview call im going my way n ur in my car n if u dont like it get the f**k out.. bitch all u like its my csr n i earn my damn keep., life aint no freeload but im sure if u act now go on down to home depot n they got a handy selection on shovels to dig as many holes for yourself as u like., my money is my money samevwith the house n everything else i own., dont like it its called the frieght train n if u hurry u can go catch the rest of ur freeloafing hobo buddies., theyre on thiervway to under the bridge down by the lake., its where people who dont conttibute a f**king thing end up in life.. beauty is no exception because poverty for broke ass bitches who are full of themselves is equal friggin opportunity.. poverty doesnt discriminate lady.. niether do debt collectors for duechwad dumbasses who overcompensate.. a lil integrity and humility goes a long way .. trix are for kids n ull find a number of game in any toy section at target., maybe u could groupon n get urs gor cheap.. cheap like u people love everything .. cheap watered the hell down., hell half the douchwads outbthere dont have a belt to hold thier pants up., but i guess no one has told any of u ladies that crack kills seeing how u keep going back to it.. id love to see things the way many do but i cannot shove my head up my ass the way many seem to.. just a bunch of buttheads walking around doin shitty ahort sighted things.. whole lotta constipation and not enough consistency.. but upon things there is no follow thru.. no substance and its nothing but a bag of empty oreos.. a whole damn bag.. think ur not gonna try to get ur money back? U order food at the drivethru n u investing what u ask for.. u arrive at window two.. now tell me.. if u ordered 20 nuggets n u get a box of ten are u im lovin it? Dobu walk into the mcdonalds to order whatvthe hell u dont want? No? No one else does so why think they do.. why treat them that way.. its just f**king stupidity n people werent born yesterday., advertise it any way u like.. comes down to ingredients n if its not done right ull f**king know.. its that simple .. care to disagree then headvto mc donalds n i guarentee ull be proven wrong.. i dont care what u try sellin me… if its not right then its not.. no amount of ribbons will make it anything other than a pile of steamy shit..call it whatever u will this article was dead on.. id love to read the one on duechbags cuz ill say the same f**king shit to any there..

  63. Rebecca Brown says:

    Wow! I researched this article bc I was accused of being manipulative. I wanted to see if in fact, I was doing something wrong and correct my behaviour. I was confused when my boyfriend responded to me with this accusation. I thought I was being open and honest with him. After reading the article I see that I wasn’t doing any of these things but it was him doing them to me! He does alot of these😖😮. Now, I don’t know what to do! ???

  64. Lisa says:

    I asked permission to calibrate this article and received permission. The answer was that this article does not calibrate over the level of 200. It serves an ego purpose for the writer. The writer did not receive permission to calibrate it, likely because the intention was not one of integrity. We have to be careful and not believe everything we read or hear to be true, even if it is on a blog such as this one. Also, anyone who boasts about their LoC or how good they are at calibrating is likely to get caught in an ego trap. Be careful of "wolves in sheep's clothing."

  65. Not sure says:

    Wow the smarter u are the more things get bad based on having to think a certain way. What if thinking in certain ways is literally dumb but smart and we are injuring nature for a flying buttress of nature

  66. Anamaria says:

    Frank, you must have been badly hurt by women, for you to write this article.
    I am very sorry you had to go through experiences that had to be expressed in this way.
    For the record, I laughed while reading it. Well, at parts of it, other parts just talked about you, how much women hurt you.
    I did something else, I was trying to add the frame "did i do that? do i do that?" to all arguments just to see how much i can stay true to myself and how much of the article was general stipulation based on subjective experience.
    You are right to some extend and you are also wrong.
    It does sound like you're trying to be forgiving and loving and understanding to where this manipulation is coming from (setting aside if this be female conducted or just applies to all human beings with lower vibrations) but what resonates to me from this entire picture is the pain that no woman until now was able to change that perspective in you about all those thoughts and especially feelings.
    If I may, have you tried to check out the female perspective as well, or how we see things from our side ? You may find that actually the lack of proper communication leads to a lot of misunderstanding of power, manipulation and conduct in relationships.
    What helped me a lot to gain the male perspective and understand what is true and/or false in relationships, I picked from many authors and materials, but the most prominent for me were the following :
    John Gray – "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"
    Esther Perel, Belgian psychotherapist
    Gary Chapman – The Five Love Languages
    Tony Robbins – basically all of his work

    I don't want to come out as commanding, just sharing my perspective on how I perceived your article, my intuition is telling me you don't want to think that way about women.

    I will take this opportunity to thank you for creating the Consciousness Calibration Research Technique Blog! I am learning so much in here!

    Have a good day!

    • Frank says:

      Thanks for the comment. Not being aware of being badly hurt. However the article was written at a time when I was surrendering on those issues, so some resentment came through. Good that you can laugh about the article, seems like you came to some resolution of those tendencies. God bless.

  67. Cara says:

    I feel like this article describes a very specific type of unhealthy, unbalanced women who needs intense counseling. I am sure there are women like this, and maybe they are more common than I would hope.

    As an intelligent woman who studies relationships, the subconscious, etc I would just like to say (and I know I am not only speaking for myself, but many, many other women) that the author does us a disservice. I do not operate my relationships or base my behavior on the principles mentioned in this article.
    I may be selfish at times, but I am capable of genuine love and concern for another person's welfare, whether it's a friend, a stranger or a lover.

    Like I mentioned before, the level of selfishness and manipulation and twisted thinking described in this article represents a woman who needs counseling real, healthy relationships with others who will give her both the non-conditional love and truth (constructive feedback) she needs – as well as professional counseling – to grow into emotional and relational health and maturity.

  68. Raven says:

    Yeah. This shit happens and I just dont care. Relationships just take away from my life, so I dont care to be married or in a relationship. I once had a good girlfriend but she would always claim im spending too much time studying music. Well, considering it was career path I felt like it was important if you actually wanted a stable living. So I dropped her. Had many bad relationships after but was pretty uncaring at that stage. Im not the type that enjoys using people so I just remain single now days. These mind games are pointless

  69. Yelena says:

    I'm curious how this article calibrates on LOC. Not by the author, of course.

  70. Rick says:

    That is B.S.! Like EVERYONE, you are living up the flea/male crack as toilet paper for WOE-MEN! Why would you blame the victims that game playing and mentally unstable WOE-MEN create!? It is MEN who are intuitive! How do you think in cave man days, we could intuitively figure out what a prey animal necessary for food would do next? How do you think when a hundred choices were available, that we were able to out think and kill the opposing cave men that wanted to kill us!? How do you think that we are able to so often correctly determine when a woman is even worth dealing with, and eventually, wind up in bed with her, even the though WE don't have the massive flea/male advantage of being approached, and knowing how the other person feels!? Maybe we could TRY to forgive bitches for socially, sexually, and emotionally tyrannizing, oppressing, and shit testing the HELL out of us, (which they would NEVER let US do to them) but we certainly have nothing to forgive OURSELVES for! I don't know if you are male or female, but I DO know that you are yet ANOTHER apologist for man hating, game playing, sexist, and deranged women! What a TARD!

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