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What is Integrity ?

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Explaining an invisible quality of consciousness precisely is a difficult task. Yet when its expression in the world is circumscribed and the facets are laid out it becomes simple to grasp. Integrity is an energetic aspect of consciousness and not only denotes trustability to oneself and others with a consistent frame of values but a supportive way of life.

Someone can be very integrous in one aspect of life and in another one utterly non-integrous. One can have a non-integrous attitude but as a person as a whole be integrous. Someone might be addicted to alcohol for example which leads to a lot of incongruency in decision making overall in life. Someone else might have a simple belief system which says that he does not bear any insults or anything else that makes him angry, which may often lead him to having unnecessary arguments with people and is in conflict with his overall attitude to be considerate and loving. So one’s degree of integrity is also concordant with one’s degree of self-knowlede and capacity to love. How can a hateful person be really integrous? In the moment of hatefulness responsibility is thrown overboard, and ones point of view is colored by a totally new perspective, a negative one which reduces the object of hate to a single narcissistic idea of victim and perpetrator.

Integrity then is a critical point where “things out there” are reowned and narcissim is put aside. Thus it is best described as a certain positivity towards life. It’s the critical point that makes something “truthful”. Since it can be seen as a multi-dimensional and complex word, here is a list to better grasp its meaning.

Above 200 integrous Below 200 non-integrous
The strong protect the weak The strong attack the weak
Taking responsibility for one’s life Blaming others
Enhanced perception Projection
Understanding and acceptance Denial, narcissism
Giving more energy to society than taking Taking more energy from society than giving
“Being above” circumstances Feeling as victim/perpetrator
Source of power is within Source of power is without
Peace, caringness, fairness have value Have no value,  are seen as weak and are even opposed
Brings forth compassion Brings forth disdain
More benign Dominated by self-interest
Able to perceive integrity/non-integrity in others Not able to discern integrity
Indicates functionality Functionality is impaired due to motive
Intention for the benefit of others Intention for the benefit of oneself
Friendly, easy going, cooperative, courageous,  good-hearted Hostile, envious, prideful, fearful, angry, guilty, shameful
Honesty Tendency to lie for gain and cover up defects
High self-esteem, humorous Low self-esteem
Truth Falsehood
Existence Non-existence
Love, wisdom, happiness Negativity, evil
Higher mind has faster processing and can comprehend truth Brain physiology dominated by lower mind
Etheric brain emerges for further development No etheric brain
Capable of growth Real growth is not possible as it is a function of consciousness
Power Force
Many things are accomplished on their own Greater effort is needed to accomplish certain tasks
Capability of action enhanced Diminished
Grip of drives loosened Impulsiveness and drive dominance
Valueing one’s own and other people’s life No valueing
Beeing aware of one’s existence No awareness of one’s beingness
Supporting life Anti-life
People may hate you and feel guilty afterwards People hate you without feeling guilty about it
You think you are a “what” You think you are a “who”
One recognizes himself as a being One recognizes himself just as his behaviour
Capacity to face fears or character defects Anxiety cripples endeavor

In the list above you can also see why being integrous is so important and helpful. It just makes one’s life much easier. By valueing others you are valued and appreciated by them as well.

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4 comments on “What is Integrity ?
  1. dsdsdsd says:

    Hey, I just want to say that after reading the article on women manipulation on your blog, I have been second guessing a lot of my female friend's motives.. I understand that evolutionary speaking, those behaviours increased the probability of their gene's survival, but simultaneously I felt this sense of hatred and negativity, which I am happy to say, has been repelled after reading this article on Integrity. People submit to their weaker selves once in a while, but websites like these really helps

  2. paul says:

    Great insight, people who are non-integrous always end up nowhere.

  3. I totally agree with you that someone can be very integrous in one aspect of life and in another one utterly non-integrous and at the same time One can have a non-integrous attitude but as a person as a whole be integrous.

  4. Dorcas says:

    Integrity is a virtual required for leaders but our politicians fail us because they behave very differently. I wish they could just be honest for once.

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