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Practical Applications – A Brainstorming

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The following list is an ongoing brainstorming which will be updated once in a while. The possibilities are practically only limited by one’s creativity and will expand over time.


Analyzing structures and inefficiencies, integrity of employees, influence and leadership of CEO’s E.g. almost all Fortune 500 companies are above 200 which indicates functionality“
It is in the company’s highest financial good to enter this market”
Calibrate business partners and their intention for cooperation.
Calibrate customers and clear out non-integrous troublemakers
Advertisement: applying CCRT to advertisement could increase ROI by 250% – true
e.g.everyone knows unconsciously when he’s being lied to, substitute lyers/actors with people who really benefitted from the product  ->twice as convincing
Marketing analysis for advertisement clips, raising calibration of the clip


Is a scientific theory correct?
Theory testing -> stop following a fallacious theory, saving investigation time and money
Global warming due to pollution – false, makes up only 10% of total warming
Global warming due to solar magnetic surface cycles – true 455
Analyzing and checking history – what happened what did not
Is this a historic fact or fiction?
Places to search in archeology
Is this an authentic Michelangelo picture – yes/no
When did the decision fall to invade Europe from the Nazis?
When is the exact moment Napoleon/Hitler or other messianic leaders dropped in consciousness and succumbed to malignant narcissism?


Tracking down terrorists, e.g. bin Laden
There are currently xx plans/strategies to homeland terrorist attacks
->diagnosing nature and extent of such plans with further statements
“Heathrow airport contains a dangerous terrorist” -> then use a map “in section A. In section B etc”
“A terrorist is trying to board Flight 222, which is scheduled to leave at 4:15 PM”
Treatment of criminals – positions, e.g. death penalty etc
Has this person committed this crime?


Intention of the U.S nuclear program overall 460
Intention of the Iran nuclear program is 170-190 (Dec 2004)
Critical point analysis of core attractor field:  basic motive (190) indicates pride and status (“join Nuclear Club”) -> not a threat?
International relations and prevention of war with its implications for survival
Emergence of war can be predicted in advance by calibrating the elements of a situation, it’s leaders and government, interactive countries and active elements
How to handle the situation to prevent the war all together is possible and has already been executed (Calibration of all circumstances prevailing after taking a certain messure)
Develop international diplomacy based on precise information (This is often a cause for inefficiencies)
Back up intelligence agencies (finding moles)
Using a Diagnostic chart regarding foreign relations: shows how to communicate, what to trade, how to handle affairs
Countries below 200 are not capable of appreciating honesty, compassion and help, intervening can breed contempt
Public Service Organizations and Programs
200’s: integrous service, functioning and purpose
300’s: helpfulness, cordiality, good will
->examining why an organization is below 200, then correct or abolish, often private companies function more effective due to down to earth attitude (“A person who fails to do his job gets fired”)


Identifying Psychotic Personality Disorder -> number changes when personality is switched, in many patients the personality spit at age 3 because of bad/good complex>
Analyzing basic principles and structures:
e.g. given a calibration level of a spiritual group:
Analyzing what constitutes group membership: activism, strength of integrity, capacity for wisdom, etc


Diagnosing illnesses: Hypochondria, other difficult to detect illnesses
Prevention (cancer, Alzheimer’s etc)

Electrical Engineering

Edison:”Is is possible to produce light with this idea”
Edison did countless attempts to produce light; with CC ideas could have been checked in advance

Personal Development

Talents Analysis:
Capability for financial abundance
What hinders capability
Knowledge but bad capability for action? Etc
Capability for abundant relationships
Leadership capability
Intellect capability
Sports capability
Doing this job capability
Accomplishing that goal capability
Calibrating level of knowledge
Compare results with reality (much knowledge, precise knowledge, practical application? etc)
Character traits
Greatest weakness



Did your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you?
Did your wife/husband just lie to you?
Is this relationship in your highest good?
Is your girlfriend integrous?
Where is the relationship at and what is it weakest point?

Daily Life

Getting an OP: “This doctor is integrous””It is in my highest good to get operated” “It is in my highest good to get operated by this doctor”
“It is in my highest good to leave this job”
“It is in my child’s highest good to go to this school” regarding friends, education etc
“This nurse/nanny is integrous”
“It is in my highest good to watch TV now”?
“Mitfahrgelegenheit.de” driver integrous?
Finding car keys
Pursuing a certain career?
Finding anything
Finding happiness and fulfillment
Calibration of intention as well as capability to do something
Acquiring information: Is this book worth my time? Is the information in it correct?

Spiritual Truth and Development
Calibrating each decision one makes or want to make and its alternatives and impact
Align with higher energy fields
Calibrating literature and teachers (e.g. spiritual abuse)
Calibrating meditations, surrendering methods, ways to detach etc

Listening to high calibrating music like Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Robert Gass to enhance inspiration

Analyzing the Calibration technique itself
Calculating and checking the logarithmic scale:
e.g. table one enlightened being counterbalances whole world’s negativity
a overall group calibration, and calibrating it’s members, stating possible influences and weight of factors
it is said that a lof of influences make up a calibration, are these innumeral or can they be counted on several calibrations
There are xx factors making up the calibration of the intention of the US nuclear program
Xx factors the testing does not work

Cooperation with experts of corresponding fields will maximize the benefits. Potential of opportunity is only limited by one’s creative boundaries, which are enhanced with expertise and involvemen

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