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What we already know about Muscle Testing – PART I

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The following is a summary of already available information from applied kinesiology and muscle testing in the field of consciousness research. It is derived from various lectures and quotes collected by the german website www.spiritualwiki.org.

Accuracy depending on one’s level of consciousness – Statistics of Jeffrey and Colyer, 2007
Calibration level of the test subject Percentage of accuracy
LOC 200 70 %
LOC 250 70,6 %
LOC 310 71 %
LOC 350 77 %
LOC 400 80 %
LOC 500 94 %
LOC 540 96 %
LOC 600 99 %
LOC 900 99,9 %
LOC 1000 100 %

Experience from online discussion groups has shown that many students obtain inaccurate results. Further research shows that at calibration 200, there is still a thirty-percent chance of error. Additionally, less than twelve percent of the students have consistent accuracy, mainly due to unconsciously held positionalities (Jeffrey and Colyer, 2007). The higher the levels of consciousness of the test team, the more accurate are the results. The best attitude is one of clinical detachment, posing a statement with the prefix statement, ‘In the name of the highest good, _____ calibrates as true. Over 100. Over 200,’ etc. The contextualization ‘in the highest good’ increases accuracy because it transcends self-serving personal interest and motives. D. Hawkins
Quotations by David R. Hawkins about Muscle Testing

Personal avowals

  • When I saw the implication of it (Map of Consciousness) I really didn’t know what to do with it for some years. I didnt know whether I want to even share it. Because at that time I thought anybody could do this. And I thought of all the nefarious people out there. When we see the distribution of the levels of consciousness then you can see why I hesitated to even share it with the world. I thought of all the nefarious uses it could be put to.
  • The basic work out of which Power vs. Force [1995] came, was a dissertation presented to the university and well received by the [Columbia Pacific] University faculty called Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Level of Human Consciousness. […] That was a highly scientific dissertation in which we used traditional acadamic standards of advanced statistical analysis. In fact I hired a statistical analysis firm. They took all the data and run it through the computers. It came out p was less than 0.001. The chances of findings of being in error were less than 1 of 100.000 or something […]. It’s based on […] proving and disproving the null hypothesis with the valid data. It met academic standards or else I would not have gotten a Ph.D. for it. I am a clinician, rather than an academic.

Kinesiology i.e. muscle testing is a right brain exploration – it is not arithmetic, not even mathematical. A muscle tested answer is a composite of a billion of factors, some known, some unknown.

  • The purpose of [kinesiological] muscle testing is to go into a field of multi-millions interacting factors and come out with a single answer. One diagnoses to the point.
  • Kinesiology [muscle testing] is not a game, it takes some kind of respect. Some kinesiologists use it as a carnival act – this is a misuse of kinesiology.

Half the people in the (western) world are below LoC 200. They cannot do muscle testing [or apply the pendulum] beneficially anyway.

  • “People are too hung up” on personally receiving congruent kinesiologic testing results.

Muscle testing (kinesiology) serves academic requests. It is to be applied in a confirmatory sense – the number received in calibrating refers to the essence (LoC) of the subject in question. When inhabiting a certain level of consciousness people are aware of the essence anyway, whereas many preoccupied persons are rejecting the kinesiologically derived answers outhand by default – despite of muscle testing.

Muscle testing used in the right way is a spiritual discipline.

Some people are karmically not allowed to use a certain technique at a certain time. Hawkins recommends in such cases:

  • Surrender your will about the matter. When you are unable to properly perform muscle testing find a professional kinesiologist (i.e. a chiropractioner) who can do it for you.

Kinesiology is comparable to skills like riding a bike or a horse. It takes experience. Some do it easily, others not.

Muscle testing is meant for critical factor analysis.

Questions like “What is the level of the ocean?” or “What’s the cause of a piece of dust floating in the air?” are not within the capacity of intellect to diagnose.
However, with applied kinesiology it is possible to find a single statement which is symbolic of the totality of the whole field around. The result consists of ten million factors […] and is boiled down to exactly one point (the number within the map of consciousness 1-1000).

The mind is constructed in such a way that it can’t differentiate truth from falsehood. It can be programmed in 1/10.000th of a second. This is then burned in probably for a life time.

  • The purpose of kinesiology is to bypass the limitations of the intellect.

10% of the people on planet are genetically inapt for muscle testing – this is so out of unknown reasons.

Kinesiology is a research and reference tool. It only works under certain conditions. For the average person to come up with proper kinesiologic testing results these are very hard conditions to meet. To obtain correct testing results one must be dedicated to the truth. A non-integrous intent as having a vested interest in obtaining a certain test result thwarts the process of calibration research.

# Testing conditions Legend
1 Correct approach to muscle testing Non-attached attitude (no expectations on the outcome)
Willingness to do research (with a clinical mind)
Applying the technique
2 Essential questions They have already been answered and published.
People don’t have to calibrate i.e. the energy field of the New Testament.
3 Meaningful (integrous) statements They can and should be tested in multiple ways – and will get reconfirmed.
4a Checking permission
I have permission to test this specific situation now and here.
State loud or hold in mind (silently) the subject to be tested by muscle testing [or using the pendulum].
4b [Testing] It is appropiate to this specific situation.
4c [Testing] It serves the highest good of all. (including the test person/s)
5 Questions of a personal nature A job offer, a possible partner, one’s health condition, an investment, etc.
Apply the suggested muscle testing procedure.
6 Survival questions “The biscuits are burning?”
Statements not necessarily directed to the highest good of all may procure false results.
7 Trick questions To ask “How much change is in my pocket?”
is a) not following the procedure and b) confrontational, not spiritual.
Con questions are coming from an unethical attitude of ‘Prove it to me!’
Hawkins is not interested in proving anything to anybody specifically.
8 NO-“questions” Not receiving the permission to calibrate (muscle testing) is part of the karmic gestalt. The propensities of karmic patterns are determinative.
9 Consistent “NOs” on test subjects Situation: “The location of a lost child / person is …”
Karmically loaded constellations are consistently refused to test with a NO.
10 Reasons for denied testing permission During his lectures Dr. Hawkins he was denied to test certain “questions” (including those which he would have liked to know the answers). Possible reasons are:
* The audience present cannot handle the [weight of the] answer.
* The answers could be abused in some way.
* The audience, readers, recipients have karmically not inherited the privilege to know that information.

In South Korea i.e. ordinary people use muscle testing in shops to test the quality of vegetables.

The governments of India and South Korea apply muscle testing (AK) for making political decisions.

Quotations by David R. Hawkins
For before the child shall know to refuse the evil and choose the good, the land that thou abbhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. Isaiah 7, 16 (AT)
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together: and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11, 6 (AT)
Personal information

  • I used to drive three times a week over Mingus Mountain. One day I suddenly saw these century plants on the side of the road, taller than I am. We checked with kinesiology to see how long the seeds had been in the ground, and we got 150 years. It didn’t grow until all conditions were just right. Sedona Seminar Realization of the Self: Final Moments, DVD 1 of 3, track 1, 14. December 2002
  • We do not lecture on kinesiology, and I don’t even believe in it. [Laughter.] You can’t believe in kinesiology because it calibrates at 600, which is the line between the linear and non-linear [beyond linearity]. Most of the time I don’t believe it either, and you don’t have to believe it either. You just use it like a screwdriver or pliers or a hammer, just as a tool. I have a certain reverence for it. It had been taught by Dr. John Diamond and others as a local phenomenon, which we discovered that it’s not. Sedona Seminar Witnessing and Observing, 3 DVD set, 16. October 2004


  • Susan Hawkins has done over 7,000 muscle tests with her husband Dr. Hawkins. (Calibrated as true.) Sedona Seminar Practical Spirituality, 3 DVD set, 25. October 2008


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2 comments on “What we already know about Muscle Testing – PART I
  1. Heidi Ryan says:

    Well written! I wish we were taught natural therapies when in school, rather than just taking a pill and thinking it will fix the issue…
    I read this great blog by the Zen Master and found it very informative.

  2. Clay B Gillespie says:

    Great article, calibrates 771

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