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What we already know about Muscle Testing – PART II

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Study group guidelines on calibrations directed to students of D. Hawkins’ teachings

  • Groups may also dedicate specific meetings to practicing consciousness calibration testing together, however due to vested interest and privacy issues, it is not advisable to calibrate the level of consciousness of either yourself or other group members. Study Group Guidelines, presented by Veritas Publishing, Sedona, AZ

  • The requirement [for applied kinesiological muscle testing] is that both participants as well as their intention calibrate over 200. The correct technique has to be followed. All of the purportedly negative reports received on kinesiology calibrate below 200. None of them was about consciousness calibration.
The correct procedure has been demonstrated repeatedly in front of large audiences worldwide. For example, in front of a class in Korea, Dr. Moon held up a bag of cabbage in response to which the whole class went weak. She then held up another identical-appearing bag of cabbage, and the whole class went strong. The first bag contained cabbage that had been grown with pesticides; the second was organically grown and free of them. This type of demonstration has been repeated in front of numerous audiences. David Hawkins’ statement / clarification in respect to arguments issued by skeptics, Veritaspub.com, end November 2006

  • The arm [deltoid muscle] technique is used because it is quick, easy, and highly visible. However, the response actually is not just muscle resistance but also a widespread array of physiological responses, such as pupillary dilation and brain function (currently the subject of multimillion-dollar research projects conducted by U.S. government intelligence agencies), along with gastric motility and other autonomic nervous system responses. These are detectable in a laboratory and therefore not practical for quick, everyday use. David Hawkins’ statement / clarification in respect to arguments issued by skeptics, Veritaspub.com, end November 2006

  • Note that they [the levels of human consciousness] rarely are manifested as pure states in an individual. Levels of consciousness are always mixed.
    A person may operate on one level in a given area of life and on quite another level in another area.
    An individual’s overall level of consciousness and how it demonstrates is the sum total of these various levels.
    Excerpted from the back side of the laminated Map of Consciousness (MoC), Veritas Publishing
  • Have the subject stand erect, right arm relaxed at his side, left arm held out parallel to the floor, elbow straight. (You may use the other arm if you wish).
    1. Face your subject and place your left hand on his right shoulder to steady him. Then place your right hand on the subject’s extended left arm just above the wrist.
    2. Tell the subject to resist when you try to push his arm down.
    3. Now push down on his arm fairly quickly, firmly, and evenly. The idea is to push hard enough to test the spring and bounce in the arm, not so hard that the muscle becomes fatigued. It is not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can ‘lock’ the shoulder joint against the push.
Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. ?, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • The realization that everything is knowable about anything or anyone, anywhere, at any point in time, creates at first a paradigm shock. This reaction arises, generally, from realization of the non-locality, impersonality and universality of consciousness itself; and, specifically, from the realization of the observability of one’s own thoughts and motivations, their transparency across time. That one’s every thought and action leave an indelible trace forever in the universe can be an unsettling thought. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. ?, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • The ways the various levels of human consciousness express themselves are profound and far reaching; their effects are both gross and subtle. Levels below 200 are detrimental to life in both the individual and society at large; those above 200 are constructive expressions of power. The decisive level of 200 is the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force and power, truth from falsehood. Emotional correlates of the energy fields of consciousness. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. ?, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • This phenomenon occurs independently of the test subject’s own opinion or knowledge of the topic, and the response has proven cross-culturally valid in any population and consistent over time. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. 30, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • It’s very important to remember that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic, but a logarithmic, progression. Thus, the level 300 is not twice the amplitude of 150; it is 10 to the 300th power (10^300.) An increase of even a few points represents a major advance in power; the rate of increase in power as we move up the scale is enormous. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. 75, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • This level of divine grace calibrates up to 1,000, the highest level attained by anybody who has lived in recorded history – to wit, the Great Avatars for whom the title “Lord” is appropriate: Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus Christ. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 4 ‘Energy Levels 700-1,000: Enlightenment’, S. 94, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • But, conversely, the extreme negativity of a few perverse individuals can sway entire cultures and produce a global drag on the general level of consciousness, as history illustrates too well. Kinesiological testing indicates that a mere 2.6 % of the human population, identifiable by an abnormal kinesiological polarity (testing strong to negative attractors and weak to positive attractors), account for 72 % of society’s problems. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter, 5 ‘Social Distribution of Consciousness Levels’, S. 101, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • What’s significant is power level – for instance, the difference between 361.0 and 361.1 is very meaningful and capable of transforming both one’s life and one’s effect on the world at large. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 5  ’Social Distribution of Consciousness Levels’, S. 102, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • The database is the origin of all information obtained sub- or suprarationally – by intuition or premonition, by divination or dream, or simply by “lucky” guess. It’s the foundation of genius, the well of inspiration, and the source of “uncanny” psychic knowledge, including “foreknowledge”. It is, of course the inventory drawn upon by kinesiological testing. Thinkers who are troubled by the notion of “paranormal” or nonrational knowledge usually balk at logical – or illogical – inconsistensies with Newtonian concepts [max. LoC 499] of silmultaneity, causality, or time and space. But it’s a bigger universe than that. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. 227-228, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • Kinesiologic demonstrations often result in a paradigm shock for people who have an investment in strict materialism. One such observer, a research psychiatrist, responded by first trying to prove that the demonstration was a fake. When he failed to do so, he walked away saying Even if it’s true, I don’t believe it. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, Notes, S. 303, Hay House edition, February 2002
  • The great value of kinesiologic testing is that it is the only discernible means discovered thus far for crossing over from the linear to the nonlinear because it records and responds based on the invisible, innate quality called ‘life’. All scientific instruments, devices, and concepts are by necessity extraneous to the essence of life itself. Science looks at life’s consequences and its form. When ‘life’ is absent, these phenomena stop. Both the heartbeat and the brain waves are merely the consequences of the presence of life; they are not life itself, which is intangible. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. ?, 2003
  • The technique of kinesiology testing [i.e. muscle testing] proved to be of great value in that
    1. it allowed the differentiation of truth from falsehood,
    2. it allowed for the calibration of the levels of human consciousness, and
    3. it enabled investigation of any and every subject anywhere in time or space.
What developed as a result was a means of contextualizing the evolution of human consciousness throughout time and on into its destiny, even beyond an individual physical lifetime. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. xxxi, 2003
  • The mariners of old had a precarious life, and did the best he could by the reckoning of the stars. The compass, sextant, and now satellite positioning have made the way certain for the saving of innumerable lives. Similarly the spiritual seeker of old had only hearsay to go by. The seeker of current times now has thee equivalent of a compass and a sextant. The kinesiological test of truth versus falsehood is the first discovery of its time to guide the seeker toward the light. It is inherently capable of saving many spiritual lives. I. Relativity and Subjectivity, S. 18, 2003
  • [B]y using kinesiology research, it is possible to accurately predict the outcome of a research project before it even starts. This is because of two major factors:
    1. Context is often more powerful than content, and,
    2. in the reality of the quantum potentiality, time is transcended and, therefore, past, present, and future are not sequential but coexistent; thus, the ‘future’ may precede the ‘present’. I. Relativity and Subjectivity, S. 66-67, 2003
  • It is also meaningless to say that one person is ‘higher’ than another. It is well to remember that the calibrated levels of consciousness are really measuring the prevalence of illusion and not Reality. It is a measure of one’s degree of awareness of the Self as the real ‘I’. The levels primarily denote the resistance to one’s actual reality. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 330, 2003
  • The first doubt block to be overcome is the startling discovery that the truth about anything whatsoever is readily available in a few seconds, just for the asking. Truth vs Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. ?, 2005
  • The reported calibrations are the result of research and not the author’s opinion. Thus there is no point in writing querulous letters that usually follow the format of “how come you rated walruses higher than seals,” etc. Like a calculator, the described methodology results in numbers, not subjective bias or opinion.
    This work is devoted to clarifying what is real and how it can be identified.
    To preclude undue emotional upset the publication of the book was delayed […]
    [T]here are no longer any secrets, and truth can be discovered by any integrous researcher. Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, Caveat: A Note to the Reader, S. xi-xii, 2005
  • Use of the consciousness calibration technique helps to clarify the nature and purposes of this seemingly puzzling earthly life. Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference. How to Tell the Difference, S. 178, 2005
  • The higher the levels of consciousness of the test team, the more accurate are the results. The best results are obtained if both team members are in the mid 400’s, which represent clarity, awareness of context, and precision of definition, as well as integrity, self honesty and awareness. Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, Appendix C, S. 413, 2005
  • “On a scale of human consciousness from 1 – 1,000, where 600 indicates enlightenment, this ___calibrates over ___________ (a number.) Or, ‘On a scale of consciousness where 200 is the level of Truth and 500 is the level of Love, this statement calibrates over____ (state of specific number.)” Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, Appendix C, S. 416 , 2005
    • Or else phrase like this: “On a scale where the highest possible number for someone incarnated on the Earth is 1000 and the lowest is 1 […] calibrates at […].”
  • The kinesiologic test cannot be used to foretell the future; otherwise, there are no limits as to what can be asked. Consciousness has no limits in time or space; however, permission may be denied. All current or historical events are available for questioning. The answers are impersonal and do not depend on the belief systems of either the tester or the test subject. Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 415, 2005
  • Approximately ten percent of the population is not able to use the kinesiology testing technique for as yet unknown reasons other than that it is due to an “imbalance of their ‘chi’ energy.” The test is accurate only if the test subjects themselves calibrate over 200 and the intention of the question is also integrous. Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 417, 2005

  • Unless you have a way to discern truth, kinesiology is the first way. The same thing can be true in one context and untrue in another context. A thing is only true under certain conditions. The Infinite field of consciousness is what we consult. It is the Absolute. A thing can be calibrated by saying, As compared with the Absolute, this calibrates at this level. […] You can’t use kinesiology to prove a positionality; it will prove you wrong. You can’t have anything riding on the outcome. Exzerpt aus Power vs. Force, US magazine Light in Times, August 2004
  • When I first encountered kinesiology, I was instantly amazed at the potential I saw. It was the ‘wormhole’ between two universes — the physical world, and the world of the mind and spirit — an interface between dimensions. In a world full of sleepers lost from their Source, here was a tool to recover, and demonstrate for all to see, that lost connection with the higher reality. Excerpted from Power vs. Force, US magazine Light in Times, August 2004

  • I tell people: don’t try to calibrate low energies. Don’t get attracted to that which is evil and demonic and start tryin’ to calibrate it, because your pendulum is going to get hit by that energy. […] and one of your energy fields and chakras can get reversed by the way. So don’t play around with it.
    The pendulum is not a game and same with any kind of divination. It shouldn’t be done as sport; many people play with divination and we never hear from them again. I don’t recommend ’em to people because they always have to have some curiosity that is so hypothetical, having nothing to do with it – anything can possibly be your own spiritual destination, and you’re just asking it out of idle curiosity. But often you’re playing with very negative energies when you’re doing that; you’re trying to flirt with the negative and think you won’t get burned? That’s not gonna happen.
    And I know a lot of people that did it with pendulums started checking out other dimensions and they really blew out and they became psychotic. So, I don’t recommend it. [Audience laughs] Audio series The Discovery, Nightingale-Conant, CD 4 of 6, May 2007

  • We have shared things that are rather astonishing and one reason we use the kinesiologic test during a lecture is to confirm things that seem outrageously mind boggling. When it is all put together they seem ‘oh yea’, but when you first hear it it may sound outrageous. Every month we discover something new and dazzling. Sedona Seminar Realization of the Self: Final Moments, DVD 1 of 3, track 1, 14. December 2002
  • Question: I devised an experiment to test kinesiology, and I only got 50 percent correct answers.
    Answer: You’re not very good at it. If you were capable of comprehending Truth, you’d have already accepted muscle testing because I say it works. Skepticism calibrates at about 185. Kinesiology calibrates at 600. Therefore it is beyond logic and reason. Background music, metal, glasses, and various other things can throw it off. Having a vested interest in the answer can throw it off. We must truly want the truth. This needs to be our intention. Houston, Texas, Seminar The Realization of the Presence of God, 11. October 2003
  • Differences in my previous calibrations of elephants was brought to my attention by a reader. That can happen when you calibrate too fast sometimes: Sometimes I pictured an African elephant, sometimes an Indian one, sometimes a circus elephant. And sometimes you’re calibrating how something looks, sounds, feels. You have to be careful to calibrate the same thing the same way for consistency. Sedona Seminar Thought and Ideation, 3 DVD set, 28. February 2004
  • The infinite field of consciousness, that which we consult through kinesiology, is the field of the Absolute. […] When we calibrate levels of consciousness, we’re calibrating levels as compared with absolute truth, just as a thermometer calibrates temperature relative to freezing. […] Without an absolute, kinesiology [LoC 605] itself would be impossible. [It would have nothing to gauge against]. The price of not being able to discern the difference between truth and falsehood is death, war. Sedona Seminar Identification and Illusion, 3 DVD set, 14. August 2004
  • We found that we were getting different calibrations for the same people and couldn’t figure it out. We got one prominent person, for example, at 420 at one time and about 160 at another time. This happened a number of times. Then we discovered that this is because of compartmentalization: This person was a double agent. In one life he was highly respected; in another life, he was selling nuclear secrets to the Russians. Some people can compartmentalize so completely that they’ll have two different calibrations. It’s the person who in one life went to work and loved his family, and in another life is a killer. Sedona Seminar Identification and Illusion, 3 DVD set, 14. August 2004
  • Every choice and option determines where you are within the overall Infinite Field. Because the future hasn’t happened yet it has no reality. You can’t calibrate the level of anything that is not a reality. It’s a fiction. There are fictional propositions [prognosis] about the future. But the future obviously is [not] a possibility or there would be no point to creation, no point to Divinity or Existence, much less to human life. Because you have an option you can choose “this” or “that”. If the outcome was determined there’d be no point to human life. Sedona Seminar Serenity, 3 DVD set, August 2005
  • A hippopotamus being higher in LoC than a toad has nothing to do with getting to God. […] The modern mind takes Truth with a grain of salt. Kinesiology adds an affirmation to Truth and makes it meaningful to the modern/scientific mind. Sedona Seminar Transcending Obstacles, 3 DVD set, 3. September 2005
  • Kinesiology is useful for research but it is not essential for enlightenment at all.
    So if it doesn’t work for you, forget it!
    Sedona Seminar God, Religion and Spirituality, 3 DVD set, 10. December 2005
  • Question: What is behind the thymus thump?
    Answer: It controls the level of the acupuncture system. The thymus is behind the breast bone. It balances the killer cells and the immune system. If something negative comes along that blows out your anger and you can’t get out of it […] do that and you will feel better. Sedona Seminar Is the Miraculous Real?, 3 DVD set, 9. December 2006

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